June 2016

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30/06/2016 Partnership JCDecaux & Het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam expand

JCDecaux The Netherlands and Het Rijksmuseum sound gong for partnership

JCDecaux The Netherlands (ticker symbol: DEC) and Het Rijksmuseum have formed a partnership. René Witzel, CEO JCDecaux The Netherlands, sound the gong on this occasion and opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange.

This partnership is intended to give more visibility to Het Rijksmuseum. René Witzel: ''JCDecaux bears art a warm heart and promotes various cultural projects around the world, because art is close to one of the pillars of the company: high-quality design. We are very proud of our partnership with the ultimate icon in the field of Dutch art.''

JCDecaux is leader in Outdoor advertising and street furniture in the Netherlands and worldwide. In Amsterdam JCDecaux been responsible for the deployment, management and operation of bus shelters carrying advertising since 1987. In Amsterdam alone, the company has about 1,500 bus shelters and another few hundred freestanding billboards. With this partnership Het Rijksmuseum will benefit from the high range of the street furniture and this may bring them even more to the attention of residents and millions of visitors of Amsterdam.

For more information: www.jcdecaux.nl

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29/06/2016 30th anniversary Optiver Amsterdam expand

Optiver sounds gong to celebrate 30th anniversary

Optiver opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange by sounding the gong to celebrate their 30th anniversary. A global electronic market maker, Optiver uses their own capital, at their own risk, to trade on major financial markets around the world.

Their story begins in 1986, with a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam’s options exchange. Today, they are at the forefront of trading and technology, employing more than 950 Optiverians of 40 nationalities across offices on four continents. Their wide range of products includes listed derivatives, cash equities, exchange-traded funds, bonds and foreign exchange.

For more information: www.optiver.com

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28/06/2016 De Brauw Amsterdam expand

De Brauw sounds gong as leading firm of the Netherlands

The International Financial Law Review has chosen De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek as the Leading Firm of the Netherlands. Joost Schutte opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange by sounding the gong.

De Brauw has been honored with this award for advising ABN AMRO on its IPO. It is a great accomplishment for De Brauw's capital markets team, headed by Jan Willem Hoevers and Joost Schutte.

De Brauw, founded in 1871, is a law firm with a global reach, with a robust corporate practice, a centre of excellence in litigation, and an unparalleled team of regulatory experts. In addition to its headquarters in Amsterdam, the firm has offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, London, New York, Shanghai and Singapore, and is part of the Best Friends network – a network of premier European law firms.

For more information: www.debrauw.com

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28/06/2016 Shenzhen Stock Exchange Paris expand

Euronext and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Celebrate Index Cooperation Agreement

Mr. WU, Lijun, Chairman of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, rings the opening bell for the Paris markets, alongside Stéphane Boujnah, CEO of Euronext, and colleagues including: Mr. JIN, Liyang, Vice President of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Mr. FU, Binghui, Director of ChiNext Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Mr. LIU, Fuzhong, Vice Director of Strategy and International Relations and Mr. WANG, Shenghui, Vice Director of Board Office of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Today Euronext and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) signed an Index Cooperation Agreement in Paristo promote each other’s indices in mainland China and the Euronext markets. They celebrated this partnership today with a bell ceremony to open the day’s trading on Euronext.

This agreement will ensure that Chinese investors are able to access indices offered by Euronext and allow European investors to benefit from Shenzhen index products, including the SZSE COMPONENT INDEX,SZSE SME PRICE INDEX,SZSE CHINEXT PRICE INDEX, SZSE 100 PRICE INDEX and SZSE SMALL/MID CAP INNOVATION INDEX.

At the heart of continental Europe, Euronext is a top market place for listed technology companies, offering a variety of biotech, medtech and technology indices which, through this new agreement, will be further promoted in China. These include the EnterNext® Tech 40,  Euronext® Health Care Equipment & Services EW and Next Biotech. Shenzhen shares Euronext’s strength in the technology segment, with a strong issuer base comprising tech, biotech and healthcare listings, as well as solid investor interest in these companies. The partnership will also include the promotion of Euronext’s major indices such as the  CAC 40®  and the innovative Low Carbon 100 Europe®.

