Euronext Collateral Services

Euronext Collateral Services

Euronext Collateral Services

Collateral management is becoming an increasing focus and challenge in the capital markets. The efficient use of assets  is now a top agenda item for many trading participants as high-quality collateral is in greater demand than ever. This is driven by a more prudent counterparty risk management policy resulting from the 2008 financial crisis as well as new regulations governing OTC derivatives and firms' capital requirements. Against this background, financial institutions are reassessing their collateral management processes and many firms are now considering emerging Collateral Management solutions.     

As the leading pan-European marketplace, Euronext’s aim is to serve the real economy by bringing together market participants in venues that are transparent, efficient and reliable.

As part of that aim, Euronext is launching a service that supports the dematerialisation of physical commodity products, and an electronic repo negotiation facility to support fixed income, equities, ETFs and commodities.

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Euronext Inventory Management:
a new transferable electronic warrant system for Euronext commodities

An electronic register, developed by Euronext together with key industry players, providing a secure, fully transferable, pledgeable title of commodity ownership.

Euronext is launching Euronext Inventory Management, a new transferable electronic warrant system for Euronext commodities.

The new system will:

  • enhance the existing delivery system
  • increase visibility of Euronext-listed commodities stored in non-Euronext delivery silos
  • bring more efficiency to trade financing with a secure warrant that can be pledged and transferred.

Euronext Inventory Management has been developed to meet the needs of market participants, silos and trade finance banks across the pan-European marketplace. 

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Euronext Collateral Exchange:
a new all-to-all  repo negotiation facility

Euronext is launching Euronext Collateral Exchange, an electronic  repo negotiation facility that is available to all market participants, and has been developed by Euronext together with the financial community. The facility will enable  collateral providers and takers to  come together for the purpose of price discovery and negotiation of financing agreements. Euronext Collateral Exchange will support fixed income, equities, ETFs and commodities (warrants and physical).

The facility will enable participants to identify possible counterparties for the purpose of entering into financing agreements with full price transparency across asset types. Participants will have access to new pools of liquidity with the focus being on the mobilisation of assets across all classes within an open access facility. Euronext has created a standard GMRA that can be used by participants to negotiate with a wide range of counterparties, but bilateral agreements are also acceptable. The facility will bring together a wide range of asset holders across commodities and financial instruments with financing banks and other cash holders such as CCPs and buy-side firms.

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