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Update to Historical Data Levels for Certain Indices for Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 October

15:10 CET 03 Oct 2014
Market Data MD Euronext Index File Services / Weightings

In brief: Clients are advised to update historical data levels of Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 October.



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We would like to advise clients to update historical data levels of Wednesday 1 October and Thursday 2 October for the following index:

ESI Excellence Europe Hedged with multiplier NR (ISIN code: QS0011260732)

No intraday levels are sent for this index. The correct closing levels are:

Header 1 Header 2
QS0011260732 ESI Excellence Europe Hedged w multipl NR (EEMHN)
Date Index level (corrected levels in red)
01-10-14 1,794.97
02-10-14 1,754.56

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