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18/12/2017 NL Get it done Amsterdam expand

Organisation NL Get it done visits Euronext Amsterdam

NL Get it done is a collaboration between NL2025 and Get it done in which young professionals, creatives, influencers and an extensive media network are connected to local, social initiatives in the Netherlands. Hanna Verboom, founder of Get it done, sounds the gong.

NL Get it done is a collaboration between NL2025 and Get it done in which young professionals, creatives, influencers and an extensive media network are connected to local, social initiatives in the Netherlands.

NL2025 is a platform where leaders from the cultural and scientific world, artist, CEO’s and athletes have joined. They are all involved on a personal title to step up for a better future of the Netherlands based on the pay-it-forward principle. Get it done was one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands. Initially funding small scale development projects worldwide Get it done has launched a new strategy in the Netherlands in order to create sustainable solutions for local initiatives.

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15/12/2017 Light for the World Foundation Amsterdam expand

Light for the World Foundation celebrates 35th anniversary

The Light for the World Foundation celebrates its 35th anniversary, which is marked by the sounding of the gong at the Amsterdam exchange.

Exactly 35 years ago, Light for the World was founded by ophthalmologist Martien Cozijnsen and his wife Jenny. The work started with a school for the blind in Thailand and has expanded vastly over the years. Providing opportunities for people with disabilities in the poorest countries is still the core mission of the organization. Light for the World calls on companies active in Africa to get started with the inclusion of youth with disabilities in the workplace. The foundation can provide advice and practical support in this.

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14/12/2017 Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award Amsterdam expand

Winner Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award opens the exchange

Bianca van der Lee, founder of Chaud Devant has won the Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award 2017 (Amsterdamse Ondernemersprijs) and opens the trading day at Beursplein 5.

From the finalists, Van der Lee was chosen as the winner of this award by a professional jury and 1,500 entrepreneurs. The Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award is an award for the most creative and innovative entrepreneur in Amsterdam. The prize is awarded annually and is, among others, an initiative of the municipality of Amsterdam, MKB-Amsterdam and Rabobank.

Chaud Devant develops high-quality, professional and fashionable collections for the modern chef, kitchen team and serving staff. After more than 20 years, all designs are still produced in the company’s studio and headquarters in Amsterdam. These designs can be found in more than 20 countries around the world.

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13/12/2017 Paris Europlace Paris expand

Paris Europlace opens the European trading day in Paris 

Raising awareness for the role of the world's leading finance centres in mobilising capital to accelerate climate action.

As market operator, Euronext has an important role to play in channeling savings and investment into energy transition. Ensuring optimization of our methodologies, together with other stakeholders, confirms our commitment to offering investors an increasingly relevant standard for portfolio management, and an underlying asset suitable for different index-linked products, notably in green finance.

Italy’s Ministry of Environment, Paris EUROPLACE with its initiative Finance for Tomorrow and UN Environment organise  a high-level event setting out the role of the world’s leading financial centres in mobilizing capital to accelerate climate action.  The event takes place the day after the President Macron’s “One Planet Summit” which celebrates the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement and profiles the work of the new international network of financial centres for sustainability, which originated under Italy’s 2017 G7 presidency.
The event features the launch of the network’s first ‘state of the art’ report prepared by UN Environment and the first report benchmarking financial centres in terms of green finance. Speakers will include leading representatives from
financial centres in Canada, China, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco and UK and will be closed by keynote speeches from Ministers from Italy and France.

13/12/2017 Best Investment Professional Amsterdam expand

Nico Inberg wins Gouden Stier award for Best Investment Professional

This November, Nico Inberg, head of the IEX Investment Desk, won the Gouden Stier-award for Best Investment Professional. This highly acclaimed prize is one of the oldest in the Dutch financial industry: It was awarded for the eleventh consecutive year in 2017. 

Inberg has been head of the IEX Investment desk since July, where he leads a team of financial analysts. Together they perform research and give recommendations on hundreds of national and international stocks. Dutch investors looking for deeper insights and investment recommendations can get access through a subscription to IEX Premium. 

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12/12/2017 Dance4Life Amsterdam expand

The Nederlandsche Betaal & Wisselmaatschappij opens Beursplein 5 with Dance4Life

This year, Dance4Life organizes the Dance4Life FundRace for the first time. The Nederlandsche Betaal & Wisselmaatschappij (Dutch Payment & Exchange Company), located at Beursplein 5, is a proud sponsor of Dance4Life and participates in the Dance4Life FundRace. Dance4Life ambassador Kees Tol opens the Amsterdam exchange to highlight the FundRace.

Dance4Life is a charity that works together with young people to fight the risks of unsafe sex. Unsafe sex and sexual violence are the fastest growing health risks for young people worldwide. Together with young people, they want to take action against HIV / AIDS, unplanned pregnancies and sexual violence.

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11/12/2017 Successful acquisition GrandVision Amsterdam expand

GrandVision Benelux sounds the gong for successful acquisition

GrandVision Benelux, part of the Euronext Amsterdam listed GrandVision (ticker symbol: GVNV), celebrates the successful acquisition of with a sounding of the gong by CEO Leo van Welij.

With over 800 brick and mortar stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, the company consciously focuses on online expansion. The parent company of optical retail chains Pearle and Eye Wish is rapidly expanding its digital strategy with the acquisition of the online pure player, The addition of fits in with GrandVision Benelux’s integrated omni-channel strategy and strengthens its online position in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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08/12/2017 AFS Group joins LiquidShare Amsterdam expand

AFS sounds gong for participation in LiquidShare

Financial service provider AFS Group has acquired an interest in the Pan-European fintech initiative LiquidShare and sounds the gong on the Amsterdam exchange.

LiquidShare, set up by BNP Paribas, CACEIS, CDC, Euroclear, Euronext, S2IEM and Société Générale, is developing a blockchain based post-trade settlement infrastructure for listed small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) shares. Blue chips and bonds are added to this in a next phase.

With the financial support of AFS Group and the other shareholders, LiquidShare aims to create a solution that will ultimately structurally lower transaction costs.

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07/12/2017 Bert Douwes Award 2017 Amsterdam expand

Winners Bert Douwes Award 2017 visit the Amsterdam exchange

Fleur Deelman and Madelon Vos, winners of the Bert Douwes Award 2017, sound the gong to open the trading day at Beursplein 5.

They won the Bert Douwes thesis prize from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) with their thesis "The pool of greater fools. Research into the history and predictable value of economic bubbles ". The Bert Douwes Award is made possible by Euronext Amsterdam and Stichting Capital Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences offers students from all over the country the opportunity to deepen themselves in all aspects related to the financial markets and investments during a six month minor. Each participating student writes a thesis on a current financial topic after this period. The best thesis is rewarded with the Award which is named after the HvA teacher and founder of the minor who passed away in 2007.

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06/12/2017 IPO Advicenne Paris expand

Listing of Advicenne on Euronext 

Dr. Luc-André Granier, CEO and co-founder of Advicenne, open the trading day in Paris.

Advicenne specializes in the research and development of drugs for the treatment of neglected neurological and nephrological diseases, mostly among children.

06/12/2017 CIO of the Year 2017 Amsterdam expand

The CIO of the Year 2017 opens trading

Bouke Hoving, CIO at the Euronext Amsterdam listed KPN (ticker symbol: KPN), opens trading for winning the title of CIO of the Year 2017.

Under the guidance of the jury chairman, His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard van Oranje, Mr Bouke Hoving, CIO KPN, was chosen as CIO of the Year 2017 during CIODAY. The processes and criteria have been developed together with CIO Platform Nederland, CIO Magazine, The Boston Consulting Group and Linqhu.

CIODAY is the most important annual networking event for people at the top of the multi-billion IT market. This two-day event in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage brings together more than 500 CIOs, IT VPs and IT directors for inspiring world-class speakers, interactive sessions and networking opportunities.

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05/12/2017 Saint Nicholas Amsterdam expand

Saint Nicholas sounds the gong on Amsterdam exchange

Like previous years, Saint Nicholas visits Beursplein 5. As is tradition, he opens trading surrounded by his ambassadors.

Saint Nicholas’ Corps Diplomatique, founded last year, has again been expanded. Thanks to the efforts of the Corps, 28 social activities will be organized in Amsterdam for both children and the elderly around the Saint Nicholas period. Next to the festive entry of Saint Nicholas on 19 November, these activities make the Sint-festivities accessible to everyone. Next year, Saint Nicholas hopes to arrive in Amsterdam for the 80th time.   

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04/12/2017 Arcadis wins Betonprijs Amsterdam expand

Leiden’s new underground parking garage “Lammermarkt” recently won the Betonprijs (Concrete Prize). To celebrate this, Arcadis (ticker symbol: ARCAD), listed on Euronext Amsterdam and responsible for the technical management of the project, opens trading.

For two and a half years, Combinatie Parkeergarages Leiden Dura Vermeer-BESIX built this garage with great ingenuity. Mandy von Eckardstein carried out the total management of this project on behalf of Arcadis, together with the project manager, contract manager, environment manager and project management manager.

This deepest parking garage in the Netherlands is a technical masterpiece. The spiral, seven-story garage is 22.5 meters deep and offers 525 parking places. The construction of such a deep parking garage in an inner-city environment is a huge challenge, both logistically and technically.

