Euronext launches advisory group for CAC-family indices

Driven to promote innovation within its flagship indices in Paris, Euronext has created an independent advisory group for the CAC-family indices made up of finance professionals and academics specialising in indices activities.

Launched in early 2016, the advisory group is carrying out targeted analyses that will enable Euronext to adapt and develop its index offering, with a particular focus on the CAC 40® and the CAC indices family. The committee will draw on the expertise of its members as it works to respond creatively to the emerging trends currently challenging index creation and operation. The committee members will meet periodically to share their ideas, forming a platform for exchange that will work alongside the Conseil Scientifique to present actionable new proposals and innovations. Euronext’s objective is to reinforce the CAC 40®'s leading position in Europe and expand its international reach. 

This new advisory group is headed by Charles-Albert Lehalle, a researcher at Imperial College (London) and Capital Fund Management (Paris). Other members include:

  • Marie Brière, Head of Investor Research Center, Amundi ; Affiliate Professor, Paris Dauphine University
  • Serge Darolles, Professeur of Finance, Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Nicolas Gaussel, Chief Investment Officer, Lyxor
  • Olivier Guéant, Professeur of Quantitative Finance, ENSAE ParisTech
  • Frederic Jamet, Head of Investments, State Street Global Advisors
  • Nicolas Samaran, Head of Product Development, Invesco Powershares
  • Mark Sinsheimer, Finance professor at ICN Business School

Anthony Attia, CEO of Euronext Paris, said: “Euronext is actively engaged in reacting to the rapidly changing indices industry, focusing on innovation to generate new opportunities. This is why we are collaborating with these highly experienced professionals to create our new advisory group. Indices are very popular with our clients as a vector for investment. They are also an important tool for raising the profile of our issuers and play a key role in financing the real economy. We are delighted that we have been able to bring together such a prestigious team of experts and are convinced that their insights will enable Euronext to use our existing range of products as a springboard for innovation and expanding our leadership in European indices.”

The CAC 40®: Facts and Figures

The CAC 40® is a market indice designed to reflect the evolution of the Euronext Paris market. It is made up of the 40 highest ranking shares listed on the Paris market, according to criteria based on free float market capitalization and trading volume. The indice is reviewed and adjusted every quarter in order to take into account changes concerning the size and the volume of the constituent companies.

The CAC 40®is overseen by the Conseil Scientifique, which is responsible for selecting the companies for inclusion within the indice via periodical reviews based on a dedicated set of rules.

The CAC 40®, like all iconic indexes, is an important tool that offers investors significant visibility, as well as allowing them to effectively channel their funds into the most relevant businesses. It is also an investment vehicle that facilitates the continued development of passive management: today, more than 6000 products are based on this indice.


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