Impacts and timetable


Following the migration of the Euronext Cash Markets to the Optiq® trading platform (Optiq Phase 2) in June 2018 and the Market Data Gateway migration (Optiq Phase 1) in November 2016, Euronext is pleased to share the go-live date and the high-level implementation schedule for Optiq Phase 3.

Leveraging on the Optiq platform, this migration will be a strategic transformation for the Euronext Derivatives Markets, delivering:

  • An enhanced multi-market trading platform;
  • A simplified and flexible system;
  • Continued high reliability;
  • Significantly enhanced throughput and predictable latency;


Phase 3 of the Optiq programme, which includes the Order Entry Gateway (OEG), Matching Engine (ME) and Market Data Gateway (MDG) upgrades for Derivatives Markets, is due to be delivered in production on 25 November 2019.


MDG segmentation change

  • EUA start 20 February;
  • Go Live 29 April;

OE ME implementation

  • EUA start June;
  • Go Live 25 November;



In June 2019 a six-month period of External User Acceptance platform (EUA) will begin to test and validate, allowing our clients sufficient time to complete the mandatory conformance tests.

Customers can refer to the How The Market Works document. Written in response to feedback from the client consultation held in mid-2018, this document provides a description of how the Derivatives Markets will operate on Optiq. It includes a description of each major functionality and a summary of expected technical impacts.

Additional details will be provided via Info-Flash in due course.