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01/12/2017 ABN AMRO Health Impact Bond Amsterdam expand

ABN AMRO sounds gong for Health Impact Bond

ABN AMRO (ticker symbol: ABN) joins forces with a broad alliance of parties to support people with cancer with a successful return to work.

In collaboration with De Amersfoortse (part of Euronext-listed company a.s.r.), ArboNed, reintegration agency Re-turn and Start Foundation, ABN AMRO will assist in the reintegration of employees who have (had) cancer. Over the next 2 years, the 140 participants of the program will receive intensive guidance. The idea is that the participants keep moving, both physically, mentally and work related.

For the new approach, ABN AMRO has developed an innovative financing method, called the Health Impact Bond. The investors make funding available, bear the financial risk and are only paid out once the intended results have been achieved.

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30/11/2017 Oranje Handelsmissiefonds Amsterdam expand

Oranje Handelsmissiefonds winners open trading

The winners of the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds (Orange Trade Mission Fund) open the Amsterdam exchange by sounding the gong.

The Oranje Handelsmissiefonds was established 5 years ago by ING, KLM, MKB-Nederland and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to open doors in foreign markets.

Each year, ten companies win guidance and support from the five Oranje Handelsmissiefonds partners. This year of support has as its target to put the Netherlands on the map as an export country, and to help entrepreneurs with their export ambitions. This year’s ten winners will receive help in realizing their international ambitions during this fifth year of the fund.

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29/11/2017 COGEFI Prospective and Rendement Funds Paris expand

Gestion lists funds on Euronext Fund Service

Anne d'Anselme, COGEFI Gestion Deputy CEO, opens the trading day in Paris to celebrate the listing of the institutional shares of COGEFI Prospective (FR0010765719) and COGEFI Rendement (FR0010451369)

On Monday November 29th, COGEFI Gestion is listing two of its flagship funds on Euronext Fund Service Platform: COGEFI Prospective I and COGEFI Rendement I. This listing results from COGEFI Gestion's initiative to offer its fund management expertises in European Mid & Small Caps and Short Term Bonds to prospective investors either in France or abroad who are used to place their investments - such as stocks, bonds or ETFs - through their traditional and favorite brokers, directly on an exchange. More COGEFI Funds to come in the coming months on Euronext Fund Service.

29/11/2017 Evi van Lanschot Amsterdam expand

Evi van Lanschot wins Gouden Stier for best online asset management

Evi van Lanschot, part of Van Lanschot Kempen (ticker symbol: VLK) has been named the best online asset manager in the Netherlands for the second year in a row by the professional jury of the “Gouden Stier” (Golden Bull) award. To celebrate this, Evi opens the Amsterdam exchange with the traditional gong ceremony.

Evi is an online asset manager that makes investing accessible to everyone. Evi manages more than € 1.5 billion in assets in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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28/11/2017 UniCredit Certificates Championship Paris expand

UniCredit Certificates Championship winners ring Euronext market Bell

2017 edition of the UniCredit Certificates Championship allowed participants to virtually invest on UniCredit certificates linked to Euronext's Leverage Index. As a prize, winners were awarded with Champions League tickets.

UniCredit Certificates Championship is a virtual trading competition organized by UniCredit. It is accessible to investors who want to familiarize with Leverage investment in an innovative and practical way. For each of the 4 sessions held in October, a real trading day was replicated in 30 minutes. Through the online platform participants were able to invest using two UniCredit certificates on leverage indices calculated by Euronext. The 2017 edition has been supported by Bourse Direct, Trading Central, and TV Finance, with live comments coming directly from Euronext Paris market surveillance room. UniCredit is one of the main players in the European Warrants & Certificates market and provides on Euronext Paris a complete range of products: Turbos, Leverage / Short and Warrants as well as recently issued Stability Certificates.

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28/11/2017 Flow Traders Amsterdam expand

Exchange opened by Flow Traders

Flow Traders (ticker symbol: FLOW), listed on Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange, visits Beursplein 5 to highlight its developments in the field of FX market making. Robbert Sijbrandij, Head of FX, sounds the gong.

In its capacity as a leading global market maker in ETPs, Flow Traders has built up a great deal of experience in FX trading as part of its hedging strategies. As of today, the company is connected to FastMatch’s platform, and is therefore able to offer quotes in FX directly to investors. Flow Traders has the ambition to become a defining market maker in FX, this step fits into that development.

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28/11/2017 Bank of China Green bonds Paris expand

On the occasion of the 1st quotation on Euronext of Green bonds issued by Bank of China Group through its Paris Branch, M PHAN General Manager of BoC Paris Branch opens European trading day.

On November 15th, Bank of China Group, through its Paris Branch, has issued for the 1st time  Multi-tranches Green bonds on French market. Denominated in EUR, USD and RMB, these new issues with 3 and 5 years maturities were a real success and are now quoted on Euronext Access market. This event reinforce Paris as being an important place for green and responsible finance.

27/11/2017 Get in the Ring Awards Amsterdam expand

Winners Get in the Ring Awards sound the gong

Recently, more than 250 innovative startups from all over the Netherlands came to Rotterdam for Get in the Ring. The day was closed by the award show where 6 startups took the stage to get maximum visibility and connect with a big audience. The winning startups of the Get in the Ring Awards 2017 sound the gong on Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange.

The winning startups Kozie, LABFRESH and Convious received a ticket to the Global Meetup of Get in the Ring. Get in the Ring the Netherlands was organized by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE), supported by the City of Rotterdam and EY, and part of a worldwide network of the Get in the Ring Foundation. Annually 150 events in 100 countries are organized and of which the winning startups of all these events worldwide will meet in Cascais, Portugal, from 30 May to 1 June, during the Global Meetup.

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24/11/2017 KAS BANK KAS Lab Amsterdam expand

KAS BANK starts KAS Lab

The Amsterdam exchange is opened by the KAS Lab. Otto Hulst, Innovation Lead of KAS Lab sounds the gong. KAS Lab is a meeting place and testing ground where innovative ideas are thought out. Internal and external innovators work together to turn an innovative idea into an innovative solution.

"The establishment of KAS Lab is part of our strategic priorities and enables us to better respond to current changes in the financial sector," says Sikko van Katwijk, Chairman of Management Board at KAS BANK.

Otto Hulst, KAS Lab's Innovation Lead: "KAS Lab offers many opportunities to explore all sorts of ideas, ripe and green, in a creative way and develop them further. Thanks to the close cooperation of internal specialists, external innovators and customers, an innovative solution can be developed quickly and the success ratio is increased. "

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23/11/2017 DEGIRO wins Golden Bull Amsterdam expand

DEGIRO sounds gong after winning Gouden Stier

DEGIRO opens trading for winning their second “Gouden Stier” (Golden Bull) award. Bart Korteweg, Head of Prof. Services, sounds the gong.

According to the expert jury, DEGIRO is the best choice for the average investor. DEGIRO won the award, partly because price information at DEGIRO is free, while investors pay for it at other brokers. DEGIRO also has an advantage in terms of currency costs. Because costs make a substantial difference for investors, the professional jury chooses DEGIRO as winner.

DEGIRO, an online investment platform and broker, was established in 2008. DEGIRO enables business and private clients to invest globally at unprecedentedly low rates. In the coming years, DEGIRO wants to become the largest online broker in Europe measured in number of transactions. DEGIRO is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

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22/11/2017 ACTIAM Amsterdam expand

ACTIAM further expands range of funds

Fund and asset manager ACTIAM sounds the gong after announcing they will be continuing the successful SNS funds under its own brand name. In addition, the asset manager will further expand its range of ACTIAM funds for private investors. The responsible funds have a competitive cost structure and a solid performance track record.

Placing the SNS funds under ACTIAM Beleggingsfondsen N.V. and then offering them under the ACTIAM brand name is in line with ACTIAM’s strategy. Bart Mantje, Head of Sales and Account Management at ACTIAM: “Our strategy is increasingly geared to offering investment funds to private investors under our own brand name. The core elements here are a simple, well-organized range of funds for investors, a long-term performance track record and added value in terms of responsible management. We’re happy that we’ll soon be able to include these responsible funds in our line-up.”

ACTIAM is the leading responsible fund and asset manager for more than one million people in the Netherlands, with 54.1 billion euros in assets under management as at the end of June 2017. ACTIAM offers a full range of investment funds and investment solutions –from index funds to impact investing. ACTIAM sets stringent requirements for its investments and applies a strict, careful selection process, without making concessions as far as financial returns are concerned. ACTIAM is at the forefront here, giving it an edge which it continuously works to maintain.

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21/11/2017 Qredits Amsterdam expand

Qredits opens the Amsterdam exchange

The entrepreneurs who receive Qredits's 10,000th credit open the trading day at Euronext’s  Amsterdam exchange. They do this accompanied by, amongst others, Klaas Knot, president of DNB.

Since its establishment in 2009, Qredits Microfinance has made name for itself in the financing world. Qredits helps entrepreneurs to successfully start and invest in their business. The organization provides credits up to € 250,000, and offers coaching and convenient online tools. Everything to help the entrepreneur with their entrepreneurship.

