More reasons for Block MTF

  • Price Discovery: 
    the Euronext Block matching engine will offer Primary Market midpoint pegged orders as well as limit and market orders, allowing true price discovery for natural liquidity.
  • Size priority execution mechanism:
    encourages members to submit large block orders to ensure the greatest number of shares traded for all participants.
  • Analytics:
    the platform is safeguarded by the use of peer group scorecarding. Additionally, Euronext Block has partnered with a third-party transaction-cost analysis provider that offers detailed post-trade analytics to evaluate the quality of block trading and ensure optimised execution performance.
  • Technology: 
    Euronext Block is powered by Euronext’s multi-market trading platform, Optiq, leveraging the same technology used to operate Euronext’s primary equities markets. Members have the option of using either the FIX 5.0 and SBE protocols.