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    Sounding of the gong marks start of preparations for Amsterdam Helps

    The Present Foundation opens trading by sounding the gong, exactly three months before the official start of the cooperation between the Foundation Present, Neighbours Network and Serve the City. Together, they will coordinate around 5000 Amsterdam-based volunteers who will make the city nicer, cleaner and more helpful. Volunteers are linked to practical care needs of vulnerable fellow citizens of Amsterdam.

    By joining forces, this enthusiastic group of people can now make an even bigger difference. The first joint project is the Christmas gift operation "Christmas for the City”, where many will set off with a well-filled gift set to fight loneliness at Christmas time. This operation will be launched on October 30th.  Coordinator Carlo de Waal sounds the gong.

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    30/07/2014 - 9:42AM CESTAmsterdam
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    Dutch Skin Foundation calls attention to skin diseases by sounding the gong

    By sounding the gong, the Dutch Skin Foundation calls attention to over one million patients with a skin disease in The Netherlands. This number is increasing due to lifestyle and aging. Skin cancer is a good example. Many patients suffer because of their skin disease and barely step out. Shame may play a role. Our society underestimates their burden.

    National Skin Foundation is an independent charitable organization that puts up a vigorous fight against skin diseases. It does so with scientific research and improvement of health care. These activities require a lot of money. The Dutch Skin Foundation is entirely dependent on donations, gifts and grants. Managing director, John de Korte and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Roland Koopman, sound the gong.

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    29/07/2014 - 9:42AM CESTAmsterdam
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    Natuur & Milieu sounds gong for World Nature Conservation Day

    In context of World Nature Conservation Day, Natuur & Milieu Foundation sounds the gong with a focus on the organisation’s summer campaign ‘Sun Seeks Roof’ (Zon Zoekt Dak). This summer, Natuur & Milieu offers solar panels at a historically low price, to anyone seeking to benefit from the sunny weather.
    Over the past three years, consumers have purchased 40 000 solar panels through Natuur & Milieu’s solar energy campaigns. These 40 000 solar panels generate an average of over 8 million kWh per year. This saves the Netherlands approximately 9000 tons of CO2 emissions, which translates to driving 42 million kilometers with an average car.

    Olof van der Gaag, Campaigns Director at Natuur & Milieu, who sounds the gong,: “Solar panels do offer guarantees for the future. For example, when you invest 4,250 euros in our solar panels, the return of investment is 20,000 euros in 25 years.” While the number of homes with panels is doubled, the prices are halved. Van der Gaag: "It's amazing how fast the price of panels have dropped. With our first campaign in 2011, the purchase of 10 panels cost € 6000, which was a very competitive price at that time. Now, you can buy 18 panels for the same amount.”

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    28/07/2014 - 9:39AM CESTAmsterdam
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    Unilever The Netherlands sounds gong for the return of the OLA WINNER TACO

    OLA proudly presents her new acquisition, the return of the Winner Taco, by sounding the gong. After a great demand from the Dutch consumer, the well-known bear snack is back.

    After almost ten years of absence, the polar bear returns. OLA is reintroducing the Winner Taco ice cream: a sweet taco filled with ice-cream, caramel sauce and covered with chocolate and nuts. OLA is part of ‘the Heartbrand’, the most famous ice-cream logo in the world. In 1997 Unilever created the heart symbol as a main symbol for all her ice creams brands. Meantime the heart logo is now worldwide known in more than 50 countries. The most popular OLA ice cream brands are Magnum, Cornetto, Calippo and Raket. Unilever is listed on Euronext (ticker symbol: UNIA). Category Manager Out-of-Home Ice Cream, Jasper Spaargaren, sounds the gong.

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    25/07/2014 - 10:02AM CESTAmsterdam
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    Rabobank and MKB-Nederland sound gong for The Next Entrepreneur

    Rabobank and MKB-Nederland sound the gong to draw attention to survival for budding entrepreneurs. Of all the new companies that are founded each year, about 70 percent cease to exist within the first five years. For that reason, Rabobank and MKB-Nederland have organized the third edition of The Next Entrepreneur.

