1. Issuance of a New Standalone Bond / New Programme


Submit the following documentation by email to the relevant Euronext Corporate Actions Department (see contact details below):

  • Completed application form in excel & signed in pdf format. Send also by post.
  • Completed Technical Term Sheet for Debt Securities in excel & signed in pdf format.

  • The Prospectus (approved by the relevant competent authority), or other substitute document (e.g. information document), signed by the Issuer in pdf format.

  • A copy of minutes from the relevant company body or bodies containing resolutions approving or authorising the issue of the Debt Securities covered by the application (in pdf format).

  • A certified copy of the Issuer's consolidated articles of association (the By-Laws) in pdf format.

  • Please refer to the Terms & Conditions (EN,FR,NL,PT) applicable to admissions of Debt Securities for any additional document specific to the relevant market for which admission is sought.

  • Cut-Off times are:

First Time Issuer:

At least 7 (seven) business days before the targeted listing date.

Previously Admitted Issuer on Euronext market:

No later than 11:00 CET on the business day before the targeted listing date.