March 2014

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31/03/2014 Euronext Brussels welcomes ABO-Group Environment Brussels expand

Since 31 March 2014 is the company ABO-Group listed on Euronext Brussels.  ABO-Group is the new name of Thenergo.

ABO-Group has developed into a cluster of integrated environmental companies specialized in testing en engineering in various sectors such as soil, geo-technics, environment, energy and waste management.

To celebrate this event, Frank Palmenaer, CEO of ABO-Group opened the markets with a Bell Ceremony on 31 March 2014 together with the other representatives of ABO-Group

The ticker code : ABO.

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31/03/2014 ING opens trading for 30th anniversary EFR Business Week Amsterdam expand

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the EFR Business Week and the collaboration between ING and EFR, Mark Pieter de Boer, Global Head of Financial Markets Sales of ING, sounds the gong.

This Wednesday the 2nd of April the official opening of the EFR Business Week takes place at Erasmus University. During the “World of Business” speakers from all over the world inspire students with their unique stories. For 30 years now the EFR Business Week has been the leading student organised conference in Europe. Every year at the beginning of April the event takes place at Erasmus University and other locations in Rotterdam.

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28/03/2014 CADES carries out the largest eurobond ever issued since it was created Paris expand

Patrice Ract-Madoux, Chairman of CADES, opens the trading day in Paris to celebrate the listing of the largest bond issued -5 billion of euros -  since its inception.

Created in 1996, CADES (Caisse d'Amortissement de la Dette Sociale)  is an administrative public body owned and controlled by the French State. Its mission is to amortise the French social debt. To successfuly achieve its mission entrusted by French Parliament, CADES has the possibility to issue tradable debt securities. The outstanding success of this transaction underlines the confidence that international investors have in CADES, one of the first European issuer. They particularly appreciate the solidity of the French social debt amortization mechanism, as well as the quality of the resource that is collected among the population under the supervision of the French Parliament and the Constitutional Council. Since its establishment, CADES has amortised a total of €84.1 billion of French social debt on a total of €216.7 billion assumed since inception. This reduction in the French public debt is equivalent in amount to 4 percentage points of 2013 GDP. When the interest saving on the amortised debt is taken into account, the reduction equates to more than 5 per cent of GDP.

28/03/2014 Nyenrode Business University and Oxyor visit Beursplein 5 Amsterdam expand

Nyenrode Business University and Oxyor visit Beursplein 5 as part of the Private Investor Programme. Course participant Jeroen Hemels sounds the gong.

The Private Investor Programme teaches participants to analyse and manage their own investment portfolios according to the latest insights in the field of investing. After successful completion of this programme, the graduates are able to independently take control of their own portfolio.

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27/03/2014 Ronald de Boer opens trading and registration for the 2014 Winter Challenge Amsterdam expand

By sounding the gong, Ronald de Boer, patron of Spieren voor Spieren Foundation, opens trading together with Coco Huiberts. At the same time, registration opens for the Winter Challenge. The Winter Challenge is an annual fundraising sporting event for Spieren voor Spieren Foundation.

In the night of 25 to 26 October, over 50 locations throughout the Netherlands are décor for exercise events, to raise money for children with muscle disease. With over 132 Challenges and proceeds exceeding € 400,000, in 2013, this event is one of the biggest sports charity events in the Netherlands.

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26/03/2014 Launch of the first Leverage & Short Certificates on the BEL 20 index Brussels expand

Société Générale has launched the first daily leverage and short Certificates on Euronext Brussels. These new products are designed to provide investors with 5 x the daily performance of the BEL 20, the key index of the Brussels Stock Exchange. To celebrate this event, Sébastien David, Investors Relations Global Equity Flow of Société Générale has rang the Opening Bell on 26 March 2014 in the presence of Katherine Haesaerts, Global Markets, Cross Asset Solutions, Sales Benelux of Société Générale.

26/03/2014 Sounding of the gong marks start of BioCapital Europe 2014 Amsterdam expand

BioCapital Europe 2014, organized by Life Sciences Partners (LSP), will take place on Thursday 27 March 2014 in Amsterdam. John P. de Koning, Partner at LSP and conference host, sounds the gong.

BioCapital Europe is Europe's premier life sciences investment conference, offering venture capitalists (VCs) and Institutional Investors unique and timely access to around 40 exciting biotech companies from the Benelux and Europe. In 2013, the event attracted 200 attendees.