    With this program, they want to encourage and challenge start-ups to constantly improve. In addition to the election of the most innovative starter in The Netherlands, The Next Entrepreneur includes a pathway to knowledge, for which start-ups can register free of charge. It provides them with relevant knowledge and targeted information. Signing up is possible until October 17th. Managing director MKB-Nederland, Leendert-Jan Visser and Senior executive vice president Rabobank Nederland, Paul Dirken, sound the gong.

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    24/07/2014 - 9:48AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Sounding of the gong marks start of Hortus Festival 2014

    23/07/2014 - 9:58AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Sounding of the gong marks start of Hortus Festival 2014

    The sounding of the gong marks the start of the eleventh edition of the Hortus Festival, the Dutch greenest summer festival of chamber music that begins on July 23. Chairman, Willem Korthals Altes, sounds the gong.


    The Hortus Festival program consists of 28 concerts to be held from 23 July to 31 August in the wonderful gardens Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam, the Oude Hortus in Utrecht, Hortus Botanicus in Leiden and Hortus Haren. This edition of Hortus Festival pays tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven. Nature was his biggest inspiration, he composed numerous works in nature. The festival theme this year is therefore Naturally Beethoven. Besides Beethoven, there are also natural Scandinavian work on the program include Grieg, Sten Hammer and the German-Danish composer Kuhlau.


    Master pianist Ronald Brautigam opens Hortus Festival on Wednesday, July 23. Brautigam plays include Beethoven's Sonata No. 15, also known as the Pastoral, a work that is entirely inspired by nature.


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    23/07/2014 - 9:58AM CESTAmsterdam
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    ING Commercial Banking celebrates winning Extel Award Best Broker Benelux

    ING Commercial Banking was awarded the title of best stockbroker in the Benelux by market players for the fifth consecutive time. ING visits Beursplein 5 to celebrate winning the Extel Award.

    The bank was deemed to be best in class in equity research, by combining solid research with a fundamental and medium term horizon without foregoing opportunities for the short term for investors both in regular updates of our vision and by in-depth company reports. The award is based on the assessments made by international professional investors of their brokers’ services. The award reflects the success of ING’s strategy to offer Benelux-based companies the best possible access to international capital markets, and allowing international investors to benefit from our easy access to the management of these companies. Head of Benelux Equity Research, Marco Gulpers, sounds the gong.

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    22/07/2014 - 9:53AM CESTAmsterdam
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    Amsterdam Small Business Network sounds gong for local entrepreneurship

    Amsterdam Small Business Network is a platform that promotes and supports small and local businesses, ultimately turning them into thriving success stories. Founders Sharon Tainsh and Marjolijn Hendriksen sound the gong.
    Amsterdam Small Business Network, 020SBN in short, was founded at the end of 2012 and currently holds over 1800 members, offering them a business environment where collaborations can be formed and knowledge can be shared. The network organizes monthly informal networking events, lectures and brainstorm sessions to help (starting) entrepreneurs. The platform aims to promote and support local businesses for example by a website with business profiles to highlight the person behind a business, organizing regular 'pop-up' events for consumers, and very soon the launch of the online webshop Locally Yours.

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    21/07/2014 - 9:57AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Gong marks Zomercompetitie 2014

    18/07/2014 - 9:43AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks Zomercompetitie 2014

    The Zomercompetitie (Summer Competition) is a football and hockey tournament for companies in the Amsterdam area and is being held for the 8th time this summer. Head of Athletics & Operations, Astrid Emons, sounds the gong and marks the start of the Summer competition 2014.
    Between June 3 and July 25 over 80 companies participate in the tournament. Teams compete during over 20 playing days for the 2014 football and hockey title. The league has a unique character; both football and hockey take place in one location, and is played in a format of six against six. In addition to the sporting aspect, the Summer Competition provides a networking platform where both participating companies and sponsors can meet young professionals. Summer Competition supports charity organisation Sunday Foundation.

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    18/07/2014 - 9:43AM CESTAmsterdam
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    Transavia sounds gong voor Transavia Grand Slam Beach Volleyball 2014 visit Beursplein 5 and sounds the gong for the Transavia Beach Volleyball Grand Slam 2014. After the European Beach Volleyball Championships in 2012, is title sponsor of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam for the second consecutive year. Next year occurs at the World Beach Volleyball Championships as the presenting partner. Transavia is a part of Air France-KLM, listed on Euronext (ticker symbol: AF).

