Euronext and environment, social and governance issues

The world is facing significant challenges in ensuring a sustainable future for our people and our planet. Many national and international initiatives are addressing these challenges. Every organisation will have to play its own role in the transition to a sustainable society, depending on its impact and its opportunities.
The finance sector can be an important contributor to the global sustainability agenda and can promote sustainable finance, by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making, and by supporting the allocation of capital to sustainable initiatives.

Euronext ESG mission

Euronext has a special position in the financial ecosystem. It serves the real economy by bringing together buyers and sellers in high integrity trading venues that are transparent, efficient and reliable. In this key role Euronext has a responsibility to the finance community as a whole, to contribute to financial stability and the sustainable agenda in the countries in which it operates. As a representative of the financial ecosystem, Euronext has a legitimate role as spokesperson for the sector in both national government and at EU level to help set standards and guidelines.

Euronext’s ESG mission is to:

  • Deliver a high integrity ecosystem, for all our global stakeholders and our community, thereby enhancing the security and transparency of Euronext’s markets.
  • Respect and develop our human capital, which is critical to our business success, and equip our employees with appropriate Human Resources policies .
  • Drive and facilitate sustainable finance, foster dialogue between the different players in the industry and contribute to the financing of the real economy in its transition to a sustainable society.

Euronext Materiality Matrix


As a first step towards the creation of a Euronext ESG strategy, we launched a Europe-wide consultation process in mid 2018 to identify the most relevant ESG issues that our stakeholders believe should be our focus. The feedback we received, from across the financial community, has helped us to identify the key ESG priorities we need to take into account. Our stakeholders see the role Euronext plays in environmental, social and governance issues from different perspectives: Euronext as a representative of the financial ecosystem, as a business, and as a corporate player. Each of these roles carries different responsibilities.

Based on these results, we have already carried out an initial materiality analysis, defining the issues where Euronext can have the most impact on the economy, society and the environment, and which most influence the decision-making of our stakeholders. During the course of 2019, we will finalise our stakeholder engagement process and create a Euronext Materiality Matrix.

ESG products and services

Euronext has developed sustainable products and services with added environmental value.

Green products

We continue to expand our range of ESG products with an increasing number of ESG indices as well as a diversified ESG product offering of socially responsible ETFs, Green Bonds, and commodity futures.

Corporate services

Euronext Corporate Services aims to help facilitate the business of listed companies and their related organisations. A suite of technology and advisory solutions is available for investor relations, communication, governance and compliance.

Trusted, fair and orderly markets

As a market operator, Euronext’s key role is to organise transparent, efficient and reliable markets.

To this end, Euronext:

  • Adopts rules for each of its markets to ensure fair and orderly trading, and efficient order execution
  • Organises a framework for market monitoring in order to identify rule breaches, disorderly trading conditions or conduct that may involve market abuse
  • Reports breaches of rules or of legal obligations relating to market integrity to the competent authority
  • Invests in technology to improve its monitoring
Employees walking together talking

Our employees: our best asset

At Euronext, corporate responsibility is part of our identity. We conduct our business ethically and consider the impact of our actions on our employees. We promote an environment that encourages collaborative work, learning and innovation, allowing each employee to shape his or her future and the future of the company in an inclusive environment that values diversity.

Financial literacy

As an exchange, Euronext is at the centre of financial markets and communities. As the meeting point for a wide range of varied stakeholders, Euronext is committed to improving the broader understanding of how financial institutions, including Euronext, work together, and their impact on the world around them.

Euronext staff

Commitment to high ethical and legal standards of conduct

Euronext’s commitment to high ethical and legal standards of conduct is core to our business, and the Group aims to be a model for the industry by supporting the highest ethical standards in its dealings with its colleagues, employees, business partners, customers and in its communities. Our governance reflects the highest standards of independence, oversight, and transparency.


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Head of Investor Relations

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