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25/03/2014 Euronext welcomes Mc Phy Energy on Euronext in Paris Paris expand

Pascal Mauberger, Chief Executive Officer of McPhy Energy, opens the European trading day in Paris.

McPhy Energy specializes in manufacturing and marketing hydrogen production and storage equipments in form of solid from water electrolysis. The group also provides electrolyzers, storage containers as well as integrated solutions.
At the end of 2013, McPhy Energy has 3 production sites located in France, Germany and Italy.

25/03/2014 Financial Study Association Rotterdam and Duisenberg School of Finance sound the gong Amsterdam expand

DSF is committed to providing excellent financial education in order to create the next generation of responsible financial leaders. FSR is the study association for students Accounting, Controlling and Finance of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The goal of the FSR is to create a link between theory - as it is taught in universities - and the versatile financial world in practice. This is accomplished by organizing various activities and events. With around 1800 members, the FSR is the largest study association at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Gijs Romer, chairman FSR sounds the gong.

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24/03/2014 Sounding of the gong in honor of new AEX-Index Amsterdam expand

The gong ceremony is dedicated to the new composition of the AEX-Index® as of March 24. From this day, Delta Lloyd NV, OCI and Boskalis are part of the main index.

Euronext uses a new selection method for the AEX-Index family, as a result of an extensive market consultation. For the composition of the indices, now the free float adjusted market capitalization of the company is leading, where formerly the trade turnover was. This makes the AEX-Index an even better reflection of the Dutch capital market, and therefore is more in line with international standards.

The AEX-Index was established in 1983 and offers great visibility its constituents, and additionally serves as the underlying value for more than 1000 products. Niek Hoek, CEO of Delta Lloyd, opens trading in honor of the inclusion of his company in the AEX.

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24/03/2014 Bell Ceremony to celebrate the inclusion of bpost in the BEL 20 Brussels expand

On Monday 24 March 2014, Martine Durez, chairwoman of the Board of bpost, rang the Opening Bell of the financial markets on Euronext Brussels to celebrate the entry of bpost in the BEL 20 and this in the presence of Pierre Winand, CFO.

Koen Van Gerven, CEO of bpost, was our guest of honour and gave a speech at the end of the ceremony (NL/FR).

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21/03/2014 NLdoet sounds the gong to mark the start of this year’s campaign Amsterdam expand

Today marks the start of the two-day national volunteer campaign NLdoet, during which the entire country is invited to spend a day or part of a day participating in volunteer work. Maribi Gomez, director of an Amsterdam-based coordination centre for volunteers, sounds the gong.

In Amsterdam alone there are over 230 volunteer jobs to be done, such as renovating a stable for riding lessons for the handicapped, taking the elderly for walks in the park, planting a vegetable garden, constructing picnic tables or picking up litter. One of the objectives of the NLdoet initiative is to shine a spotlight on volunteers and to show how important active citizenship is for society. But more importantly, to show how much fun volunteering can be!

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20/03/2014 CEO of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV visits Euronext Amsterdam Amsterdam expand

Dr. Heinz Schimmelbusch, CEO of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV, is visiting Amsterdam and Euronext on the occasion of AMG's announcement of its 2013 FY results on 19 March 2014. Dr. Schimmelbusch sounds the gong at Euronext Amsterdam.

AMG is a leading global specialty metals and materials, engineering and mining company offering highly specialized metallurgical products, minerals and vacuumfurnace systems to a wide range of industries (incl aerospace, energy, infrastructure and chemical industries). AMG has its headquarters in Wayne, PA, USA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has operations in Europe, North and South America and Asia, including China.

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19/03/2014 Business Woman of the Year opens trading at the exchange Amsterdam expand

This year’s Business Woman of the Year, Ria Joosten, owner of Ria Joosten Catering en Evenementen, opens today’s trading. 

The Prix Veuve Clicquot, Business Woman of the Year Award, was set up in 1972 in honour of Madame Clicquot. That same year also marked the launch of the Grande Cuvée ‘La Grande Dame’, vintage 1966. Even today ‘La Grande Dame’ is still Veuve Clicquot’s most exclusive product, a tribute to the grand lady of champagne. 

The Prix Veuve Clicquot initiative has been a sign of distinction in the Netherlands since 1981. This year, for 33rd time, the prize will be awarded to an outstanding businesswoman. Over the past 32 years, the prize has come to occupy a prestigious position in the business world, and has made a significant contribution to the level of recognition given to women entrepreneurs. 

