Thematic Indices

The world is changing and so are the themes surrounding investment opportunities. Euronext is continuously expanding its portfolio of indices to ensure that investors, asset managers and structured products issuers have the means to match their needs to market trends.

Thematic indices are based on themes like: emerging markets, healthcare, alternative energy, fixed income, education, commodity demand or private equity.

Some of our thematic indices are:

Low Carbon 100 Europe Index which provides investors with an effective instrument that takes into account CO2 emissions and may be used as a relevant benchmark for portfolio management as well as a suitable underlying for index-linked products such as ETFs.

CAC PME Index which tracks the performance of between 20 and 40 French companies eligible as investment vehicles for PEA PME accounts and listed on Euronext and Euronext Growth markets in Paris.

The Euronext® Climate Europe  is a free float market cap index designed to be your high quality / low carbon Universe.  The index is composed of 200 large companies based on their climate score. This index serves as the high quality universe for all kinds of climate friendly innovative indices (high yields, low risk, growth…) .

The CAC 40® Governance index has the exact same composition as the CAC 40 except that the weighting of the components is different and is  based on the Vigeo Eiris Responsible Corporate Governance scores. The index is suitable for ETFs and structured products