The exchanges will help to attract their local investors to each other’s markets by facilitating listings of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).

For more information on Euronext indices promoted by Shenzhen:
Please visit: www.cnindex.com.cn/en/intlcooperation/euronext/about/

For more information on Shenzhen indices promoted by Euronext:
Please visit: www.euronext.com/en/market-data/shenzhen-indices

27/06/2016 CIOCITY conference Amsterdam expand

Gong marks start CIOCITY conference

During the CIOCITY conference in Amsterdam, executive teams of Digital Leader associations from China, Europe, India, Russia, South America and the United States will sign a collaboration agreement – The Global Digital Leader Alliance –  to share peer-to-peer knowledge and best-practices on the Global Digital Transition.

CIOCITY conference of CIONET is an associated event of the Dutch presidency of the European Commission. Unique for the Netherlands is the gathering of over 300 European Chief Information Officers and Digital Leaders to share knowledge. CIOCITY will also host the European CIO of the Year Awards to leading European CIOs.

CIONET was founded in Belgium in 2005. CIONET is a knowledge network for CIOs and Digital Leaders. Today CIONET has over 6200 members in 24 countries including 630 in the Netherlands. Members work cross industry like telecom, finance, logistics, health, government and industry as IT executive with multinationals, governments and the large SME organizations.

For more information: www.cionet.com

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24/06/2016 World Championships Rowing Amsterdam expand

Aegon and Royal Dutch Rowing Association open Amsterdam exchange

Aegon (ticker symbol: AGN) and rowing juniors sound the gong at the Amsterdam exchange and open trading. The young men of the Dutch Junior Eight Rowing Team and their coach, Ronald Florijn, will open the Amsterdam Exchange.

From 20 to 28 August 2016 the World Championships Rowing, the World Junior Championships and the World Championships under 23 years will be held simultaneously on the Willem-Alexander course in Rotterdam, 5 meters below sea-level. With 1830 athletes in 620 boats from 36 countries, and 1000 volunteers, this will be one of the largest sports events in the Netherlands this summer.

Aegon has been the proud sponsor of the Royal Dutch Rowing Association (KNRB) since 2010. Marco Keim, CEO Aegon Netherlands: “Over the past few years, both recreational and professional rowing have been booming as a sports in the Netherlands. Student rowing associations are flooded with applicants. The World Championships are a perfect moment for our talented rowers to show the world what they are capable of. Aegon stands behind the athletes and next to their parents to cheer them on.”

For more information: www.rotterdam2016.com

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23/06/2016 NL Next Level Amsterdam expand

LTO Nederland sounds gong for NL Next Level

The NL Next Level campaign offers a new perspective for the Netherlands. With a broad investment agenda which can ensure that the Netherlands remains ranked at the top of the world. Albert Jan Maat, Chairman of LTO Nederland, sounds the gong and opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange.

NL Next Level is a new ambitious perspective for all Dutch people. A unique program that leads to new entrepreneurs, to new investment, sustainable growth and jobs for all Dutch people. A programme of VNO-NCW, MKB – Nederland and LTO-Netherlands together with branches/sectors. The essence is to focus on investing in the Netherlands's transition to a next level of prosperity, sustainability and opportunities for all.

In the Netherlands LTO is the national organization that represents the interests of farmers and cultivators in politics and in society, on the level of municipalities, provinces, in The Hague with the national government and in Brussels with the EU. LTO Nederland is an umbrella organization of regional and sectorial organizations. Those organizations boast a total network of around 50 thousand agriculture entrepreneurs. In interest representation and lobbying it is not just about specific agricultural topics like pesticides and fertilization, but also about wider, intersectional themes. In the lobby, LTO Nederland tries to connect as much as possible to organizations and institutes that have the same focus on the horizon when it comes to the position and future of their sector.

