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13 Juin 2019 Euronext announces quarterly review of the ISEQ® indices expand
13 Juin 2019 Euronext announces quarterly review results of the CAC family indices expand
12 Juin 2019 Euronext announces quarterly review results for the PSI20® expand
12 Juin 2019 Quarterly review of the BEL 20®, BEL MID® and BEL SMALL® expand
11 Juin 2019 Euronext announces quarterly review for the AEX, AMX, AScX expand
Date Company name ISIN code Place Marché
21-Juin-2019 FASTNED B.V. NL0013654809 Amsterdam Euronext
12-Juin-2019 ADVICENNE FR0013296746 Bruxelles Euronext
07-Juin-2019 Marel hf. IS0000000388 Amsterdam Euronext
28-Mai-2019 KUMULUS VAPE FR0013419876 Paris Euronext Access
24-Mai-2019 MULTI 24 PTMUS0AM0000 Lisbonne Euronext Access
24-Mai-2019 ADELPHI GERE PTADH0AE000 Lisbonne Euronext Access
24-Mai-2019 MONUMENTAL RESIDENCE PTMNN0AE000 Lisbonne Euronext Access
12-Mar-2019 WHITENI R CAJAL SOCIMI ES0105399002 Paris Euronext Access
28-Fév-2019 EDILIZIACROBATICA IT0005351504 Paris Euronext Growth
26-Fév-2019 ARCURE S.A. FR0013398997 Paris Euronext Growth




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Spotlight options

Euronext turns the spotlight on new leading companies.
IBA, Pharming Group,  ALD and Soitec join the Spotlight Options segment

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Measure portfolio macro risk with unique macro sensitivity analysis based on machine learning.

Total Return Future on the CAC 40® Index

Now available to trade: Total Return Future on our benchmark CAC 40® Index, the listed solution to a total return swap

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20th listing anniversary Pharming Group

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