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20/11/2017 BlackRock Amsterdam expand

BlackRock sounds the gong for reimagining retirement

Bruce Wolfe, Executive Director of the BlackRock Retirement Institute, opens the trading day at Euronext Amsterdam by sounding the gong. He is accompanied by Michael Hodin, CEO of the Global Coalition on Ageing (GCOA) and Monique Donders, Country Manager for BlackRock in the Netherlands.

To raise awareness for the retirement challenge and institute positive change, the BlackRock Retirement Institute (BRI) is organizing a discussion on retirement and longevity with its partner, The Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA).

As the biggest manager for retirement assets in the world, BlackRock has come to view longevity and the related aging of our population as one of the most massive and profound trends shaping our social, economic and individual lives. In response, the BRI was launched in 2016 as a global thought leadership platform on retirement and longevity, dedicated to working with partners across society to develop solutions that will enable improvements both to retirement systems and individual saving’s behavior.

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17/11/2017 Day of the Entrepreneur Amsterdam expand

Sounding the gong for the Day of the Entrepreneur

The gong sounds for the Day of the Entrepreneur. MKB Nederland organizes this theme day together with INretail and other branches. INretail member and initiator of the lifestyle and coffee store ‘Hartje Oost’ sounds the gong.

17 November, is the Day of the Entrepreneur. MKB-Nederland, the initiator of this day, finds that entrepreneurs deserve respect for their commitment and feels that attention must be paid to the importance of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. The Day of the Entrepreneur is the start of a tradition for celebrating entrepreneurship.

INretail stimulates innovation in retail and presents its newest study ‘Retail towards 2030’ on the 20th of November. Once the results are published, the new SME device will be; learn today, do tomorrow.

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16/11/2017 Royal Dutch Mint Amsterdam expand

Royal Dutch Mint celebrates 450th anniversary

The Royal Dutch Mint (“Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt”) celebrates its 450th anniversary in 2017; coins have been struck in Utrecht since 1567. Mint master Stephan Satijn sounds the gong to celebrate this. 

The Royal Dutch Mint is the only producer of Dutch euro coins and combines 450 years of tradition with a focus on innovation. The organization leads the world when it comes to high value coins and other minted products. Innovative developments such as the laser and 3D technics make it possible to work with QR codes and micro texts on coins.

The Royal Dutch Mint belongs to the worldwide top 5 producers of circulation coins, commemorative medals, tokens and collector’s items. In addition, Royal Decorations are also produced by the Royal Dutch Mint.

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15/11/2017 30th edition IDFA Amsterdam expand

Opening of the 30th edition of IDFA with main sponsor InsingerGilissen

Peter Sieradzki, CEO InsingerGilissen, and IDFA festival director Cees van 't Hullenaar open the trading day for the start of the world's largest documentary film festival.

InsingerGilissen is a private bank that focuses on wealthy individuals and families, foundations, associations and institutional parties. InsingerGilissen offers private clients, in addition to independent asset management and investment advice, a wide range of private banking and wealth management products and services. The bank also provides specific services to independent asset managers.

During IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), the newly merged InsingerGilissen, presents itself as its main sponsor for the first time. During the festival, more than 280,000 visitors watch around 300 different documentaries. The annual festival starts on Wednesday November 15th and ends on November 26th. IDFA plays an important role in both the Dutch and international cultural landscape.

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14/11/2017 Reinet Investments S.C.A. Amsterdam expand

Euronext Amsterdam welcomes Reinet Investments S.C.A.

Reinet Investments S.C.A. (ticker symbol: REINA) a Luxembourg-based investment vehicle, starts trading on Euronext Amsterdam. Wilhelm van Zyl, CEO of Reinet Investments, sounds the gong to celebrate the listing.

Reinet Investments allows its shareholders to participate indirectly in the portfolio of assets held by its wholly-owned subsidiary Reinet Fund S.C.A., F.I.S. (“Reinet Fund”), a closed-ended specialized investment fund established in Luxembourg.

The investment strategy of Reinet Fund is built on the principle of taking a long term view of investment opportunities. Its goal is to invest its assets for long-term growth, directly or through selected partners, in a wide range of underlying assets, seeking investment opportunities where it can add value.

Euronext Amsterdam is broadly recognized for its diverse and international investor base and this new listing will provide Reinet Investments with increased access to European-based investors and will broaden its shareholder base.

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13/11/2017 CSR Manager of the Year Amsterdam expand

CSR Manager of the Year sounds the gong

Tanja Roeleveld, Program Manager Sustainable & Engaged Business at Landal GreenParks, has been elected CSR Manager of the Year 2017 and sounds the gong on this occasion.

The CSR Manager of the Year election is organized since 2012 by CSR consultancy firm Sustainalize and Moonen Packaging. The purpose of the election is to recognize the extra efforts and results of qualified CSR managers.

Roeleveld was recently elected CSR Manager of the Year 2017 at the Dutch National Sustainability Congress. A jury had previously nominated three people for this title. Besides Tanja, Niels van Geenhuizen, Program Manager Sustainability at Arcadis, and Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development at Interface, were nominated.

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10/11/2017 Investor Week Amsterdam expand

Week van de Belegger kicks off by sounding the gong

TRIPLE i sounds the gong in honor of the ‘Week van de Belegger’ (Week of the Investor) and the Beleggersfair (Investors fair).

During the Week van de Belegger (10 until 17 November) answers are given to the rising demand of knowledge and information concerning personal finance. This will be done with activities throughout the country, inspiring programs and meetings. The focus is on education and information. The Week van de Belegger closes on Friday 17 November with the BeleggersFair 2017 in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

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09/11/2017 30th listing anniversary Vastned Amsterdam expand

Vastned celebrates 30-year listing on the Amsterdam exchange

On 9 November it is exactly 30 years ago that Vastned (ticker symbol: VASTN) listed to Euronext Amsterdam. To celebrate this, CEO Taco de Groot sounds the gong and opens the trading day.

Vastned is a listed European retail property company with a focus on ‘Venues for Premium Shopping’. Vastned invests in selected cities in Europe with a clear focus on the best retail property in the most popular shopping streets. Vastned's tenants are strong and leading international and national retail brands. 

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08/11/2017 RTL Z Beursspel Amsterdam expand

RTL Z Beursspel kicks off by sounding the gong

From 6 November to 22 December, players can learn to invest. With a fictional amount of 100,000 euros, the game is designed to help people get acquainted with investment. Every Thursday, the TV channel airs a live report of the game at 10:45 featuring experts. Presenter Janneke Willemse sounds the gong for the start of the RTL Z Beursspel.

The player who achieves the highest return after six weeks wins a wholly-payed trip to New York, including a visit to Wall Street. Two tickets to the Rijksmuseum are the prize for the best performing player of that week. The final of the RTL Z Beursspel is Friday 22.

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07/11/2017 Eurocommercial Properties Amsterdam expand

Eurocommercial Properties sounds the gong

Jeremy Lewis, CEO of Eurocommercial Properties (ticker symbol: ECMPA), opens the trading day at Euronext Amsterdam by sounding the gong. He is accompanied by members of Eurocommercial Properties’ Supervisory Board and its Executive Board.

Eurocommercial, headquartered in Amsterdam, is one of Europe's most experienced investors in retail real estate. The company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016 and since inception it has grown its asset base to over €3.8 billion, generating consistently rising dividends.

At the Annual General Meeting, which will take place after the gong ceremony, the company will present its full year results for the 2016/17 financial year, which included a 3.7% increase in earnings; 8% growth in asset value and a proposed dividend of €2.10 per depositary receipt.

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06/11/2017 Lyxor Gender Equality ETF Paris expand

Lyxor launched Europe’s first gender equality ETF

Clarisse Djabbari, Deputy Head of Lyxor ETF & indexing, opens the trading day in Paris to celebrate the launch of the Lyxor Gender Equality ETF.

On Monday 6th November, Lyxor launched Europe’s first gender equality ETF as sustainable investing accelerates. Developed with Equileap, an organisation set up to accelerate progress towards gender equality in the workplace, and Solactive, an innovative index provider, Lyxor’s new ETF focuses on companies leading the field for gender equality, one of the top 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals investors are focusing on according to PRI and ShareAction.

06/11/2017 DAM Award 2017 Amsterdam expand

Opening trading day for DAM Award 2017

Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange is opened by the nominees and organization of the DAM Award 2017.

The DAM Award is the award for Amsterdam's most sustainable entrepreneur and honors long-term sustainable entrepreneurs. They are an example for other entrepreneurs and residents, by showing how you work together for a future-proof city. One entrepreneur is nominated for each city’s district: DGTL (East), DOOR Architecten (New West), LENS Energie (South), Metabolic (North), Plastic Whale (West), Vandebron (Center).

The public voting, counting for 40 percent, is open until 21 November. The other 60 percent is determined by the jury on the evening of the award ceremony on 22 November. The winner will receive prize money and a publicity campaign for the company.

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03/11/2017 20th listing anniversary Hydratec Amsterdam expand

Hydratec sounds gong for 20-years listed anniversary

This year, Hydratec Industries (ticker symbol: HYDRA) celebrates its 20-years listed anniversary on Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange. On this occasion, Bart Aangenendt, CEO Hydratec, opens the trading day by sounding the gong.