For more information: www.nl-nextlevel.nl

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22/06/2016 AkzoNobel launches Visualizer App Amsterdam expand

AkzoNobel sounds gong for launch new Visualizer App

AkzoNobel (ticker symbol: AKZO) visits the Amsterdam exchange to open trading. The ceremony coincides with the launch of the latest version of AkzoNobel’s innovative Visualizer decorating app.

The free digital tool allows users to see, share and virtually paint in their chosen colors – before anything is actually applied. Packed with new features, the Visualizer now includes enhanced video capability and intuitive colour picker technology, as well as the ability to share designs on social media. Now available for iOS and Android, the new version of the Visualizer will be rolled out in more than 40 markets this year.

Research shows that 30 percent of consumers struggle to visualize what a colour will look like in their homes, and 39 percent discuss colour schemes with friends and family before making a purchase. “Colour is the number one decision factor when consumers choose paint,” explained AkzoNobel. “Selecting the right colour can be an exciting yet overwhelming challenge. The new features in the Visualizer offer a fun and easy way for people to find the essential colour that makes their living spaces more inspiring.”

AkzoNobel creates everyday essentials to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring. As a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals, they supply essential ingredients, essential protection and essential colour to industries and consumers worldwide. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they have approximately 45,000 people in around 80 countries, while their portfolio includes well-known brands such as Sikkens, Flexa and Jozo.

For more information: www.akzonobel.com

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21/06/2016 20th Anniversary PSI 20 Futures Lisbon expand

20 Year Anniversary Futures Contracts on the PSI 20 Index

We celebrate today the 20 year anniversary of the futures contracts on the PSI 20 index. To celebrate this anniversary, the team of BBVA Portugal (Luis Castro and Almeida (managing director), Manuel Ferreira and Daniel Mendes) rang the closing bell.

The first futures contract on the PSI 20 index was launched 20 years ago, on 20 June 1996. By the end of the first month of existence, the volume reached more than 3,000 contracts, a number that contrasts with June 2016 with over than 84,000. In terms of total volume, over these 20 years,  around 6.3 million futures contracts on the PSI 20 index were negotiated.

Since the migration of the Portuguese derivatives market to the Euronext platform, the number of members has more than doubled to 47. For the number of contracts traded in 2016 (until 17 June = 215,000), the Portuguese financial intermediaries account for 36% of the volume, followed by the Spanish with 35%, while the British members account for 24% of that amount.

In addition to futures contracts on the PSI 20 index, the benchmark of the market, there are currently 12 Single Stock Futures and 3 Single Stock Dividend Futures.
Four financial intermediaries act as Liquidity Provider on the PSI 20 Index Future: BBVA (Portugal), Banco Santander, SA (Spain), DRW Investments (UK) and Société Générale (France).

21/06/2016 Entrima new resident Beursplein 5 Amsterdam expand

Entrima sounds gong as new resident at Beursplein 5

Entrima moved its office to Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, on the former trading floor of Euronext. Its educational services for professionals in the energy markets increasingly cover regulation of the financial markets, including market abuse, surveillance and monitoring. This proofs the ongoing integration of the mentioned markets, as well as the everlasting complexisation of the business, relationships and systems.  

Entrima offers educational services in the field of the energy markets. The content focuses on the energy markets, energy products, pricing of these products and the trading of these products, as well as the regulation of the markets.

The training courses are accredited by the energy sector, because Entrima’s Advisory Board, Programme Commission and Exam Commission consist of executives and managers of market participants, including traders and exchanges. Entrima operates a charter for professionals. Certification, after passing an exam, is one of the criteria for registration. Due to the increasing significance of regulation, amongst which is market abuse, this charter was set up. It can be considered a form of self-regulation by the energy sector.

For more information: www.entrima.org

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20/06/2016 IPO Cerinnov Group Paris expand

Listing of Cerinnov on Alternext

Arnaud Hory, CEO Cerinnov, opens the trading day in Paris.

