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Euronext Amsterdam

The financial heart of the Netherlands.

The financial heart of the Netherlands

The Amsterdam Stock Exchange offers ambitious companies from the Netherlands and abroad access to the global capital markets  and connects the various market participants.

Companies like Adyen, ASML, Marel and Prosus are proof of Amsterdam’s appeal to multinationals, thanks to the access to global institutional investors that the Dutch capital market offers. The Amsterdam market is equally attractive to domestic small and mid sized companies.

We offer professional traders a hi-tech environment through our proprietary trading platform Optiq, and private and institutional investors the assurance of a transparent and regulated trading environment.

Simone Huis in 't Veld
CEO, Euronext Amsterdam and Member of the Managing Board of Euronext N.V.

Euronext Amsterdam - Simone Huis in t Veld

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Euronext Amsterdam

Euronext Amsterdam - Rene van Vlerken

Exchange Listing

A stock market listing allows your company to finance operations, while raising its profile and enhancing its image and credibility. Is your company suitable for a listing? Visit the Raise Capital section on this website and learn all about a quotation on the Amsterdam market. Interested in listing? Please contact us and we are happy to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

René van Vlerken
Head of Listing Euronext Amsterdam

More on listing  go public brochure  go public application form  TECHSHARE


Euronext is the largest pan-European equity market and a leading exchange for derivatives.

Access the deepest pool of liquidity in Europe and an unrivalled suite of products and services delivered via advanced technology solutions.

Discover the benefits of membership: access to six European marketplaces via a low-latency, globally secure network, value-added services and operational support from Market Surveillance rooms in Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris.

Dirk Donker
Head of Financial Derivatives

Euronext Amsterdam - Dirk Donker

Latest Bell Ceremonies

  • IBS Capital - Euronext Amsterdam

    35th anniversary IBS Capital

    02/06/2023 - 10:53AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Celebrating 35th anniversary of IBS Capital

    Today, IBS Capital's team was welcomed to Beursplein 5 to celebrate IBS Capital's 35th anniversary.

    To celebrate the occasion, Ellen Zwarter, Senior Relationship Manager sounded the Gong in the presence of IBS Capital's team.

    The group was welcomed by Henry van Glabbeek, Corporate Secretary at Euronext Amsterdam.

    35th anniversary IBS Capital
    Amsterdam IBS Capital - Euronext Amsterdam 02/06/2023 - 10:53AM CEST
  • Robeco Sustainable Property Equities Funds

    31/05/2023 - 9:41AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Celebrating 25th anniversary of Robeco’s Sustainable Property Equities Funds

    Today marks the 25th anniversary of Robeco’s Sustainable Property Equities fund. Portfolio Manager Folmer Pietersma, on behalf of the entire investment team, sounded the Gong to celebrate the occasion.

    Robeco Sustainable Property Equities is an actively managed fund that invests in stocks in developed countries across the world.

    The group was welcomed by Francesco Valdini, Product Manager at Euronext Amsterdam.

    Robeco Sustainable Property Equities Funds
    Amsterdam Robeco Sustainable Property Equities Funds - Euronext Amsterdam 31/05/2023 - 9:41AM CEST
  • Philips Innovation Award

    26/05/2023 - 14:12PM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Philips Innovation Award

    The Philips Innovation Award is the largest student entrepreneurship award in the Netherlands. The Philips Innovation Award (PHIA) 2023 board, along with winners Plense Technologies and ExCulture, sounded the Gong to celebrate a successful year. The group was welcomed by Anastasia Kremleva, Head of Service Desk Operations at Euronext Amsterdam.

    Philips Innovation Award
    Amsterdam26/05/2023 - 14:12PM CEST


Your event at Beursplein 5

The iconic building at the financial heart of the Netherlands is available to host your event. We have the perfect solution for many different types of occasion including:
workshops, AGMs, private dinners, product launches, press events and much more. ">Contact our events team.


Private investors cannot trade directly with the Exchange.
You require a bank, broker or private wealth manager to execute your order on the Euronext trading platform. Our broker list provides you with an overview of accredited intermediaries.

The Amsterdam markets

Visit our Live Markets website for an overview, product specifications and quotes of all listed and traded products. Use the links below to access products listed and traded on the Amsterdam markets. For the full Euronext offer please visit:

Live Markets

Regulatory bodies

Euronext Amsterdam is governed by the Act on Financial Supervision of 28 September 2006. Operation of a regulated market in the Netherlands is subject to prior licence. This licence is granted to Euronext by the Dutch Minister of Finance. The AFM (Autoriteit Financiële Markten) and the Dutch National Bank act as the regulatory authority for members of Euronext Amsterdam.

The AFM:

  • Monitors the primary and secondary markets

  • Ensures compliance with market rules

  • Monitors clearing and settlement operations.

Dutch market financial supervision is carried out by:

Rule Book

A single Euronext Rule Book governs trading on all Euronext Securities and Derivatives Markets. It contains both harmonised and non-harmonised, or local, rules.

The harmonised rules are as follows:

The non-harmonised rules are as follows:

  • Rule Book II and Notices applicable to Euronext Amsterdam, the regulated market operated by Euronext Amsterdam NV

Latest Press releases


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