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SANTABANCO SANTANDERES0113900J37Traded not listed BrusselsTNLBStock
LNALNA SANTEFR0004170017Euronext ParisXPARStock
GDSRAMSAY GEN SANTEFR0000044471Euronext ParisXPARStock
BS8BANCO SANTANDERES0113900J37Euronext Derivatives AmsterdamDAMSFuture
B8OBANCO SANTANDER OLD (SIZE 167)ES0113900J37Euronext Derivatives AmsterdamDAMSFuture
BS6BANCO SANTANDER SAES0113900J37Euronext Derivatives AmsterdamDAMSFuture
SANTANDER 5 3/4%PLXS0202774245Euronext AmsterdamXAMSBond
SANTANDER FRNPLXS0202197694Euronext AmsterdamXAMSBond