Trading ETFs

Euronext offers a wide range of ETPs for trading, meeting the diverse and growing needs of an ever-changing marketplace. ETPs are traded on our Universal Trading Platform (UTP) technology, a single integrated solution that supports a wide range of order types and market models while achieving sub-millisecond latency. Euronext’s new one-stop shop pan-European ETF platform will give you access to all European listed ETFs available for trading, reunite all market participants and provide choice of trading model including RFQ and NAV trading. 

Why trade ETFs, ETVs & ETNs on Euronext?

  • Huge range of ETPs available for trading, meeting the diverse and growing needs of an ever-changing marketplace.
  • Three available trading modes: continuous, at NAV and trade reporting.
  • Excellent market quality, with over 200 Euronext trading participants contributing to market liquidity.
  • Smart Liquidity Provider programme introduces strong competition in our order book, encouraging Liquidity Providers to maintain tighter spreads every millisecond and offering further market depth to investors.
  • Daily monitoring of both performance and commitments throughout each trading day enables all trading participants to closely follow the daily performance for each ETP.
  • Our secure trading environment guarantees a fair and orderly market. ETPs are traded continuously throughout the day on a fully electronic, order-driven market model complete with opening and closing auctions, central limit order books and valuation price feeds.
  • Indicative Net Asset Value (iNAV) of all listed ETPs calculated and disseminated every 15 seconds, free of charge (delta calculation), giving investors real-time access to a secure order book for all ETPs listed on Euronext.
  • Tick sizes and trading thresholds are regularly reviewed and adjusted to further improve market quality, prevent trading at aberrant prices and increase trading transparency on Euronext ETP market.
  • ETF options available on Euronext. 

Why trade ETFs on Euronext’s pan-European ETF one-stop shop? 

Euronext’s pan-European ETF one-stop shop, designed in partnership with the ETF industry, will reunite all trading participants and provide you with all European listed ETFs available for trading on one single platform. It is designed to help achieve best execution with ease, reduce fragmentation, increase liquidity, improve operational efficiency, lower transaction costs and boost transparency. The platform combines continuous order book, RFQ, NAV trading, flexible clearing and settlement, dark order functionality and competitive trading prices.

  • Facilitated access to all trading participants and the entire EU ETF coverage through a single entry point
  • The first multilateral secondary market at NAV trading, matching all counterparties
  • RFQ functionality
  • Flexible clearing and all settlement locations available
  • Dark order functionality: hidden large size orders in the lit order book
  • Competitive trading price for both LP and non-LP
  • Straightforward administrative process and light IT development: no need to connect to a new platform for existing Euronext members
  • Helps with best execution requirements
  • Lending and borrowing

How much does it cost to trade ETFs?

Euronext does not charge one-off joining membership fees.
Euronext does not charge annual membership fees.

Trading in ETPs on Euronext’s markets is charged according to the trading mechanism (auction, continuous, trading-at-last) and depending on the performance and commitments throughout each trading day (for Liquidity Providers). The ETP trading fee scheme has been designed to offer the best tariffs to the best ‘market quality maker’ in each product while continuing to encourage liquidity elsewhere in the order book.

See our Trading Fees page for more information and to download a copy of the current Euronext Cash Markets Trading Fee Guide.

ETF Liquidity Providers’ corner:

Euronext is very proud to have a strong and active Liquidity Providers community:

BNP Paribas

KCG Europe


Morgan Stanley



Deutsche Bank

Société Générale

Flow Traders


Goldenberg Hehmeyer

The Royal Bank of Scotland

HiQ Trading & Liquidity Providing

Timber Hill (Europe)



UniCredit Bank

Virtu Financial

JP Morgan



Find all resources relative to your contract on our dedicated page: update the product list you manage, check the last news, retrieve the list of Liquidity Provider’s agreement by financial products etc.

Should you need more information on the process to become Liquidity Provider on our products, please reach out to us.