Hydratec Industries is a globally operating specialist in industrial systems and components with a focus on the Agri & Food, Automotive and Health Tech markets. Due to the growing world population and increasing prosperity, the Hydratec companies are well positioned.

The organization has two core activities with each two companies. Agri and Food sector (Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies and Lan Handling Technologies) and the  Plastic Components sector (Timmerije and Helvoet Rubber & Plastics Technologies).

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02/11/2017 Accenture Innovation Awards Amsterdam expand

Winner Accenture Innovation Awards opens the Amsterdamse exchange

The ‘Financial Services Reinvented ‘ winner of at the Accenture Innovation Awards opens the trading day at Euronext Amsterdam.

New technologies are rapidly disrupting traditional business models in the financial sector. The finalists in the Financial Services Reinvented theme have all shown the Accenture Innovation Award’s jury that they are able to use new technologies to their advantage.

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01/11/2017 North-Holland SME-awards Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for North-Holland SME-awards

The organization of the North-Holland SME-awards (Ondernemingsverkiezing Noord-Holland/ OVNH)  sounds the gong for the start of the sign up period for the year 2017-2018.

OVNH is an established concept in the entrepreneurial sector. After the preliminary round with hundreds of nominated companies, the esteem is big for the finalists. The number of nominated companies continues to grow. More and more North-Holland companies see the OVNH as a chance to stand out.

Registration for the twelfth edition of the OVNH starts 1 November. The title of ‘Best Company of North Holland’ will be awarded in different categories during a spectacular final on 16 May 2018.

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31/10/2017 Pension3Days Amsterdam expand

Pension3Days kicks off by sounding the gong

Money Wise (Wijzer in Geldzaken) sounds the gong, together with other participating parties for the seventh edition of the Pension3Days.

The purpose of this three-day fair is to promote financial resilience at a later age. In this context, Money Wise developed the “What should I do for my retirement?” tool. This enables people to make an assessment of their financial situation later in life. The pensioen3daagse includes pension consultations and awareness in the workplace. Insurers, banks and financial advisors also open their branches to people with retirement questions.

Participants in the Pension3Days include the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), Pension Federation, the Dutch Ministry of Finance, the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Adfiz, FFP, The Dutch Central Bank, Nibud, several banks, pension funds and insurers, trade unions, and many others.

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30/10/2017 IPO Theranexus Paris expand

Listing of Theranexus on Euronext Growth

Franck Mouthon and Mathieu Charvériat, founders of Theranexus, open the trading day in Paris

Theranexus is an innovative biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of therapeutic products for the treatment of central nervous system diseases. Theranexus now has one product (THN102; a drug candidate combining a modulator of neuronal activity with a glial connexin modulator for the treatment of narcolepsy, a rare neurological disease) in Phase II clinical trial.

30/10/2017 Startupbootcamp Amsterdam expand

Startupbootcamp sounds the gong

Startupbootcamp opens the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange for the kickoff of the Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity program.

Out of more than 500 applications, 21 startups in FinTech & CyberSecurity were invited to present their ideas to more than 140 mentors and partners. Out of this group 11 startups were selected to join the 2018 program.

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused accelerator programs. With more than 20 programs in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa, selected startups gain access to an international network of mentors, partners and investors. Up to date, Startupbootcamp accelerated 507 startups globally.

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27/10/2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Amsterdam expand

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 winner SendCloud sounds the gong

SendCloud, a company from Eindhoven, has been ranked number one in the Technology Fast 50 ranking 2017. With a sales growth of 5463% over the last four years, the company is at the top of the list of the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands. SendCloud has developed a tool that allows web shops to automate the entire shipping and return process, saving time and costs. Rob van den Heuvel, CEO of SendCloud, opens the trading day by sounding the gong.

Deloitte organizes the Technology Fast 50 together with its partners ABN AMRO, Euronext, Kennedy van der Laan, Oracle NetSuite and Vitruvian. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is an election of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands. The annual program identifies which technology company has grown the fastest, in terms of percentage, over the last year in the Netherlands. The Fast 50 participants are the top entrepreneurs of the future who think quickly and play a leading role in their field. Annually, a Rising Star award is also awarded for emerging innovative companies younger than 4 years. In 2017, this prize was awarded to Camptoo.

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26/10/2017 10th Listing anniversary Nyrstar Brussels expand

10th Listing anniversary Nyrstar

Euronext had the pleasure to welcome Hilmar Rode, CEO of Nyrstar, to celebrate the 10th listing anniversary of the company. Therefore Mr Rode opened the trading day in Brussels in the presence of Mr Chris Eger, CFO and Virginie Lietaer, Company Secretary.

Nyrstar is an integrated mining and metals business with market leading positions in zinc and lead, and growing positions in other base and precious metals.

Nyrstar is listed at Euronext Brussels with trading symbol: NYR.

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26/10/2017 Kickstart Food Amsterdam expand

Rabobank sounds gong for global launch Kickstart Food

Rabobank recently announced its global activation program, ‘Kickstart Food’, to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food supply. Jacqueline Pieters, Global Head Banking For Food Inspiration Centre, sounds the gong.

One of the first steps in this program will be the launch of a one billion dollar facility to initiate land restoration and forest protection initiatives. The facility is being launched in partnership with UN Environment. It marks the start of a three-year initiative to kick-start and scale up Rabobank’s support for clients and partners in the transition to a more sustainable food and agricultural sector. The Kickstart Food initiative has four key focus areas: Earth, Waste, Stability and Nutrition.

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25/10/2017 Nuon Solar Team Amsterdam expand

Nuon Solar Team opens trading day in celebration of seventh world title solar racing

The Nuon Solar Team opens the trading day at Euronext Amsterdam in celebration of their victory at the world championship solar car racing in Australia. With this occasion they, moreover, herald the start of a new year. One in which they will work towards another race and, more than ever, focus on high-tech innovations.

The Dutch teams lead on the looming competition was becoming increasingly smaller for the last couple of years. However, this year, the Nuon Solar Team has left their competitors from prestigious universities, such as Tokai (Japan), Michigan (U.S.A.) and Cambridge (U.K.) far behind. The radically improved design of their solar car Nuna9 and their strategy have enabled the students of Delft University of Technology to drive full speed despite cloudy weather. 

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24/10/2017 Philips Lighting Amsterdam expand

Philips Lighting sounds gong for Philips Hue campaign

Philips Lighting (ticker symbol: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, sounds the gong for their new #smarthome campaign.

Recently, Philips Lighting launched a campaign in which the company shows how Philips Lighting influences consumers’ lives with ‘the most connected light in the world’. Philips Hue, the personal wireless lighting system that allows light to be easily operated and creates the right atmosphere for any moment, is more than just light and it's helping to make the #smarthome a reality.

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23/10/2017 Dutch Design Week Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for Dutch Design Week with main sponsor ABN AMRO

Martijn Paulen, director of the Dutch Design Foundation and organizer of Dutch Design Week, opens the stock exchange with his colleagues and Ilona Roolvink, sponsor manager ABN AMRO. By sounding the gong they want to draw attention to the annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) which takes place in Eindhoven this week, and also highlighting that ABN AMRO prolongs their main sponsorship with DDW through 2019.

DDW is the largest design event in Northern Europe. DDW presents works and concepts of over 2600 designers to 300,000 national and international visitors. Spread across hundreds of locations throughout the city, DDW organizes and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, prizes, networking, debates and festivals. DDW distinguishes itself from other design events by focusing on future designs. While the event covers all imaginable disciplines and aspects of design, emphasis is placed on experiment, renewal and cross-overs. Special attention is paid to work and development of young talent annually.

ABN AMRO (ticker symbol: ABN) is also main sponsor of DDW for the next three editions. With the extension of the sponsorship until 2019, the bank commits itself to the organization of Driving Dutch Design, a special talent program for young designers.

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20/10/2017 Nyenrode Business University Amsterdam expand

Nyenrode celebrates expansion to Amsterdam by sounding gong

Students of Nyenrode Business Universiteit open the Amsterdam exchange for the university’s expansion to Amsterdam.

As of September 2017, the first full time MBA students began their education at Nyenrode’s Amsterdam campus. Next year, the seperate full-time Master of Science in Management track will kick off at the Keizersgracht location.

Nyenrode is a private university, founded in 1946 by and for business and with an international orientation. The university is working on a sustainable future by encouraging students and participants to become responsible leaders. This is done by providing intensive academic programs, and short and longer programs in the fields of business, management, accountancy, controlling and fiscal law.

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20/10/2017 IPO SMCP Paris expand

SMCP lists on Euronext

19/10/2017 - Retailer of the Year Amsterdam expand wins Retailer of the Year awards, part of Euronext listed Ahold Delhaize (ticker symbol: AD), has won two prizes during the yearly the ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year awards and sounds the gong at the Amsterdam exchange. has been elected as best webshop of the Netherlands in the categories Books and Music, movies & games.

This year, over 260,000 Dutch consumers have rated more than 450 retailers for the ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year awards. Consumers have rated their favorite retailers on aspects related to price, service and assortment.

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18/10/2017 Market Wizards Amsterdam expand

Market Wizards sounds the gong

Market Wizards sounds the gong with an eye on the future and MiFID II. Market Wizards is keen to enter into partnerships with trading companies that want to focus on trading but at the same time, want to ensure that business is compliant with what MiFID II demands.