Cerinnov Group specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of production and decorating machines for the ceramics and glass sectors. The activity is organized around 2 areas:

  • sale of machines and furnaces: cutting machines (casting, glazing, finishing machines, etc.), laser machines, decorating machines, refractory product and ceramics sintering furnaces, calcination and powder thermal processing furnaces, furnaces for decorating and glass baking, etc. ;
  • services: maintenance, renovation, repair, training services, etc.
20/06/2016 Think Morningstar High Dividend UCITS ETF Amsterdam expand

Think ETF’s launches Think Morningstar High Dividend UCITS ETF

Think ETF’s launches its 14th ETF, the Think Morningstar High Dividend UCITS ETF (Ticker: TDIV). Bouke van den Berg, Business Development at Think ETF’s, opens trading at the exchange.

The new ETF tracks the Morningstar Developed Markets Large Cap Dividend Leaders Index™, which includes 100 stocks with high dividend payouts. The index rules also incorporate historical dividends and a measure to assess whether the companies are able to maintain their dividends in the future. The maximum sector weight is 40% and the maximum weight to an individual stock is 5%.

Think ETF’s is the first Dutch issuer of ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). The company was launched in 2008 and introduced its first ETF in 2009. Morningstar Inc. is a supplier of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

For more information: www.thinketfs.nl

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17/06/2016 25th anniversary Eurocommercial Properties Amsterdam expand

Eurocommercial Properties celebrates 25th anniversary at Euronext Amsterdam

Eurocommercial Properties (ticker symbol: ECMPA) was founded in 1991 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam for almost 25 years. On 18 June 2016, Eurocommercial will celebrate its 25th anniversary and to mark the occasion, the company is sounding the gong on the Amsterdam exchange.

At the outset Eurocommercial Properties invested in a variety of countries, including France where the Company made its first investment in 1992 with the acquisition of Les Atlantes shopping center in Tours. In 1994, the company purchased Curno in Bergamo, marking its first acquisition in Italy. Eurocommercial moved into the Swedish market in 2001. The Company is now one of Europe's most experienced property investors with a portfolio of shopping centers valued at €3.3 billion. As at 31 December 2015, 37% of these assets are in France, 42% in Italy and 21% in Sweden.

For more information: www.eurocommercialproperties.com

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16/06/2016 120th listing anniversary Brill Amsterdam expand

Brill sounds gong for 120-years listed anniversary

This year, academic publisher Brill (ticker symbol: BRILL) not only celebrates its 333rd birthday but also the fact that the company has been listed at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange for 120 years. On behalf of the new Management Team, which will help Brill develop its digital future, Peter Coebergh, EVP Sales & Marketing, sounds the gong.

Brill’s shares have been listed at Euronext Amsterdam since 1997. Since then, revenue has increased steadily from 7.9 million euros to 30.8 million euros in 2015, as a result of organic growth and acquisitions. Investors who purchased the share at its first listing in 1997 have quadrupled their investment and achieved a compound average total shareholder return of 7%.

Brill’s publishing portfolio consists of over 20 subject areas in the Humanities, Social Sciences and International Law. Apart from traditional print publications, Brill has been innovative in electronic publishing: the 265 journals and close to 1000 new books and reference works published each year are available both in print and electronic form. In 2015, almost half of the revenue was created through digital products.

For more information: www.brill.com

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15/06/2016 Amsterdam Commodities Amsterdam expand

CFO Amsterdam Commodities Allard Goldschmeding opens Amsterdam exchange

Allard Goldschmeding was recently appointed as a new member of the statutory Management Board and CFO of Amsterdam Commodities N.V. (ticker symbol: ACOMO), the Euronext Amsterdam listed trading house in spices and nuts, edible seeds, tea and food ingredients. Allard Goldschmeding sounds the opening gong in presence of his colleagues, including CEO of Acomo, Erik Rietkerk.

