Become a Member

Euronext will  no longer accept or process applications for membership for an unauthorised firm unless it can demonstrate that either (i) an application for authorisation  pursuant to MIFID is pending or (ii) the proposed course of business on the Euronext markets does not require authorisation (e.g. because it can benefit from an exemption from authorisation).

To become a member of Euronext, Europe’s first truly multinational stock exchange, to access unrivalled products, value-added services, innovative technology and the deepest pool of liquidity in Europe, a candidate must complete an application form, undergo a due diligence review and execute an agreement stating he will adhere to all Exchange regulations.

All trades are monitored by or attributable to responsible individuals who are accountable for the trading activities of both the member and the member's customers. They are also responsible for the conduct of trades executed in the member's name.

At Euronext you can become a member of the securities/cash market and/or the derivatives market.

On the dedicated webpages in the navigation at your right hand side you will find all necessary and relevant information and forms. Whether you are a new or existing member.

For any further information, please contact