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Derivatives info-flashes prior to 2014 can be found here

Date Title Project
18 Jun 2018 Index consultation on free float factors Products expand
Executive summary:

Stakeholders in Euronext indices (such as the CAC 40®, AEX®, BEL 20® and PSI 20®) are invited to participate in a consultation on the policy and process for determining free float adjustment factors for Euronext indices.

14 Jun 2018 New contact details for Market Maker and Liquidity Provider communications with Euronext General expand
Executive summary:

This Info-Flash informs members of a reorganisation related to Market Maker and Liquidity Provider management at the Exchange. Market Makers and Liquidity Providers are asked to take note of the changes to the email addresses they use to communicate with Euronext.

12 Jun 2018 Euronext announces additional storage capacity at Dunkirk delivery point for the corn futures contract General expand
Executive summary:

IF20180612DE - Euronext informs Members of an increase in storage capacity at the Dunkirk delivery point for the delivery of the Corn Futures contract, from the November 2019 delivery month and onwards.

08 Jun 2018 Trading Fee Adjustment on the CAC 40 Index Futures General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext will adjust the trading fee per contract on the CAC 40® Index Futures as from 2 July 2018.

30 May 2018 Total Return Futures on CAC 40 Index implementation schedule Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to confirm the implementation schedule for Total Return Futures on the CAC 40® Index.

22 May 2018 Adjusted Market Maker obligations following corporate action on Altice N.V. General, MMP expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients about the adjusted Market Maker obligations for the Amsterdam listed option class on Altice N.V. shares.

09 May 2018 Further revision to the request for cross facility for commodities options products Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext  is pleased to announce an improvement to the Request for Cross (RFC) trading facility in order to correct the process for commodity options only. The change will be effective from 14 May 2018. It effectively reverses part of the last update to the procedure described in the Info-Flash on 26 February 2018 – for commodities only.

03 May 2018 Harmonised series introduction policy for Individual Equity Options General expand
Executive summary:

IF180503DE - The series introduction policies for Individual Equity Options have been harmonised into a single policy across the Euronext derivatives markets, effective immediately.

25 Apr 2018 Euronext publishes first Commitment of Traders (COT) reports MiFID II/MiFIR expand
Executive summary:

IF20180425 - Euronext will publish its first Commodities Commitment of Traders (CoT) reports on Wednesday 25 April 2018 by close of business. The reports will be published every Wednesday on the Euronext website.

28 Mar 2018 Change of system settings for options on German shares Products expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce a change of throttle and Mass Quote settings for options on German shares. The changes will be implemented as from Friday 13 April 2018.

23 Mar 2018 Further enhancements to Request for Cross facility and change of duration of RFC Response Period General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce a further enhancement to the uncrossing algorithm of the Request for Cross (RFC) facility for equity, index and commodity options. Subject to regulatory approval, this enhancement will ensure that the client side of the RFC will always be fully executed. In addition, for commodity options the RFC Initiator and Reactor prices and volumes will no longer be published. The duration of the RFC Response Period will be changed so that it will last between 1 and 2 seconds for equity and index options, and between 10 and 11 seconds for commodity options.

14 Mar 2018 Adjustment Premium Based Tick Size threshold of a subset of Individual Equity Option classes General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that the Premium Based Tick Size threshold will be adjusted for the Individual Equity Options Classes, on shares of Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster (option trading symbol: BOS), SBM Offshore (SBM), ASR Nederland (ASR) and Philips Lighting (PLT), as from Monday 19 March 2018.

14 Mar 2018 Request For Cross facility update for Commodities Options Products expand
Executive summary:

A new date has been set for the enhancements to the Request For Cross trading facility for Commodity Options. These enhancements are expected to be available from 3 April.

01 Mar 2018 PRIIPs KIDs for Euronext Derivatives Markets: introduction of eight additional languages MiFID II/MiFIR expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce the extension of its solution for the provisioning of PRIIPs Key Information Documents (KIDs) for its derivatives markets, through the introduction of KIDs in eight additional languages: Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Greek and Hungarian. These additional languages will be available from Wednesday 14 March 2018.

28 Feb 2018 Reminder New Market Participant customer reporting of changes to Euronext General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext reminds customers that registered traders participating in the New Market Participants (NMP Neo) scheme on the Euronext Commodities Markets must inform Euronext of any change of member or clearing member, or cease to benefit from the scheme.

26 Feb 2018 Enhancements to Request for Cross facility now available General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce the availability of enhancements to the Request for Cross (RFC) trading facility for equity, index and commodity options. These enhancements include MiFID II pre-trade transparency enhancements for equity and index option, as well as an updated uncrossing algorithm.

22 Feb 2018 External user acceptance environment update: end-to-end testing with LCH.SA Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF180222 CADE
Please be advised that connectivity in the external user acceptance environments will be adjusted and test access to LCH.SA will be transferred from the P-EUA to the V-EUA environment for both Euronext Cash and Derivatives markets & Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

16 Feb 2018 Availability of enhancements to Request for Cross trading facility postponed General expand
Executive summary:

Availability of the enhancements to Request for Cross trading facility postponed.

16 Feb 2018 Euronext Commodity NMP Market Data offer MMP expand
Executive summary:

IF180216DE - Euronext will introduce a refund on market data fees for Euronext Commodity Markets for trading firms registered in the New Market Participant (NMP) programme, subject to a minimum volume monthly threshold being met.

02 Feb 2018 Tick size modification for Basis and Large-In-Scale trading of CAC40 index futures Products expand
Executive summary:

The tick size for CAC 40 index futures traded via the Basis Trading facility and Large-in-Scale facility will be changed from 0.5 to 0.1 as from 06 February 2018, with the aim of increasing the price improvement possibilities offered by these facilities.