Euronext® Family Business Index



Europe’s first index dedicated to raising family business profiles with investors, designed to highlight the performance of 90 family companies listed in the four countries covered by Euronext.

The index is part of a series of initiatives targeting family businesses launched by Euronext on January 24 to provide additional support and promote financial markets as a source of financing.

This index counts 30 listed companies in compartment A, 30 in compartment B, and 30 in compartment C or on Euronext Growth. Selection criteria are based on liquidity (80% of the most liquid stocks in each category) and market capitalisation.

Components of the Euronext® Family Business Index are selected from listed companies in compartments A, B and C of Euronext and on Alternext. To be eligible, candidates must meet criteria defining family businesses as determined by Euronext, with no limit on size or sector:

  • The physical person(s) who created the company, or the physical person(s) who acquired the company capital, or their spouses, parents or children or direct heirs of their children, have significant influence on the control of the business;
  • At least one representative of the family or relatives is formally involved in the governance of the company;
  • The next generation guarantees control or shows a clear-cut intention to take over the company.

As index administrator, Euronext is responsible for ensuring compliance with rules defining index composition and will undertake annual and quarterly reviews. Euronext will publish the results of each review.

As of February 2017, Euronext has 216 family businesses listed on its markets, together representing market capitalisation of €852 billion. This includes 157 small and mid-size companies whose total market capitalisation comes to €31 billion.

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