Goldschmeding, who joined Acomo on 1 December 2015, is delighted with his appointment by this leading trading house. Acomo  acts as a bridge between farmers in countries of origin and costumers in the food industry since 1908 and is operating in over 90 countries: “Acomo’s subsidiairies like Catz International (spices), King Nuts & Raaphorst (nuts), Red River Commodities (edible seeds), Van Rees Group (tea) and Snick Euro Ingredients (food ingredients) all have a beautiful history, track record and market position. They are well prepared for future developments in the food sector and the supply chains wherein they operate. The additional value that they offer their suppliers and customers on a daily base is a sum of trading roles and expertise. The volatility and the global playing field of the trading products requires effective financial management of the holding.”

For more information: www.acomo.nl

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14/06/2016 Stofwisseltour 2016 Amsterdam expand

Team Axel and Team Euronext sound gong for Stofwisseltour 2016

The trading day at Euronext is opened by Foundation Stofwisselkracht, Team Axel and Team Euronext to call attention to the Stofwisseltour 2016.

Last year Team Axel visited the Amsterdam exchange to raise awareness for the Stofwisseltour. After this, plans were made for a Team Euronext to participate in this year’s Stofwisseltour, which takes place for the sixth time from 17 - 19 June. Seventeen cycling teams participate in this three day cycling relay to raise money for research into metabolism diseases and to raise awareness to this relatively unknown disease.

Each year, around 800 children are diagnosed with a metabolic disorder in The Netherlands. There is currently no treatment for many of these metabolic disorders, leaving many children developing severe mental and physical disabilities. More than half of the children die before they are 18 years old. Foundation Stofwisselkracht joins forces with parents, patients, doctors, researchers and volunteers to fight against metabolic diseases. Through sports and social events and activities, the foundation raises funds for research.

For more information: www.stofwisselkracht.nl

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13/06/2016 La Française de l'Energie Paris expand

Listing of la Française de l'Energie on Euronext

Julien Moulin, CEO, la Française de l'Energuie opens the trading day in Paris.

A French SME specialised in assessing and producing gas resources within France, La Française de l’Energie has been operating in the Lorraine region since 2009. The company’s key expertise is in the recovery of methane from coal deposits in former mining regions. Following certification of proven reserves in the Lorraine basin and Northern France, the company is now focused on the production of this high-quality “made in France” gas. La Française de L’Energie aims to leverage its listing to become a leading player in gas production in France and elsewhere in Europe, particularly Germany and Belgium.

13/06/2016 Intertrust acquires Elian Amsterdam expand

Intertrust celebrates Elian acquisition by sounding gong

Intertrust (ticker symbol: INTER) celebrates its successful acquisition and capital raising for Elian Group, a regional trust and corporate services leader and specialist in private equity and real estate fund administration and capital market services. David de Buck, CEO of Intertrust and Paul Willing, CEO of Elian, sound the gong.

Elian is a high growth, regional Trust & Corporate Services leader with an excellent management team and 6151 dedicated, highly qualified employees. The Company has the number one leadership position in Jersey and a strong presence in the UK and 13 other jurisdictions, 10 of which overlap with Intertrust.

Intertrust is a leading global provider of high-value trust and corporate services, with a network of 37 offices in 26 jurisdictions across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle-East. The Company focuses on delivering high-quality tailored services to its clients with a view to building long-term relationships. Intertrust’s business services offering comprise corporate services, fund services, capital market services, and private client services. Intertrust has leading market positions in selected key geographic markets of its industry, including the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands and Guernsey.

For more information: www.intertrustgroup.com

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10/06/2016 IPO Basic-Fit Amsterdam expand

Euronext Amsterdam welcomes Basic-Fit

Euronext welcomes Basic-Fit (ticker symbol: BFIT), the European market leader in the ‘’value-for-money’’ fitness market, to the Amsterdam exchange. CEO René Moos sounds the gong and opens trading in the Basic-Fit share.

