Our markets

Euronext has changed the Euronext market names for easier identification and definition of its listing and service offering towards issuers:

  • The Free Market and Easynext became Euronext ACCESS®, and stands as the gateway for companies seeking simple access to listing.
  • Alternext became Euronext GROWTH®, a market dedicated to mid-caps with listing requirements adapted to their specific needs.
  • Euronext (compartments A, B and C) remain the group’s regulated market, and operate with no changes.

Euronext ACCESS +®, springboard to listing for start-ups and fast-growing SMEs

Within the Euronext ACCESS compartment; a new compartment called Euronext ACCESS + was created. Designed for both start-ups and SMEs, Euronext ACCESS + helps them make a smooth transition to the market and adapt to its operations. This new compartment is a springboard to other Euronext markets. Companies admitted to trading on Euronext ACCESS + will be given additional assistance and their shares will benefit from greater visibility.

Euronext ACCESS + has its own listing criteria:

  • financial statements covering at least two years, including audited accounts for the last year
  • minimum float €1 million,
  • obligation to have a listing sponsor, starting with listing and continuing throughout the market experience,
  • and commitment to regularly communicate towards the market.

Euronext Access® and Euronext Growth® remain Multilateral Trading Systems