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19/03/2014 Bell ceremony for the listing of the KBC bond of 1.4 billion euro Brussels expand

On Wednesday 19 March 2014, Luc Popelier, CFO of KBC Group, opened the European stock markets with a Bell Ceremony at Euronext Brussels to celebrate the listing of 1.4 billion euros in additional Tier-1 (AT1) securities by KBC Group SA.

Luc Popelier, CFO of KBC Group, at bell ceremony (Dutch spoken)

The securities are perpetual with an optional call from year 5 onwards and a coupon of 5.625% per annum, payable each quarter. They are qualified as CRD IV-compliant AT1 capital under Basel III standards. There was considerable interest in the issue, which was five times oversubscribed.

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18/03/2014 Ajax Foundation sounds the gong to celebrate its birthday Amsterdam expand

Today the Ajax Foundation celebrates its 4th anniversary. In honour of the occasion, director Simone Freling sounds the gong to start the trading day.

As a top sporting club, Ajax is aware of the responsibility it has to set an example and take a leading role in relation to social issues. On behalf of Ajax and its millions of supporters, the Ajax Foundation supports various projects related to sports, health, social integration and education.

The aim of the Ajax Foundation is to build a sense of community in a respectful manner, as well as to encourage players to develop both football and life skills, and to do so without a commercial agenda.

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17/03/2014 Global Money Week: Ring Around the World. Child & Youth Finance International closes the trading day in Paris Paris expand

GMW is a worldwide celebration initiated by the Child and Youth Finance Movement, with local and regional events and activities aimed at inspiring children and youth to learn about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment, becoming an entrepreneur

About Global Money Week: Global Money Week unifies the voices of children around the world, encouraging them to take action, engage the financial sector and learn about the financial issues that most impact them. Through national and international events, young people learn: about money, social and financial interaction, employment skills and even about starting a business.
In 2013, over 1 million children in more than 80 countries participated in Global Money Week celebrations. Central banks, governmental bodies, stock exchanges, financial institutions, NGOs, schools, multilateral organizations, academics and other national stakeholder organized events. In many countries, Global Money Week was the first time such multisectorial organizations collaborated: collaborations that diverse organizations committed to continue as they build national financial education and inclusion platforms for children and youth. This year we will count on more than 112 countries celebrating and 2 million children and youth reached!

17/03/2014 Simavi kicks off its ‘drinking water week’ 2014 by sounding the gong Amsterdam expand

To mark the start of Simavi’s ‘drinking water week’, Merijn Everaarts, founder of Dopper, will open the market.

Safe drinking water is a necessity when it comes to living a healthy life. However,  there are still 780 million people in the world who do not have access to safe drinking water. Waterborne diseases caused by unclean or polluted drinking water are amongst the most deadly diseases. Diarrhoea alone is fatal to as many as 2.2 million people annually, most of them pregnant women and children under 5.

People in marginalised communities in Africa and Asia often spend most of their days fetching water and caring for sick family members. If safe drinking water would be available to them, they could spend this time going to school or working to support themselves, their families and their community. This way they would have equal opportunities to make the most of their lives.

Simavi strives for a world in which basic health is accessible to all. Therefore, Simavi, together with its partners, organises a number of events  - the national collection week, the sponsor event Walking for Water and the DopperRun© - for safe drinking water in the week close to World Water Week, 22 March.

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14/03/2014 Heineken celebrates twentieth anniversary of the JCI Vondelpark Open with sounding the gong Amsterdam expand

Heineken visits Beursplein 5 in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the JCI Vondelpark Open. Chairman of JCI Amsterdam, Huck Chuah, sounds the gong.

The JCI Vondelpark Open is a golf tournament which will take place on 20 June 2014 in Amsterdam's Vondelpark, which celebrates its 150th birthday this year. The proceeds from the tournament benefit the maintenance of the park. Heineken is celebrating the anniversary with Junior Chamber International (JCI) Amsterdam, an association which strives to realize projects with relevant social and/or business purposes.

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13/03/2014 Société Générale launches the first 100% certificate based on the Next Biotech Paris expand

Sebastian David from Société Générale opens the Trading Day in Paris.