Established in 1999, Market Wizards, located at Beursplein 5, is a Dutch proprietary trading firm engaging in day trading, market making, high-frequency trading and electronic execution. The firm operates two sophisticated dealing rooms in the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Den Bosch. Market Wizards has also expanded its management, since 1 October 2017.

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17/10/2017 Ebbinge Investment Program Amsterdam expand

Ebbinge Investment Program opens trading

For the kick-off of the Ebbinge Investment Program 2017-2018, Ebbinge opens Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange.

The third edition of Ebbinge's Investment Program started recently with a career event involving students and private equity parties. This initiative allows a selected group of around 50 top students to meet the world of private equity and leading private equity houses during a college year.

Ebbinge has been a consultancy firm in the field of Search, Interim and Advice for over 30 years. With offices in Amsterdam and Brussels, it is focused on the strengthening and development of people and teams in management, senior management and supervisory positions in the enterprising industry and public sector.

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16/10/2017 IPO Adeunis Paris expand

Listing of Adeunis on Euronext Growth

Listing of Adeunis on Euronext Growth

Pascal Saguin , CEO of Adeunis,opens the trading day in Paris.

Adeunis specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of connected objects and Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M)-based radio frequency transmission solutions for use in sectors including smart building, remote energy data management, industrial optimization, connected agriculture, transport, infrastructure, sport, services, etc. Also, the group designs and develops customized radio solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers. The group's activity is organized around 3 families of products:

  • long-range radiofrequency transmission modules;
  • ready-to-use wireless transmission systems: radio modems, radio frame transmitters and receivers, wireless communication gateways, telemetry systems, data retrieval systems, radio temperature transmitters, remote controls, etc.;
  • wireless communication systems: audio conferencing systems and portable radio terminals for secure and confidential communications in noisy or harsh environments, sold under Vokkero brand.
16/10/2017 Options trading ABN AMRO Amsterdam expand

Sounding of gong for return Options trading ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO (ticker symbol: ABN) opens the trading day at Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange. They do this for the return of Options trading ABN AMRO to Euronext.

"Operations Securities is responsible for processing all securities transactions for the Retail and Private Banking customers of ABN AMRO", says Ria Soedhoe, Director Operations Securities at ABN AMRO. "It is a flourishing business, especially since ABN AMRO  introduced the easy to use and customer friendly mobile banking app. The transformation of our old securities platform has been completed, allowing us to return the business to Euronext. We are very excited to be  back after three years. Euronext is a solid and professional organisation that offers the stability and continuity of services we require to offer our clients excellent trading services now and in the future. "

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13/10/2017 Icade's first Green Bond Paris expand

Icade's first Green Bond

Olivier Wigniolle, CEO of Icade, and Victoire Aubry, CFO, celebrate the launch of their first Green Bond.

As an investor and a developer, Icade is an integrated real estate player which designs innovative real estate products and services adapted to new urban lifestyles and habits. By placing corporate social responsibility and innovation at the core of its strategy, Icade is closely involved with stakeholders and users in the cities— local authorities and communities, companies and employees, institutions and associations… As a commercial and healthcare property investor (portfolio value of €9.9bn as of 06/30/17) and as a property developer (2016 economic revenues of €1,005m), Icade is able to reinvent the real estate business and foster the emergence of tomorrow’s greener, smarter and more responsible cities. Icade is a significant player in the Greater Paris area and major French cities. Icade is listed on Euronext Paris as a French Listed Real Estate Investment Company (SIIC). Its leading shareholder is the Caisse des dépôts Group.

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13/10/2017 IPO Biom'up Paris expand

Listing of Biom'up on Euronext

Etienne Binant, Chief Executive, Biom'up, opens the trading day in Paris.

Biom'up specializes in research, development and manufacturing of implantable and resorbable collagen-based medical devices for surgery and regenerative medicine. The group especially offers haemostatic products that help control bleeding during surgery (Hemoblast) and collagen membranes that prevent organ adherence during surgery (Cova).


13/10/2017 70th listing anniversary Nedap Amsterdam expand

Nedap celebrates its 70-year listing by sounding the gong

This year, Nedap has been listed to Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange (symbol: NEDAP) for 70 years. To celebrate this, the technology concern opens the trading day at the Amsterdam stock exchange with the traditional gong ceremony.

Founded in 1929, the Dutch Appliances Factory "Nedap" has been listed on the exchange since 1947. Today, Nedap supplies technology for various sectors such as healthcare, security management and retail. Nedap therefore believes that technology can make a significant contribution to solving major issues in these, and many other sectors.

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12/10/2017 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Amsterdam expand

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2017

Michiel Muller has been awarded the EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2017 and therefore sounds the gong together with his colleagues  and opens the trading day at Beursplein.

Muller, co-founder of online supermarket Picnic, received the award from the jury chairman Jan Kees de Jager, CFO at KPN. The jury calls Muller an entrepreneur who shows that a changing world offers opportunities, especially in sectors where major players traditionally dominate. This entrepreneur has convinced and inspired the jury with his vision, courage and perseverance.

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award has been awarded in over sixty countries for over 30 years. The award is intended to put entrepreneurship on a pedestal and encourage and support entrepreneurs to get the best out of themselves, their clients and their employees. Tijn van Elderen, CEO of Brabantia has been crowned the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 by EY. The oeuvre award for family companies was awarded to Agio's Wintermans family.

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11/10/2017 International Day of the Girl Amsterdam expand

Gong is sounded for International Day of the Girl

AkzoNobel and Plan Netherlands open the trading day for International Day of the Girl. 22-year-old Dunya Veenhof sounds the gong.

On Day of the Girl, five hundred girls in 60 countries take over the role of a politician or director of a company for one day. Takeovers on International Day of the Girl, like a girl stepping into the role of mayor of Paris, illustrate what girls can achieve and the positive economic contributions they can make – if they get a fair chance.

Through the Human Cities Initiative, AkzoNobel has been active for years in adding color to the world and creating an inspirational place for everyone. As part of that effort, Plan Netherlands and AkzoNobel have been working together for more than 20 years to create better living conditions for children and young people in developing countries. This strategic partnership emphasizes helping disadvantaged youth through targeted vocational education programs to access labor markets.

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10/10/2017 Brainport Monitor Amsterdam expand

Brainport Eindhoven sounds the gong for the Brainport Monitor

By sounding the gong chairman of the Brainport Foundation and mayor of Eindhoven, John Jorritsma celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the Brainport Monitor together with (former) employees of Brainport Development.

The Brainport Monitor is an analysis of the economic and innovative strength of Brainport Eindhoven. The monitor provides over 30 statistics, ranging from subjects such as business, export, and jobs. All backgrounds and knowledge about the progress, innovative performance and changed competitive position of Brainport Eindhoven are featured in the Brainport Monitor.

John Jorritsma, Mayor of Eindhoven and Chairman of the Brainport Foundation launches the tenth edition of the Brainport Monitor during a festive anniversary gathering.

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09/10/2017 Robeco ONE Amsterdam expand

Robeco opens trading day for Robeco ONE

Robeco celebrates Robeco ONE’s fifth anniversary by opening the Amsterdam exchange.

Robeco ONE is the successful all-in-one investment proposition for private investors. It has grown to around 30,000 customers since its launch in 2012. The managed assets increased to almost 1 billion euros in five years. The underlying aim of introducing Robeco ONE in 2012 to make investing accessible and approachable for everyone has been a success. The three variants of Robeco ONE (defensive, neutral and offensive) give investors access to all of Robeco's know-how, fund managers and advanced investment strategies. At launch, Robeco ONE was the first low-threshold total solution and set the market in motion.  

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06/10/2017 CFF Communications Amsterdam expand

Citigate First Financial changes name to CFF Communications

Communication agency Citigate First Financial changed its name to CFF Communications. To celebrate its renaming and 25th anniversary, CFF Communications will sound the gong to open trading at the Amsterdam stock exchange.

CFF Communications started 25 years ago as a financial communications and investor relations bureau. CFF Communications now supports customers in all aspects of corporate communication. Uneke Dekkers, Managing Director: “Over the past few years, we have significantly expanded our proposition to clients. Now, it is time our name better reflects the increased scope of services. Our 25th anniversary is the perfect moment to change our name to CFF Communications. This new name not only refers back to our origins but also represents the broad corporate communications role we now fulfil for our clients.

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05/10/2017 10th listing anniversary Fagron Amsterdam expand

Fagron celebrates 10-year listing anniversary

Fagron N.V. (ticker symbol: FAGR) celebrates its 10-year listing anniversary with the sounding of the gong by CEO Hans Stols.

Fagron has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext Brussels since 5 October 2007. With the completion of the sale of its dental and medical divisions in 2014, and the sale of the software division in 2015, Fagron has been transformed into a leading company active in pharmaceutical preparations.

Fagron focuses on providing personalized care to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and patients in its core markets Europe, North America and South America.

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04/10/2017 Top Woman of the Year 2017 Amsterdam expand

Top Woman of the Year 2017 Ingrid de Graaf sounds the gong

Ingrid de Graaf, member of the board of Aegon (ticker symbol: AGN), has been named Top Woman of the Year 2017 and celebrates by sounding the gong.

