How to list your Warrants, Certificates and Structured Notes on Euronext

Service description

At Euronext, multi-listing of warrants, certificates and structured notes is offered between any of the following listing venues:

  • Euronext Amsterdam
  • Euronext Brussels
  • Euronext Paris

This multi-listing connection is not available between the three marketplaces listed above and Euronext/EasyNext Lisbon.

There are two communication methods issuers can choose from to list and manage their products through our Straight-Through Process (STP):

  1. PLUG & Clear, a joint Euronext and Euroclear data entry and validation gateway
  2. PLUG Web, the Euronext web interface

Alternatively, registered issuers can contact our Corporate Actions department for listing operations.

A straightforward procedure

At Euronext, issuers can manage their products overnight with ease (new listings, delistings, characteristics update, etc) via fully-automated communication channels.

Documentation requirements for new issuances are covered in the listing guidelines at the bottom of the page, while issuers always have the possibility to liaise with our Corporate Actions department for assistance.

Simplified STP communication

Our STP channels use an intuitive communication structure that enables issuers to manage their products from issuance to maturity. Download our listing guidelines & PLUG Web Format Table at the bottom of this page to assist you with new Warrants & Certificates listings / updates.

A flexible fee structure

Euronext offers an innovative fee scheme to encourage product innovation and improve market quality. Issuers and their Liquidity Providers offering specific services aimed at improving market quality (such as Extended Trading Hours, Knock-Out By Issuer, Payment After Knock-Out, offering a full product range, etc.) can benefit from listing fee discounts. Contact the Structured Products team to receive more information about the Warrants & Certificates fees for Issuers and Liquidity Providers.

Warrants, Certificates and structured notes listing

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