Dematerialisation notices intro

Since the 1st of January 2015 , under Article 11 of the Law of 14 December 2005 abolishing bearer securities, all securities which the holder is unknown must be sold by the issuer, or on the market on which the securities are admitted to trading either on the “Expert Market” for unlisted securities.

The sale cannot take place until the expiration of a period of one month from the publication of the notice. Securities that are not sold must be transferred, by the issuer, to the " Caisse des Dépôts " from November 30th, 2015 and before December 31, 2015 .
This sale is subject to prior publication of a Standard template on the website of Euronext Brussels and the Belgian Official Journal.

Issuers wishing to dematerialise their securities can download the Standard Notice for dematerialisation:

For more information regarding dematerialisation, please visit

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