Société Générale innovates with the launch of the first 100% Certificate indexed on Next Biotech in partnership with Euronext . The Next Biotech index  is calculated and issued by Euronext. It is composed of values from the European Biotech sector listed on Euronext and Alternext , weighted in accordance with their market capitalization. The index allows investors, fund managers and issuers to follow the performance on a European scale of biotechnologies and innovative sectors with huge growth potential. The 100% Certificate Next Biotech , issued by Société Générale allows the beneficiary , in one single transaction and at a minimum charge ( 1% annual commission), to get the market performance of the diversified basket of biotechnology shares. It is continously listed on Euronext Paris from 09h05 to 17h30 and is traded as a simple share with the help of an online broker or their bank.

13/03/2014 Kidney Patients Association Netherlands sounds the gong to mark the start of World Kidney Day 2014 Amsterdam expand

Brenda de Coninck, entrepreneur and kidney patient, sounds the gong to mark the start of World Kidney Day 2014 and to celebrate the launch of ReiNIER, a new magazine about living with kidney damage.

World Kidney Day is the annual day on which special attention is drawn to kidney disease and its prevention. The Kidney Patients Association Netherlands (NVN) organizes numerous activities across the country to raise awareness on the importance of the kidneys and what it means when they do not work properly.

In addition, the free magazine ReiNIER is makes its debut. It holds information on what living with kidney disease means, provides tips and practical information on for example employment, nutrition, research and fatigue. Mirjam de Graaff, sister of late Dutch TV presenter Bart de Graaff and chairman of the Bart de Graaff Foundation, receives the first copy of ReiNIER from NVN director Hans Bart.

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12/03/2014 Celebrating Global Money Week on Euronext Brussels Brussels expand


Euronext celebrates Global Money Week with a week-long series of partnership events and bell ringing ceremonies globally that highlights initiatives to help improve child and youth’s financial education. Euronext Brussels’ partner is Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) which serves as a platform to align and support Global Money Week activities all over the world in coordination with national financial platform committees in every country.

Therefore Ignacio Bianco of Child & Youth Finance International rang the Opening Bell in Brussels on 12 March 2014 in the presence of student Sebastiaan Duivenvoorde. Representatives of  the European Banking Federation,  the European Association of Cooperative Banks,  Mastercard, World Savings Bank Institute, FSMA and EuroChild were also invited on the podium of the Bell Ceremony.

The Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool, the Karel de Grote Hogeschool Antwerp and the “Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg” (KHLim) were invited as well for this special occasion.

The Bell Ceremony was followed by a presentation for the students on the Role of the Stock Exchange in the Financing of the Companies by Vincent Van Dessel, CEO of Euronext Brussels.

12/03/2014 Child and Youth Finance International opens Global Money Week 2014 by sounding the gong Amsterdam expand


Trading at Euronext Amsterdam is festively opened today by Dutch high schools students and Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) as part of Global Money Week 2014. Global Money Week is a global campaign raising awareness with children, youth, parents and teachers on the importance of children’s access to financial education and safe bank accounts.

CYFI is a non-profit organization and global multi-stakeholder network leading the world’s largest movement on child and youth finance. They sound the gong together with students from the Spinozalyceum in Amsterdam, the Herman Wesselink College in Amstelveen and representatives from Aflatoun, de Consumentenbond, the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), Free Press Unlimited, ICS, ING Group, The Dutch Bankers Association (NVB), and Nibud.

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11/03/2014 King William I Foundation opens trading at Beursplein 5 Amsterdam expand

Mariette van Empel, Director of Climate, Air and Sound at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and jury member of the King William I Plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, opens trading by sounding the gong.

The gong also marks the announcement of the nominees for the King William I Award and King William I Plaque 2014. The Foundation awards distinctive entrepreneurship. The King William I Foundation aims to provide the national economy with new impulses and at the same time increase regard for the Dutch industry. The festive award ceremony will take place on Tuesday 13 May at De Nederlandsche Bank in the presence of Her Royal Highness Queen Máxima.

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10/03/2014 Gong marks start of The Week of Health and Welfare Amsterdam expand

Comedian André van Duin and rapper Yes-R accompany Nyncke Bouma, board member of ZorgZijn Werkt, when she sounds the gong to open trading.

From 10-15 March 2014, almost 2.000 organizations in healthcare and social work open their doors to the general public. Local residents, students, the unemployed and all other interested parties can experience how health and social care really works. The Week of Health and Social Work precedes the fourteenth national “Open Dag van Zorg en Welzijn” that is to be held on Saturday 15 March.

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