    The Transavia Grand Slam will be held in three of the four cities that are the setting for the beach volleyball World Cup in the Netherlands next year (The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Apeldoorn). On 16 and 17 July the group matches not only take place in The Hague, but also in Amsterdam and Apeldoorn. As of July 18, all matches are played at The Hague Beach Stadium in The Hague. With teams from over 30 countries, the grand slam is more international than ever. Tournament director Bas van de Goor sounds the gong

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    17/07/2014 - 9:47AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Gong marks start 98th Four Days Marches Nijmegen

    16/07/2014 - 9:03AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks start 98th Four Days Marches Nijmegen

    To celebrate the start of the 98th Four Days Marches Nijmegen, Jan Los, member of the board of the Dutch walking association KNBLO-NL, sounds the gong.

    KNBLO Wandelsportorganisatie Nederland(KNBLO-NL) is the parent organization of Foundation DE 4DAAGSE (who organizes the Four Days Marches). The first Four Days Marches took place in 1909. Starting with 309 participants in 1909, the event has grown into the world’s largest multi-day walking event counting 46,000 participants. Together with the festivities held in the city of Nijmegen during the Four Days Marches, the ‘Vierdaagsefeesten’, the walking event has been the biggest free event of the Netherlands for years. Besides the Four Days Marches, KNBLO-NL is also known from its local multi-day walking events, the ‘Avond4daagse’, which gets over half a million children to start moving every year.

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    16/07/2014 - 9:03AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Gong marks 1 year anniversary EnterNext

    15/07/2014 - 9:09AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks 1 year anniversary EnterNext

    By sounding the gong Euronext celebrates the one year anniversary of EnterNext, an initiative for small and medium-sized companies.

    EnterNext provides financing solutions which are geared to the financing needs of local SMEs that are active regionally, nationally and internationally and make every effort to offer companies optimal visibility and access to investors, and to get businesses to use the stock exchange more once listed. Where the really big companies naturally are of interest, the medium-sized and smaller sometimes need extra attention because it is the liquidity benefits. EnterNext focuses on companies which are listed on its European market and which have a market capitalisation of less than €1 billion. The one year anniversary is also celebrated at the other Euronext locations Brussels, Paris and Lisbon with the ringing of the bell.

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    15/07/2014 - 9:09AM CESTAmsterdam
  • ABN AMRO sounds gong for Amsterdam Fashion Week

    14/07/2014 - 9:31AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    ABN AMRO sounds gong for Amsterdam Fashion Week

    ABN AMRO has strong ties with the fashion and textile industry. That’s why ABN AMRO has been a partner and sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam since 2004. In January and July every year, professionals from all across the Netherlands travel to the capital to attend the fashion week.

    ABN AMRO is the exclusive partner of the important networking event ‘Keys to Success’ where entrepreneurs from both inside and outside the fashion industry connect. Keys to Success highlights the business aspect of fashion, and challenges fashion professionals to team up to make the most of opportunities. The first edition was held in the summer of 2012. Every year, inspiring speakers take the stage to share their insights on interesting fashion-related topics. During drinks there’s plenty of opportunity to network, gather new ideas and hear inspiring stories. Afterwards, participants move to the catwalk, where every edition features the work of a different Dutch designer.Head of ABN AMRO Fashion Desk, Manolo Marquez, sounds the gong.

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    14/07/2014 - 9:31AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Euronext launches Spotlight Options

    11/07/2014 - 9:09AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Euronext launches Spotlight Options

    Euronext launches new ‘Spotlight Options’ on six companies listed on its Amsterdam market: Telegraaf Media Groep NV, Sligro Food Group NV, Exact Holding NV, Accell Group NV, Altice SA and BE Semiconductor Industries NV. 

    Spotlight Options, a segment dedicated to the development of new option classes requested by market participants, on its Amsterdam and Brussels derivatives markets. Through a unique combination of Liquidity Provider support and dedicated promotion by Sponsoring Brokers, underlying assets with notable market events or activity will be put in the spotlight.

