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Date Title Project
27 Nov 2018 Extension Client fee rebate scheme on AEX index options_individual Equity options and ETF options General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext will extend the fee rebate scheme on AEX-Index® options (Monthly, Weekly, Daily options), Individual Equity Options (IEOs) and ETF options on the Amsterdam derivatives market. The fee rebate scheme will be effective from 1 January 2019 and is subject to cancellation with one month’s notice at the discretion of Euronext. The scheme will automatically terminate on 31 December 2019.

19 Nov 2018 Euronext Block Optiq migration Euronext Block (MTF) expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce that the Euronext Block trading platform will migrate onto Optiq® technology in Q1 2019.

31 Oct 2018 Information relating to potential deliveries against the corn futures General expand
Executive summary:

IF181031DE - Euronext brings to members’ attention the press release issued today by Socomac, which is one of the delivery silos for Euronext’s Corn futures contract, advising of a temporary halt in lorry intake of corn at Socomac La Pallice. 

29 Oct 2018 Delayed opening of Euronext Cash markets and related derivatives contracts on Monday 29 Octover 2018 General expand
Executive summary:

IF20181029CADE - On Monday 29 October 2018, due to technical issues, the opening auction for Euronext Cash markets and related Derivatives contracts was delayed. Trading in normal market conditions progressively resumed, and was fully operational again by 12.20 CET for the Equities segment and at 12.30 CET for the related derivatives instruments.

18 Oct 2018 Holiday Calendar for Euronext's Cash and Derivatives Markets General expand
Executive summary:

IF181018CADE 2019
The 2019 holiday calendar for Euronext’s Cash and Derivatives markets is detailed below.

17 Oct 2018 OPTIQ Phase 3 Derivatives - how the market works document now available Optiq expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce the publication of a first version of the document “How the Market Works” describing the way Euronext Derivatives markets will be operated on Optiq.

15 Oct 2018 Further enhancements to request for cross facility for commodity options Products expand
Executive summary:

IF181015 DE
Euronext informs clients about further enhancements to the uncrossing algorithm of the Request for Cross (RFC) facility, for commodity options only. Subject to regulatory approval, Central Order Book (COB) orders will be included in the RFC final execution as RFC reactor orders. The response time for the auction is also being reduced.

12 Oct 2018 Saturn Database - Archiving of Old Transactions MiFID II/MiFIR expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that it will start archiving all accepted transactions from the Saturn database that are more than one month old for both the EUA and Production environments. All removed transactions will be archived and can be restored on member or NCA request.

25 Sep 2018 CCP Identifier Available in real time on OPTIQ in Next EUA from 26 September Optiq expand
Executive summary:

The CCP Identifier will be available in Optiq private trade report execution messages in Next EUA (formerly P-EUA) from 26 September 2018. The use of this information is optional for customers using Optiq OEG, although it will be systematically populated for all clearable transactions.

24 Sep 2018 Market Maker Revenue-Sharing Programme for Total Return Futures on CAC 40 Index Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is introducing Total Return Futures on the CAC 40® Index on the Paris Derivatives Market as from 1 October 2018. This Info-Flash informs Members about the details of the Market Maker Revenue-Sharing Programme.

21 Sep 2018 Change to inbound order throttle for individual equity options listed on Euronext Amsterdam Products expand
Executive summary:

As from Thursday 4 October 2018, Euronext will allow more bandwidth for Individual Equity Options listed on the Amsterdam Derivatives market by changing the inbound order throttle setting from 4 to 6 messages per second.

14 Sep 2018 Euronext Cash and Derivatives markets business continuity: Disaster Recovery test General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext will hold a common Disaster Recovery test for its Cash and Derivatives Markets on Saturday 27 October 2018. Customers are strongly advised to take part in the test and are asked to register before Friday 19 October 2018. Customers must also have successfully completed a Telnet connectivity test to the DR site in order to participate in the DR Test. Any customers that choose not to participate must nevertheless ensure that any automated trading systems do not log on and interact with any of the markets in scope for the test, as this could affect the state of member order books for market opening on Monday 29 October 2018.

14 Sep 2018 Total Return Futures on CAC 40® Index: Updated Technical Specifications and new SBE template Products expand
Executive summary:

IF180914DE - Euronext announces the release of updated technical specifications and new SBE template version 1.19.5 for the go-live on 1 October 2018 of the Total Return Futures on CAC 40® Index.

03 Sep 2018 Information relating to General Terms and Conditions of accredited Milling Wheat Silos Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext draws members’ attention to the fact that the General Terms and Conditions for all accredited Milling Wheat Silos are now available on the Euronext website. In addition, note that new information for delivery provided by LCH is now available via Thomson Reuters Eikon. 

24 Aug 2018 Information relating to potential deliveries against Milling Wheat Futures Contacts General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext brings to members’ attention the press release issued today by Sénalia, which is one of the delivery silos for Euronext’s Milling Wheat futures contract, advising of a temporary halt in reception of goods at the Grand-Couronne silo between 1 September 2018 and 15 January 2019.

10 Aug 2018 Market Maker Revenue Sharing Programme for BEL20 Index Futures Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is introducing a Market Maker Revenue Sharing Programme for BEL 20® Index Futures. This Info-Flash informs Members about the details of the Market Maker Revenue Sharing Programme.

06 Aug 2018 Broker Incentive Scheme for Spotlight Options ends Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that the broker incentive scheme for Spotlight Options will be terminated as of 1 October 2018.

01 Aug 2018 Optiq Phase 3 for Derivatives: Start of client consultation Optiq expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is launching an online client consultation for Phase 3 of the Optiq programme, covering the migration of Euronext Derivatives Markets. The consultation starts on 1 August 2018 and ends on 7 September 2018.

04 Jul 2018 Implementation of trade reporting for commodities NMP traders Trade reporting / publication expand
Executive summary:

As of 4 July 2018, members and traders who are participants in Euronext’s New Market Participant (NMP) Programme for Commodities will be provided with NMP trade reporting. In the case that the Member and the NMP traders believe there is any discrepancy between the NMP trading report and the participant’s trading activity, this discrepancy must be notified by them to Euronext within two trading days after the receipt of the trade report. Failure to receive such notification on time will result in the rebate not being applied.

29 Jun 2018 New LP Programme for property futures contract Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext invites market participants to apply to participate in its Liquidity Provider Programme for a new property futures contract to be listed on Euronext Paris.