Basic-Fit is active in some of Europe's most attractive markets, with more than 350 clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain. With around 2,800 employees, Basic-Fit operates a straightforward membership model, offering uncomplicated, essential and effective fitness experiences that are both affordable and easy to access for everyone. Building on the longstanding expertise, Basic-Fit combines a flexible low-cost membership model with high-quality fitness equipment and technology, virtual and live group lessons and shareable family passes. Over 2015 Basic-Fit generated a revenue of EUR 202.2 million and an adjusted EBITDA of EUR 60.1 million.

For more information: www.basic-fit.com

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10/06/2016 IPO a.s.r. Amsterdam expand

Euronext welcomes a.s.r. to the Amsterdam exchange

Euronext welcomes a.s.r. (ticker symbol: ASRNL), a leading Dutch insurance company with a comprehensive product offering for its customers to the Amsterdam Exchange. a.s.r. begins trading on the Amsterdam market of Euronext after its successful IPO. CEO Jos Baeten sounds the gong.

a.s.r. serves a broad range of both consumers as well as commercial customers. The company has a strong solvency position, proven cost-reduction capabilities and a solid track record of attractive return on equity and cash generation. Besides insurance products, the a.s.r. product range includes savings and investment products and bank savings products.

a.s.r. is the Dutch insurance company for all types of insurance. Via the a.s.r., De Amersfoortse, Ditzo, Ardanta and Europeesche Verzekeringen brands, a.s.r. offers a wide range of financial products covering non-life, life and income protection insurance, group and individual pensions, health insurance, and travel and leisure, and funeral insurance. Besides insurance products, the a.s.r. product range includes savings and investment products and bank savings products. a.s.r. also invests actively in real estate development and operations.

For more information: www.asr.nl

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09/06/2016 National Prokkel intern day Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong marks start of National Prokkel  intern day

By sounding the gong, Johanneke Behrend, customer experience manager at Aegon and Cahaya, a student of the Bernardusschool in The Hague and Prokkel intern at Aegon, open trading at the Amsterdam exchange.

Insurer Aegon is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (ticker symbol: AGN). The Bernardusschool is a secondary school for pupils with developmental delays. Its goal is to increase the opportunities for students to fully participate in society, including in the field of employment.

The gong also marks the start of the National Prokkel intern day; part of a week in which thousands of people with a (mental) disability intern for one day. One day to get to know eachothers’ capabilities, one day as an example and inspiration for the rest the year, one day with the aim of creating an inclusive labor market.

For more information: www.prokkel.nl

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08/06/2016 eHealth Week 2016 Amsterdam expand

Edith Schippers kicks off eHealth Week 2016

Edith Schippers, Dutch Minister of Health Welfare and Sport opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange in the company of Vytenis Andriukaitis, EU Commissioner Health and Food Safety, and Stephen Lieber, President and CEO HIMSS, on the occasion of the start of eHealth Week 2016.

eHealth Week 2016 is the leading eHealth event in Europe. It is organised in Amsterdam, following the Dutch Presidency of the European Council. The event is organised by the European Commission, the Dutch Ministry of Health and the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union and HIMSS Europe. During eHealth Week 2016, over 2,000 international experts in IT and healthcare, public institutions, professional and patient organisations will be welcomed. This year’s educational programme highlights three main themes: Empowering People, Trust & Standards and Social Innovation & Transition.

eHealth Week 2016 will focus on the people who are changing the healthcare system. Until now, policies have mainly focused on institutions and IT systems: today, that focus is shifting and is now being placed on eHealth users. The people who are using eHealth are becoming increasingly involved in the discussion and being placed at the heart of eHealth policy-making.

For more information: www.ehealthweek.org

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07/06/2016 Smartphoto acquires Webprint Amsterdam expand

Smartphoto group celebrates acquisition by sounding gong

The Euronext Brussels listed smartphoto group (ticker symbol: SMAR) acquired the Netherlands-located Webprint at the end of April, resulting in a new group with a strong commercial position in the Netherlands. CEO Stef de Corte, sounds the gong.

