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Date Libellé sociétésort icon ISIN code Subsector Location Market
02-Feb-2006 1000MERCIS FR0010285965 Internet Paris Euronext Growth
22-Jan-2006 1855 FR0004168243 Specialty Retailers Paris Euronext Growth
22-Jun-2018 2CRSI S.A. FR0013341781 Computer Hardware Paris Euronext
13-Jun-2008 4ENERGY INV (D) BE0003888089 Alternative Energy Brussels
27-Oct-2015 4Service Cloud Tech AG CH0299791381 Computer Services Paris Euronext Access
22-Sep-2008 5EME-SAISON (D) BE0003889095 Recreational Services Brussels Euronext Access
12-Feb-2004 A TOUTE VITESSE FR0010050773 Delivery Services Paris Euronext Access
24-Nov-2004 A.S.T. GROUPE FR0000076887 Home Construction Paris Euronext Access
09-Feb-2011 A2MICILE EUROPE FR0010795476 Specialized Consumer Services Paris Euronext
12-Jul-2011 A2Micile Europe FR0010795476 Specialized Consumer Services Paris Euronext
02-Nov-2006 AB FENETRES GROUPE FR0010385690 Building Materials&Fixtures Paris Euronext Growth
11-Oct-2016 AB INBEV BE0974293251 Brewers Brussels Euronext
21-Apr-2010 AB SCIENCE FR0010557264 Biotechnology Paris Euronext Growth
20-Dec-2012 AbbVie US00287Y1091 Pharmaceuticals Paris Euronext
28-Nov-2008 ABC ORTHODONTICS CH0044947239 Medical Supplies Paris Euronext Access
11-Oct-2016 ABEO S.A. FR0013185857 Recreational Products Paris Euronext
26-Jun-2015 Abivax FR0012333284 Biotechnology Paris Euronext
07-Nov-2007 ABLYNX (D) BE0003877942 Biotechnology Brussels
09-Mar-2010 ABLYNX (D) BE 0003877942 Biotechnology Brussels Euronext
13-Apr-2011 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Amsterdam