According to the jury under the direction of Pamela Bouwmeester, De Graaf emphasizes the significance of her role in management in society and acts as someone who connects people: "She not only wants to build bridges between men and women, but also between different cultures". The jury also states that De Gaaf "as a role model can be an inspirational example for young women and men."

During the celebration ceremony, the Young Talent 2017 was also announced. The Young Talent Award is an encouragement award for female talent up to the age of 31 years, and was awarded to Disa Jironet, prosecutor in training at the Public Prosecution Service.

The annual election is held by the Stichting Topvrouw van het Jaar, which aims to give female talent the attention it deserves.

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04/10/2017 Launch book on Belgian listed real estate Brussels expand

Opening bell ceremony with analyst Gert De Mesure to celebrate the launch of his book on Belgian listed real estate: “GVV’s van A tot X: Beleggen in beursgenoteerd vastgoed”

Ascencio, Montea, Wereldhave, QRF, Befimmo and Home Invest Belgium were our guest at the event.

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03/10/2017 Innovation Exchange Amsterdam Amsterdam expand

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam opens new Amsterdam Venture Studios

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) opens the exchange at Euronext for the opening of the new Amsterdam Venture Studios.

On Friday 29 September, the Amsterdam Venture Studios were officially opened by Constantijn van Oranje and Alderman Kajsa Ollongren. From now on, students and alumni from the five Amsterdam knowledge institutions can benefit from additional support when starting their own business and increase the success of their startup.

IXA is a collaboration between the Technology Transfer Offices of five Amsterdam knowledge institutes: Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam (UvA), Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), VU University Amsterdam, and VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc). As the expert interface between the Amsterdam academic institutes, IXA helps researchers to create social and economic impacts of their work and supports them in navigating in the academic landscape.

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02/10/2017 BelIR 25th Birthday Event Brussels expand

Founded in 1992, the Belgian Investor Relation Association (BIRA) has gradually expanded its membership and concluded in 2000 a Cooperation Agreement with the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB). Since then, BIRA has continued to vigorously support investor relations as a discipline and its best practices. Recently BIRA has embarked on a new ambitious project to strengthen its role on a national, European and international level. Therefore BIRA has become BelIR. To mark this occasion and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, BelIR Board members rang the Closing Bell at Euronext Brussels together with their president Wim Allegaert.

Guy Lerminiaux, Asset Manager at Degroof Petercam was keynote speaker.

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02/10/2017 Transfer of M2i to Euronext Growth Paris expand

Transfer of M2i to Euronext Growth

George Seban, CEO M2i, closes the European trading day in Paris

M2i (Maison Internationale de l'Informatique) specializes in professional training services for the computer science, office automation, multimedia and management sectors. The group runs more than 2,000 internship programs in 35 centers in France.

02/10/2017 VBDO Amsterdam expand

VBDO sounds the gong for sustainable investments

The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) opens the exchange to mark the 11th edition of the Benchmark Pension Funds.

In this study, the top 50 Dutch pension funds are being reviewed on how they perform in the field of sustainable investments. This year, the trend towards increasingly responsible portfolios has increased once again. Pension funds are considering environmental and social criteria more and more when reviewing their investment analysis.

The VBDO encourages Dutch pension funds to accelerate this trend, since activities to combat climate change are becoming more urgent every day. The best achieving pension funds in the field of sustainable investments are Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn, Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds, BPL Pensioen, Bedrijfstak Pensioenfonds voor de Bouwnijverheid and Pensioenfonds voor Woningcorporaties.

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29/09/2017 Amsterdam Capital Week Amsterdam expand

Amsterdam Capital Week ends the week with TEDxAmsterdamWomen

The gong at the Amsterdam Exchange sounds for female entrepreneurship: TEDxAmsterdamWomen and Amsterdam Capital Week sounding the gong to celebrate the third edition of Amsterdam Capital Week 2017 and the success of female entrepreneurship.

Amsterdam Capital Week hosted more than 20 events in Amsterdam this year, bringing together both national and international startups and scale-ups with investors. This year, around 500 investors from around the world were present at Amsterdam Capital Week, plus 3000 startups in various investment phases. The encouragement of female entrepreneurship is once again a recurring theme that, in collaboration with TEDxAmsterdamWomen, will get a stage this year. Among the attendees are the three finalists who represent their startup on November 2, 2017, at TEDxAmsterdamWomen.

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28/09/2017 Albert Heijn Foundation Amsterdam expand

10-Year old Albert Heijn Foundation opens the trading day

Euronext’s Amsterdam stock exchange is opened by the AH Foundation, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month. Chairman Cees van Vliet, director of stores and logistics of Albert Heijn, sounds the gong together with colleagues and employees.

The AH Foundation is collaborating with the ICCO development organization. Together they develop programs for employees of suppliers in Africa, in the fields of education, housing and healthcare. This year, the AH Foundation will expand to South America.

Over the last ten years, over 30,000 children and adults in ten different African countries have enjoyed education through the AH Foundation. Together with suppliers, investments were made in new schools, resource centers and lesson programs. For example, 29 schools were built or renovated through the sale of fresh fruit salads from Ghana.

Albert Heijn is part of the Euronext listed Ahold Delhaize (ticker symbol: AD).

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27/09/2017 “Invest in Bountiful Indonesia” Conference Brussels expand

Euronext was delighted to welcome in its premises the attendees of the “Invest in Bountiful Indonesia” conference on 27 September 2017. This panel discussion hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, in cooperation with Euronext Brussels, featured the President Director of the Indonesian Stock Exchange, Mr. Tito Sulistio, as guest speaker, as well as H.E. Yuri Thamrin, Ambassador of Indonesia in Belgium. This gathering allowed participants to exchange views on recent economic developments in Indonesia, to gain insight on the Indonesia’s business climate, the Indonesia’s Stock Exchange and capital market potentials.

27/09/2017 SME Innovation Top 100 Amsterdam expand

MKB Innovation Top-100 winner Greentom

The Maastrichtian Greentom sounds the gong for winning the 12th edition of the MKB Innovation Top 100.

This year, the Chamber of Commerce organized the SME Innovation Top 100 for the 12th time. Greentom, the world’s first producer and supplier of  'green' strollers, made it to number one and is therefore the most innovative MKB company in the Netherlands.

All materials of Greentom strollers are durable; from natural substances to recycled drinking bottles. The baby buggies can be assembled within five minutes and after use, all parts can be reused or recycled. Because Greentom produces worldwide, the stroller is made from local sources and the environmental impact of shipping is limited. The strollers are sold in more than 20 countries.

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26/09/2017 World Heart Day Amsterdam expand

Philips opens the trading day

Philips (ticker symbol: PHIA) opens trading on the occasion of World Heart Day on 29 September.

A global leader in health technology and proud partner of the World Heart Federation (WHF), this World Heart Day Philips is calling for people to act now and take control of their own health. Philips understands the importance of heart health and see food and drink as crucial elements in helping to increase the number of healthy hearts in the world. Believing  that homemade food has the power to nourish like nothing else – cooking and eating at home gives control over the ingredients, brings families and people together, enhances relationships and helps to build healthy routines for life. A healthy heart and circulation system starts with a balanced diet.

Philips developed the Airfryer and introduced this innovation in 2010 as the first of its kind. In September 2017 Philips introduces the Airfryer XXL a bigger and more powerful version, and has fat removal technology. The Philips Airfryer XXL uses hot air to fry foods with little or no added oil, so fat can be reduced by up to 90%.

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25/09/2017 StartupFest Europe Amsterdam expand

StartupFest Europe opens the Amsterdam exchange

StartupDelta opens Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange for StartupFest Europe.

This year, StartupFest Europe, a festival where start-ups and scale-ups find the funding to grow their business, will take place from the 25 to 28 September. Among other things, they get the opportunity to pitch their idea to more than 300 venture capitalists. This year’s theme is Global Challenges, Startups Solutions.

StartupFest's program consists of the main event, CapitalFest, and a series of thematic events spread across the country. All of these events include organized matchmaking between start-ups, scale-ups, investors, corporates and a series of international top speakers. Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon), Slava Rubin (Founder Indiegogo), Boyan Slat (Founder The Ocean Cleanup) and Pieter van der Does (CEO Adyen) will speak at CapitalFest on the 27th of September at the Beurs van Berlage.

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22/09/2017 Gold rating Kempen Orange Fund Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for Gold rating Kempen Orange Fund

Kempen Orange Fund has received a Gold rating from Morningstar in the category ‘Aandelen Nederland’ (Dutch Shares). The Gold rating applies to 6% of the funds that Morningstar issues worldwide for a comprehensive, qualitative analysis. To celebrate this, the trading is opened by Kempen.

According to Morningstar, the increase of a Silver rating to a Gold rating has several reasons: "Our highest confidence is based on our appreciation of the qualities of this team and the strong and proven process that is carried out very consistently. The administrators have clearly added value: in the long term, the fund performs consistently better than the category and relevant indices. In this strong track record, the fund rarely has had a weak year. "

Kempen has been a small-cap investment specialist for over 25 years and started the Kempen Orange Fund, the first small-cap fund of the asset manager, in 1991. In the meantime, the number of small-cap mutual funds has been expanded and five different small-cap funds are offered by Kempen.