With a combined turnover of more than € 46 million, smartphoto group shows its European ambition. Through this acquisition the knowledge of the consumer market, the customer focus and the brand awareness of Webprint is combined with the knowledge of smartphoto in the areas of technology, marketing and production of personalized photo products.

Smartphoto group operates in 14 European countries in E-commerce with affordable high-quality photo products, such as photo books, photo cards, photo calendars, photos on canvas and photo gifts. The shares of Smartphoto group are traded on Euronext Brussels.

For more information: www.smartphotogroup.com

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06/06/2016 Euronext Market Data App Amsterdam expand

Euronext and Heckyl sound gong for new Euronext Market Data App

Euronext recently launched the new Market Data app, a free and convenient means for investors to find all the data they need. The app has been enhanced with  great new features including Sentiment Analysis, Trending News and Broker Connectivity. Mike Bournes, Head of Business Development Market Data, sounds the gong together with Gustav Pegers, Head of Sales, Heckyl Technologies.

The partnership between Euronext and Heckyl Technologies, a leading provider of news and data analytic solutions, has provided sentiment data, market intelligence and trending news on all companies listed on Euronext’s markets to the renewed Euronext Market Data App. Heckyl Technologies is a start-up in London’s Level39 fintech hub and this innovative service will enable investors with the Euronext Market Data App to increase insight in stock market behavior.

The Euronext Market Data app features comprehensive information on the world’s leading indices, stock prices, currencies and more. It includes extensive market data from Euronext’s cash, and derivatives markets and indices as well as from other global equity exchanges. The Euronext app provides market data free of charge with a 15-minute delay. Last May, Euronext won the award for Best New Data Product at  the presentation of the Inside Market Data Awards.

Heckyl is a real-time data analytics company that brings news, price, fundamental and portfolio analysis through a single platform called FIND (Financial in News and Data). FIND can be used by a researcher, trader or an analyst to get actionable insights from both unstructured and structured data. The platform brings real-time news, information and market data from companies, businesses and global markets from around the world.

For more information: www.euronext.com

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03/06/2016 Open Day Dutch building and infrastructure sector Amsterdam expand

Association of Dutch building and infrastructure companies chairman Maxime Verhagen sounds gong

Maxime Verhagen, Chairman of the Association of Dutch building and infrastructure companies, sounds the gong at the Amsterdam exchange ahead of the 11th ‘Dag van de Bouw’, on 4 June. Throughout The Netherlands everyone is welcome to visit some of the 160 construction sites which have opened their gates on this annual open day.

This day is a kind of benchmark. How is our sector developing? What are we working on today?”, mr. Verhagen explains. “This past week I therefore embarked on an ‘innovation journey’ along various construction sites and companies. Often our sector is labeled as ‘not innovative’ or even ‘conservative’. Fortunately many projects tell a different story. I have witnessed many and wildly varying innovations in close up. And moreover, heard the accompanying stories, with narrators brimming with pleasure and profound satisfaction, rooted in the true cooperation between bidders, construction companies and the sites’ neighbours. Of course technical genius is part of it, but true innovation exceeds the mere engineering solutions.

Solutions for example of traffic congestion, or ingenuity employed on reinforcing our dikes, which is of course a classic Dutch challenge. Or the challenge of providing an efficient solution for the aging inhabitants of low-cost rental houses. They can now live their lives in upgraded, care-friendly sustainable homes. To put it this way: innovation in the construction sector is equivalent to solving a puzzle together, in a dynamic environment. This is how we invest in society. We’re facing major challenges in the near future, but we’re confident in meeting tomorrow’s demands of 18 million people in our country!

The Euronext listed construction companies Heijmans, BAM and Boskalis highlight different construction projects during ‘Dag van de Bouw’. 

For more information: www.dagvandebouw.nl