Financing the Real Economy

We operate regulated markets in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK, all of which are connected via a single trading platform with a harmonised regulatory framework.

Single order book

Our unique single order book enables investors to benefit from being able to trade, clear and settle in a uniform way across various jurisdictions whilst also accessing a broad and deep pool of liquidity.

Our markets enable companies, large and small, to raise capital, thereby helping their growth and development, and in turn fuelling economic growth and creation of jobs and innovation.

Broad portfolio of products

Our broad portfolio of products, services and platforms covers the full range of financial market services. We provide listing, trading, market data, indices, clearing, settlement and custody as well as the development and operation of high-end trading systems.

Financing the real economy

Our customers use our products for a wide variety of purposes: to raise capital to finance growth, to invest in companies, industry sectors or markets, to hedge their exposure with derivatives contracts or to offer services based on our technology.

While serving the real economy in the Eurozone, we also provide a central point of access to some of Europe’s leading financial markets to issuers and investors coming from an increasingly multipolar world.

As a publicly-listed company and market operator, we seek to create value for all our stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees and the community.