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21/09/2017 KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds Amsterdam expand

10-year anniversary KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds

This year marks the tenth year that KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds is fighting against loneliness in the Netherlands. For this reason, KPN (ticker symbol: KPN) hosts its annual congress against solitude, Thursday 21 September. This date is also the start of the National Week against Solitude (Week tegen Eenzaamheid). On this occasion they sound the gong at the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext.

Over a million Dutch people feel very lonely, and the influence of loneliness is great. When it lasts for a long time, loneliness can lead to health risks and low participation in society. With the Week Against Solitude, Coalitie Erbij asks for attention of this problem. Throughout the country, activities are organized where people with a small social network can connect with new people and strengthen existing contacts. KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds is core partner of Coalitie Erbij.

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20/09/2017 Euronext TechShare 2017 – 2018 Amsterdam expand

TechShare 2017 – 2018 kicks off by sounding gong

The Dutch participants and partners of the third edition of the Euronext TechShare program 2017-2018 sound the gong to open trading. TechShare is an educational program that is specifically aimed at fast-growing and innovative tech companies, who want to know more about the process around an initial public offering. The program helps owners and directors of tech companies to better understand the function and dynamics of the financial markets. CEOs of the participating parties are better able to assess the possibilities of a listing and their opportunities in relation to their strategy and growth ambitions.

The official start of Techshare 2017-2018 is at the HEC in Paris, on 29 September. On behalf of Euronext, this international renowned business school in Paris provides a two-day campus for all participants. All companies and partners from both Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Portugal are present. Throughout the year, various workshops and interactive sessions take place, with all local partners and companies.

Dutch partners of the TechShare program are ABN AMRO, AFS Group, Baker & McKenzie, Brainport Development/Brainport Network, Citigate First Financial, Deloitte, Kempen & Co. and Rutgers & Posch. Each partner exposes a specific subject within the process of a possible listing during their workshop. In addition to the detailed information, Techshare provides all the participants with many valuable new contacts.

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19/09/2017 Aandeelhouder Amsterdam expand

Sounding the gong for De Aandeelhouder

The trading day on Euronext’s Amsterdam exchange is opened by the team behind (DAH).

The website has been completely renewed and, together with columnists such of – among others –  ING and Benelux newswire ABM Financial News, investors are kept up-to-date on the Amsterdam exchange. De Aandeelhouder offers private investors a platform with investment information, providing the self-investor with support in making their own investment decisions.

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18/09/2017 Fondsevent Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong marks tenth edition of Fondsevent

By sounding the gong, attention will be paid to the Fondsevent, which will take place 25 September in Amsterdam. This year, the event has the theme "At the break of old and new" which looks to both history and future with inspiring speakers and top investors of nine asset managers. The event is the largest knowledge and networking event in the Netherlands for private banking, asset managers and investment advisors.

In this year’s plenary part of the event, attention will be paid to the increasing influence of psychology on customers and earning models. The issues includes how the advisor or asset manager can influence the behaviour of his client but also how they can customize their own behaviour for them to be better prepared for opportunities offered in a rapidly changing world.

Fondsevent is organized by Fondsnieuws - part of the FD Media Group - in collaboration with nine renowned fund houses: Allianz Global Investors, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Deutsche Asset Management, Fidelity International, Henderson Global Investors, Kempen Capital Management, NN Investment Partners, Robeco, and Pictet Asset Management.

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15/09/2017 ENGIE Sustainable Business Challenge Amsterdam expand

ENGIE sounds the gong for the Sustainable Business Challenge

ENGIE (ticker symbol: ENGI), listed on Euronext Brussels and Paris, sounds the gong for the Sustainable Business Challenge. They do this in partnership with a delegation from the municipality of Leiden and SustainableMotion.

For the fifth time, the Sustainable Business Challenge is organized by SustainableMotion; a project agency that believes in the transformation of young talent. Every year 100 young talents, with a realistic view, work on sustainability issues of companies that want to connect sustainability with their business. The program supports the talents in the out-of-the-box thinking and concretizing their innovative ideas. ENGIE is constantly looking for new sustainable solutions and new forms of cooperation, which is important for the energy transition. Therefore, the company, together with the municipality of Leiden, offers a challenging case: how do we make the Leiden station area 'the most sustainable entrance of the Netherlands'? ENGIE partakes in the Sustainable Business Challenge for the fourth time this year.

ENGIE stands out with regards to the energy transition of almost all its competitors. Because it is both a technical service provider and an energy supplier, the company can mean just a bit more for its customers. With smart technological solutions, the company looks at whether it can reduce the energy needs of its customers. Then it fills in the remaining energy requirement with renewable energy. ENGIE accelerates the transition with this two-step model.

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14/09/2017 Pharmasimple Paris expand

Listing of Pharmasimple on Euronext Growth

Michael Willems, CEO and Founder of Pharmasimple , opens the trading day in Paris.

Pharmasimple specializes in the online sale of parapharmaceuticals. The company has 120,000 references (770 brands) of cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics, medical accessories and dietary supplements.The company has over 300,000 customers and nearly 120,000 orders per year.France accounts for 90% of net sales.

14/09/2017 Da Vinci Derivatives Amsterdam expand

Da Vinci Derivatives sounds gong for new membership

Recently, Da Vinci Derivatives received a membership to Euronext Amsterdam. The company, located at Beursplein 5, celebrates this by opening the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange.

Da Vinci Derivatives was founded by a group of traders, in 2015, as a company that manages for own account with equity contributions. Da Vinci identifies and handles financial derivatives with a short to medium-long maturity and with a strong focus on volatility. This means that multiple products are traded against each other based on correlations, but also that long/ short positions are undervalued or overvalued in various market segments.

By focusing on building a corporate culture, in which ethics and the will to stand out take center stage, Da Vinci wants to grow in a responsible way. In the last two years, the company has grown significantly and with its membership at the Amsterdam exchange, it will continue this growth.

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13/09/2017 Nationale-Nederlanden Amsterdam expand

Nationale-Nederlanden supports Dutch people in pursuit of their goals

International insurance and asset management company Nationale-Nederlanden, part of NN Group and listed on Euronext Amsterdam (ticker symbol NN), sounds the gong after starting their fall 2017 advertising campaign. This campaign features portraits of truly unique Dutch people.

For more than 150 years, Nationale-Nederlanden has been part of the Netherlands, and the people who live there. Truly unique individuals, yet who all have things in common. Nationale-Nederlanden wants to help the people of the Netherlands to reach their goals, both now and later. The ‘Your Later’ Service offers customers a complete overview and total control over their income later in life, so that they can continue to do the things that are important to them. And, with the Entrepreneurs Mortgage, entrepreneurs can apply for a mortgage and create their ideal homes, like everyone else. With personalized services like these, Nationale-Nederlanden helps every customer pursue their goals.

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12/09/2017 Dam tot Dam Weekend Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong marks start Dam tot Dam Weekend

Euronext listed ABN AMRO, Ahold Delhaize, and KLM, open trading together with ASICS and Le Champion, organizer of the Dam tot Dam Weekend, to mark the start of the ‘Dam tot Dam Weekend’ on 16 and 17 September. Frank van den Brink, Director Employee Experience at ABN AMRO, sounds the gong.

During the weekend 87,000 athletes will be in action in four different Dam tot Dam-events. Saturday 16 September, 16,000 hikers will join the ‘Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht’, later that day the ‘Damloop at night’ will take place having 15,000 participants running a track through Amsterdam. The following day, 6,000 cyclists arrive at Dam Square for the start of the ‘Dam tot Dam FietsClassic’. To finish the weekend, 50,000 runners start the ‘Dam tot Damloop’. In total 150,000 spectators are expected to join the events over the weekend. ABN AMRO, ASICS, Ahold Delhaize, and KLM are sponsoring the Dam tot Damloop, which is the largest running event in the Netherlands.

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11/09/2017 Clarency Amsterdam expand

The Dutch Payments and Exchange Company expands to Singapore

The Nederlandse Betaal en Wisselmaatschappij (NBWM/Dutch Payment and Exchange Company) sounds the gong for the opening of their officein Singapore 11 September. Miel van Blitterswijk will be at the head of NBWMs Asian and Pacific activities.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has officially approved the license for DPEC’s activities in Singapore. Miel van Blitterswijk: “Singapore is an important trade-hub between Asia and Western countries. Currently, Asian companies are being overcharged by their banks on their currency conversions. They get bad rates, high costs and an insufficient service. We will solve these problems for Asian companies who do business internationally from our Singapore office, just like we’re doing now in Amsterdam.”

NBWM will launch in Singapore under a new name. “Our current name is not the most suitable name for non-Dutch speakers, so we created a more international name: Clarency. It’s a compound of clarity and currency. This name perfectly represents what we do. The currency markets are open 24 hours per day. Having our office in Singapore, we’ll be operational in two timezones at the same time. This improves our service to both Asian and European clients.”

