Financial calendar and Press releases

Publishing an up-to-date financial calendar is essential for listed companies and forms part of the ‘best practice’ financial communication commitments for companies listed on Euronext and Euronext Growth. For companies listed on Euronext Growth Paris it is a specific obligation.

Euronext maintains a calendar of financial announcements to which issuers can add their information via the Connect web portal. This calendar is widely distributed among investors through the main financial newspapers with the aim of facilitating the monitoring of stocks by the financial community.

Issuer press releases can also be uploaded via the Connect web portal and disseminated via the Euronext website and on the dedicated website for issuers, Connect.

Updating the financial calendar

Issuers can update the financial calendar via Connect .

Updates will be visible on our website after 20:00 CET.

Uploading Press Release

Issuers can publish Press Releases via Connect, either in real time or with embargo. All listed companies’ press releases are disseminated on the Company News section of the Euronext website and on the Connect extranet