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FastMatch - Fastest ECN for spot FX trading

Fastest ECN for spot FX trading

Euronext has expanded its product offering to global Foreign Exchange markets, thanks to the acquisition of FastMatch,
the fastest growing ECN in the spot FX market.

FastMatch acquisition

Euronext has acquired 93.7% of FastMatch, the fastest growing Electronic Communication Network (ECN) in the spot Foreign Exchange (FX) market.

This deal diversifies our product offering, opening up a new asset class for Euronext and the potential for further development opportunities in the FICC spaceIt establishes Euronext’s presence in the FX segment, the largest market globally.

Euronext will bolster FastMatch’s European presence through increased access to institutional clients across Europe.

Real-time and historical data products will be rolled out, and FastMatch and Euronext will aim to achieve presence in the FX derivatives space.

Strategic rationale

The G20 post-credit crisis response has created a regulatory drive for Over-The-Counter (“OTC”) and dark trading towards transparent, neutral and centrally cleared markets. New capital requirements further underpin an urgent need for greater efficiency and deep structural change of the OTC landscape. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the $5.1 trillion daily foreign exchange market. This new environment, driven by regulatory changes and the client’s need for more transparency and efficiency has resulted in a clear trend of electronification of spot FX trading where 66% of trading in 2016 was electronic, growing from 55% in 2010.

FastMatch is a disruptive institutional FX ECN providing customers access to large pools of diversified spot FX liquidity at unparalleled speed. With colocation in three data centers (London, New York and Tokyo), FastMatch offers clients the fastest, most scalable and versatile technology available in the market. FastMatch’s cutting-edge proprietary technology offers its established client base, many Tier-1 banks, non-bank market makers, broker-dealers, asset managers and hedge funds, unparalleled execution capabilities (>10x lower latency versus most peers), state-of-the-art smart order routing and highly customizable liquidity pools. FastMatch’s superior technology allows it to operate with a highly efficient cost structure which in turn gives it the strategic flexibility to competitively price its best-in-class product offering.

FX Tape™

In September 2017, FastMatch launched FX Tape, providing centralised and global post-trade data to all market participants.

This new and innovative market data product will improve post-trade transparency in FX markets and allow market participants to monetize their trading data. FX Tape will also serve as a central reference point for Spot FX transacted prices helping market participants evaluate best execution performance.

FX Tape will publish real-time post-trade information collected from market participants in aggregated and delayed fashion to minimize market impact and information leakage.

This product will be available for distribution to thousands of market participants and vendors across the world via FastMatch’s and Euronext’s distribution networks. It will significantly improve transparency in the FX market and execution quality. Contributors of FX Tape will participate in revenue shared based on their market share of contributions on a monthly basis

In November 2017,  FastMatch announced that individuals may now purchase FX Tape data from its website at a cost of €40 a month, using their credit cards.

Typically such trading data costs thousands of euros a month and requires special programming in order to receive it, so the average consumer cannot access the data. However, FastMatch is now making this data available at low cost at

About FastMatch

About FastMatch

FastMatch is an Electronic Communication Network for foreign exchange trading. FastMatch strives to offer its customers access to large pools of diversified liquidity at unparalleled speed with complete transparency in the optimal location. Its award winning technology gives FastMatch an important speed advantage and has the capability of handling thousands of clients simultaneously. Clients include retail brokers, institutions, banks, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms.

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