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08/09/2017 Villa Pinedo Amsterdam expand

DPA opens trading with Villa Pinedo

Every year, about 70,000 children from divorced parents in the Netherlands hear that their parents are getting divorced. Parents think they are putting the child first, but in practice this often appears to be more difficult than thought. By sounding the gong, Stichting Villa Pinedo and ambassador Mark Tuitert ask for the attention of this fact during the Day of Divorce. They do this in partnership with, among others, the CEO of listed DPA, Eric Winter.

On this day, Villa Pinedo and De Balie organize an afternoon program where children from divorced parents, policy staff, professionals and divorced parents are invited to have a dialogue with each other. Also, the premiere of the new 'Non-Task' TV commercial takes place.

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07/09/2017 LiquidShare Paris expand

LiquidShare, the European blockchain fintech for SME post trade, celebrates its launch together with its 8 shareholders and partners.

LiquidShare, together with its shareholders BNP Paribas, CACEIS, Caisse des Dépôts, Euroclear, Euronext, S2iEM and Société Générale and with the support of Paris EUROPLACE, closes the trading day in Paris to celebrate the launch of this new European blockchain fintech dedicated to SME post trade. The core objective of this dynamic and innovative company is to improve SMEs' access to capital markets, enhancing the transparency and security of post-trading operations, using blockchain.

07/09/2017 Exchange Traded Funds Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for Exchange Traded Funds

The prominent ETF providers in the Netherlands: Amundi, Deutsche Asset Management, SPDR ETFs, Think ETFs, UBS ETF and Vanguard celebrate the success of the Exchange Traded Funds in the Netherlands with the opening of the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext.

In the first half of this year, there was once again a record net inflow in the Netherlands and Europe. The day will end with an client event in Amsterdam.

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06/09/2017 Euronext Tech Hub Amsterdam expand

Sounding of gong for Euronext’s expansion into new countries to support the growth of European tech SMEs

Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, sounds the gong after announcing the opening of new offices in five European cities outside its core markets – in Germany (Frankfurt, Munich), Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid) and Switzerland (Zurich) – to assist Tech companies in developing their business on a greater scale through capital markets. The countries were selected for their growth opportunities in the Tech sector.

Euronext’s representatives in the new European countries will use their strong expertise and local networks to help entrepreneurs better explore their financing options, and assist with access to capital markets. They will be supported by a new European team of analytics and communication experts.

In the coming months, Euronext will extend the following Tech initiatives into the four new countries: TechShare, Morningstar® Equity research programme, and Tech 40 Label and Index. With more programmes following in 2018.

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05/09/2017 ABN AMRO circular pavilion Amsterdam expand

ABN AMRO opens circular pavilion

ABN AMRO (ticker symbol: ABN) opens trading on the occasion of the opening of the circular pavilion; Circl. ABN AMRO has chosen to build Circl in a circular way to gain experience that it then shares with its customers.

Almost all used materials in Circl are demountable and have been used before. For example, ABN AMRO employees collected 16,000 old jeans, which were incorporated into the ceiling as insulation material. The meeting rooms are surrounded by window frames from old offices that have been demolished. The furniture previously used by ABN AMRO was used and restored. In the building, sustainable DC is used and 500 solar panels provide energy.

Circl fits perfectly in the sustainability ambitions announced recently by ABN AMRO, called Mission 2030. This makes the bank fully committed to the sustainability of its real estate portfolio and wants to bring it to average energy label A by 2030.

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04/09/2017 #Futurechair Amsterdam expand

Give the future a chair

With the opening of the trading day, Lizzy Butink (a.s.r. Real Estate Investment Management), Marianne Davidson (VolkerWessels Vastgoed), Pamela Logjes (Dutch Green Building Council), and Yvette Watson (PHI Factory), ask for attention to their new initiative: #Toekomststoel (#Futurechair).

The interview between three ‘Future Leaders’ of the Dutch Green Building Council and Jan Terlouw became the start of a special mission. A mission inspired by a passage from Terlouw’s book ‘Het Hebzuchtgas’.  They invite everyone to have an extra chair at each meeting, classroom, talk show, and even in Parliament. The chair can have a different meaning for everyone: it can offer a new perspective, a place of thought or something else.

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01/09/2017 6th Amsterdam City Swim Amsterdam expand

Gong ceremony announces 6th edition of the Amsterdam City Swim

The sounding of the gong announces the sixth edition of the Amsterdam City Swim. By annually organizing a unique, impactful and social swimming event in the Amsterdam canals, the Foundation Amsterdam City Swim strives to raise as many funds for research into underexposed diseases. As long as there is no cure for ALS, the Amsterdam City Swim aims to raise money for the ALS Foundation in the Netherlands and draw attention to the disease ALS. Sunday September 3 the 6th edition of the Amsterdam City Swim takes place, and over 2500 adults and 300 kids will participate and swim in the Amsterdam canals to raise money for the ALS Foundation.  

Unilever (ticker symbol: UNIA) has been the main sponsor of Amsterdam City Swim with their Dove Men + Care brand since 2015. Unilever has chosen to support the event with Dove Men + Care because it stands for: CARE MAKES A MAN STRONGER. Not only does this mean to take care of your own body with the Dove Men + Care products, but also care for the people around you.

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31/08/2017 BNR Nieuws Radio Amsterdam expand

BNR Nieuwsradio celebrates the launch of its renewed podcast app by sounding the gong. With this innovative app it is possible to listen to live radio, but also to listen to On Demand podcasts with news and knowledge. The written news articles have also experienced an overhaul. The podcasts include innovation, business, and economics. Because of these easy-to-use audio clips, the listener won’t have to miss a thing.

Sjors Fröhlich, editor-in-chief at BNR Nieuwsradio: "Radio will always last, the medium is far too beautiful. A podcast is perhaps the most intimate form of radio. That is why BNR is so fully committed to it."

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30/08/2017 Child and Youth Finance International Amsterdam expand

Child and Youth Finance International sounds gong with Ye!

The Ye! Community, an international network of young entrepreneurs ages 16-30, sounds the gong on the occasion of their new Ye! Stream live feature. It allows community members to connect with other young entrepreneurs, connect with coaches, and connect with the information needed to grow their businesses. A newsfeed where entrepreneurs can discuss, ask for advice, source information, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

The Ye! community is an initiative of Stichting Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), and has been endorsed by the G-20’s Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. They support young entrepreneurs around the world by connecting them to each other, to mentors, resources, tools and guides. There are currently 15000 members on the website representing 121 countries.

CYFI is a global, multi-stakeholder network promoting economic citizenship for children and youth.  CYFI leads the world’s largest movement dedicated to enhancing the financial and entrepreneurial capabilities of children and youth. Launched in April 2012, the Child and Youth Finance Movement has already spread to 125 countries with partners and collaborators having reached more than 36 million children and youth.

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29/08/2017 HISWA Boat Show Amsterdam expand

HISWA in-water Boat Show opens trading

Paul Boomsma, CEO of HISWA in-water, and Michelle Jonker, open the trading day at Euronext by sounding the gong. They do this on the occasion of HISWA in-water Boat Show, which opens its doors for the 34th time this year.

In the Amsterdam Marina there are about 250 boats from 29 August to 3 September. The HISWA in-water Boat Show offers a wide and diverse overview of small and large boats, series built or custom-built, made of aluminum, steel or polyester. For people who want to orient themselves to a possible purchase, the HISWA in-water is the preferred place, as virtually all major Dutch and European brands are represented at the boat show. The offer consists of daysailers, cabin sailboats, sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, boats, tenders, sports boats and RIBs. On the quays are suppliers with water sports items.

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28/08/2017 The Dutch Burns Foundation Amsterdam expand

The Dutch Burns Foundation sounds the gong to draw attention to young children and their increased risk of burn injury, especially during the summer months. Ambassador Kick (9), burned by an accident with hot tea, sounds the gong.

Young children are overrepresented in the burn centers in Groningen, Beverwijk and Rotterdam. Over a quarter of burn patients (25.8% in 2016) admitted in the three Dutch burn centers are under 5 years of age. Especially during the holiday season, there is an increased risk of burn injury, because the circumstances during a holiday are different compared to  the circumstances at home and the daily routine is missing. For example: the campsite tabletop with the hot cup of tea is a little lower and less stable than the dining table at home. A child only needs a split second to reach for the hot tea cup.

The consequences of burn injury for young children are severe. They have a much thinner skin and the burned body surface area is relatively large compared to a similar burn in adults. Children often need reconstructive  surgery for many years. The three burn centers and the Dutch Burns Foundation (both part of Brandwondenzorg Nederland) want to prevent these accidents and therefore call on parents of young children to be alert.

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25/08/2017 NSI Amsterdam expand

NSI sounds gong for 25th anniversary

On 25 August 1992 Houthaven Plan B.V. was founded which was renamed Nieuwe Steen Investments in 1993 and listed in 1998. The honour of sounding the gong goes to Erna Smit, who has been with NSI from the very beginning.

In February, management announced a new strategy in which it will focus purely on investments in offices. Year to date, with over €355 million of deals and the sale of 60% of its retail portfolio, NSI is one of the most active real estate companies in The Netherlands.

NSI (ticker symbol: NSI) is a specialist commercial property investor and the only listed real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on The Netherlands. The NSI team aims to maximise returns for its shareholders through pro-active management of its investment portfolio and disciplined asset rotation. The portfolio was valued at €1.1 billion at the end of June 2017.

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