Euronext Synapse

Award-winning technology

Award-winning technology

AlgomiEuronext signed an innovative partnership with Algomi, to link the strengths of a market incumbent with those of a Fintech. Together we create a new ecosystem with inter-connected market participants. Combining Euronext’s experience operating fair and orderly markets and Algomi’s innovation and award-winning technology, this new MTF – Euronext Synapse - connects pools of liquidity and market participants within a new anonymous inter-dealer centralised market place. It links banks and their costumers together for liquidity, execution and reporting services with the appropriate level of protection for fixed income markets. Euronext Synapse turns disparate data into relevant and structured information, and increases trade opportunities and velocity in bond markets.

The new landscape and maturity of Fixed Income markets generates new pressing needs. The key issue is:

Find new ways to access
and amalgamate liquidity

Provide cost efficient
trading processes

search for potential counterparties

Be MiFID II Compliant

Key principles and unique features

  • Euronext is the MTF operator, Algomi is the MTF technical service provider.
  • At launch, the focus is on large sizes of illiquid corporate and financial bonds to benefit from the MiFID II Large in Scale (LIS) waiver.
  • No pre-trade transparency, and post-trade transparency in line with MiFID II LIS post-trade waiver.
  • A straightforward and confidential trading process
  • The model includes features covering the whole value chain:
    • For customers to send their indications of interest to their respective bank that will execute what can be internalised in their own pool of liquidity.
    • For banks to flag their active ISINs and send to Euronext Synapse IOI flows that cannot be internalised.
    • Euronext Synapse scan IOI inventories and data signals  to all connected participants and propose potential counterparties to join an auction on the same bond.
    • With different types of auctions (bilateral, private, public) always held in a fully confidential and anonymous environment.
    • With a secured bilateral negotiation and execution process – and a name give up after matching to perform bilateral settlement.
  • The model also includes Euronext’s standard set of services: membership, market surveillance, publication and reporting, MiFID II compliance.
  • FCA regulated MTF.
  • Fast track membership process is available for Euronext members.

Euronext Synapse trading process

What Euronext Synapse can do for you

Euronext Synapse with Synchronicity SaaS

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More information & contacts

Paul Humphrey
Tel:  +44 (0) 207 076 0930

Nathalie Masset, Euronext
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Euronext Membership 

Mark Ledwards, Algomi
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