Admission Process

Euronext will no longer accept or process applications of non-regulated firms under the own account dealing exemption unless they can prove they are in the process of receiving appropriate regulatory approval in order to be compliant with MiFID2.

Becoming a Trading Member in 4 steps

The Euronext membership process is simple and straightforward. Membership will coordinated the process up until you start trading.

You will find the relevant forms explained and mentioned on this page under the menu on the top left side of this page..

1. Submit Documentation

In order to start trading and become a new Euronext member you need to submit relevant information for Euronext applications.

Please complete and submit first our Membership application form and supporting documentation as outlined in the form’s appendix.

Please also provide us with the Trading platform agreement order form after reading the Trading platform agreement terms and conditions.

Every member of the Euronext markets must identify a set of key contacts during its application process to the Euronext markets as specified in the Euronext Rule Book 1 (rule 2202 and 2401 (ix)) and Euronext Trading Procedures (art 3.1). Both securities/cash and derivatives members are now required to identify at least one Authorised Representative (AR) and two Responsible Persons (RP) per member firm.

Please note that members and specifically, the Authorised Representatives with the member firm, are responsible for ensuring that the details of these contacts held by the Exchange are kept up-to-date. Updates must be communicated to the Euronext Membership team as soon as possible.

2. Connect to the Market

After you summit the above you need to connect to the market.
Please finalize your technical connectivity choice and clearing/settlement contracts.

Euronext provides high-performance global trading platforms that employ innovative, market-leading software and a low-latency, globally secure network. Our flexible and scalable products deliver robust and integrated trading solutions for all market participants, form single traders to entire exchanges. The result is faster, more reliable trading systems with greater efficiencies and lower costs for the end user.

Order a physical connectivity solution to SFTI, either directly or indirectly via accredited Application Service Provider (ASP) or Extranet Service Provider (ESP).

3. Configure and Test Your Connection

Once you are connected, your trading, clearing and settlement access will be configured simultaneously. Validation of order entry by Euronext takes place through conformance tests. You and your clearing partner should also conduct and end-to-end test (from order entry to clearing & settlement) before going live. A technical session will then take place to finalize your technical configuration.

4. Begin Trading

Once IT, Clearing and Legal teams have confirmed your readiness, the Membership team will confirm your start-up date with you for a Tuesday or Thursday morning.