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AKZO NOBEL (AKZA/NL0013267909) Settlement date 25th of January (instead of 24th of January)

16:14 CET 22 Jan 2019
TradingEuronext Cash Markets Member Notification

Please be informed that all transactions traded in instrument AKZO NOBEL (AKZA / NL0013267909 / Symbol Index: 1626870) today (22nd of January 2019) will have a settlement date on the 25th of January instead of the 24th of January.

As from tomorrow the standard settlement process (T+2) should apply as normal.


Trading on the Euronext Cash Markets and Derivatives Markets are not affected by this issue and are trading as normal.


Euronext sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience this may cause.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Euronext Market Services (+33 1 8514 8585) if any further questions.