    Spotlight Options will create additional investment and trading opportunities in SMEs and newly listed stocks. The added liquidity and visibility will allow the classes to grow to become mature option classes. The Spotlight Options have short-term maturities of 1, 2 and 3 months. In a second phase Euronext will expand the segment via the introduction of Spotlight Options on other geographies and asset classes, responding to market demand. On Euronext Brussels, five  Spotlight option classes will be introduced on July 15th.

    The launch is celebrated with a special gong ceremony in attendance of prominent representatives of the companies. Rene Takens, CEO of Accell Group, sounds the gong together with CFO of BE Semiconductor, Cor te Hennepe, CFO of Sligro Food Group, Huub van Rozendaal, CFO of TMG, Fred Arp, the CFO of Accell Group, Hielke Sybesma and Head of IR at Exact, Michel Hülters.

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    11/07/2014 - 9:09AM CESTAmsterdam
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    Gong ceremony marks listing of Delta Lloyd Corporate Bond Fund

    Delta Lloyd sounds the gong to celebrate the listing of the Delta Lloyd Corporate Bond Fund. The move means that Delta Lloyd’s investment strategy for corporate bonds is now also available to retail investors.

    The fund has a competitive price structure, and a favourable tax regime for Dutch investors. The gong ceremony will be followed by a presentation by the head of credit at Delta Lloyd, Arnold Gast. According to Gast, “The Delta Lloyd Corporate Bond Fund was originally set up for institutional investors, and it has an excellent performance record. Exchange listing makes it easy for our distribution partners to include the fund in their investor giro.”

    Corporate bonds have become increasingly popular in recent years. Companies often offer good returns, and many have now substantially improved their financial position. The Delta Lloyd Corporate Bond Fund aims to improve yield and decrease risk. Delta Lloyd Asset management is the independent asset management division of the Delta Lloyd Group.

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    10/07/2014 - 9:05AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Gong marks start of North Sea Jazz festival

    09/07/2014 - 9:02AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks start of North Sea Jazz festival

    By sounding the gong the North Sea Jazz festival and sponsor BNP Paribas mark the start of the music spectacle that begins on July 11th. Festival director Jan Willem Luyken sounds the gong.

    North Sea Jazz is the largest indoor music festival in the world, known globally as the event where the past, present and future of jazz are featured within three days. Next to a firm base of jazz many genres will pass by, such as blues, soul, funk, hip hop, world, pop and much more. This year, real jazz lovers can look forward to performances by Artist In Residence Christian McBride, the Metropole Orkest playing jazz compositions by Quincy Jones and also collaborating with Joshua Redman and Robert Glasper, and Dave Holland, who will perform with his project PRISM. Fans of different musical genres are able to enjoy performances by Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Mavis Staples and Outkast, among others.

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    09/07/2014 - 9:02AM CESTAmsterdam
  • Gong marks new National Museum of World Cultures

    08/07/2014 - 9:21AM CEST  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks new National Museum of World Cultures

    In April 2014 the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden and the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal merged to form the National Museum of World Cultures. This momentous event is emphasized by sounding the gong by Stijn Schoonderwoerd, CEO of the new museum.

    The three current visitor sites and brands will continue to exist. The three museums complement each other in terms of audience reach, education, academic research, international collaboration and entrepreneurship. The new museum will manage a collection consisting of more than 425,000 items, which ranks among the best in the world. The museums’ already extensive international network will be further consolidated by the merger. Academic activities will be brought together in a new research centre.The new museum’s mission will remain completely up to date: to help create and maintain an open-minded view of the world.

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    08/07/2014 - 9:21AM CESTAmsterdam
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    240 years of investment funds celebrated at Euronext Amsterdam

    Euronext, the investment fund industry, and Stichting Capital Amsterdam join in celebrating the 240th anniversary of the investment fund. Toine van der Stee and Hans Janssen Daalen, chairman and managing director of the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association (DUFAS), sound the gong.

    Abraham van Ketwich introduced the world’s first investment fund in 1774. On 7 July of that year he placed an advertisement announcing the creation of the first fund, Eendragt maakt Magt. The name of the fund, which can be translated as “strength through unity”, says a lot about the fund’s strategy: investment for a common account as a means of sharing risk and improving performance. The assumption was that spreading risk was the best way in which to deal with unexpected price falls. “The creation of the first investment fund was a reaction to the crisis of the preceding year. Even then, an economic crisis provided fertile ground for product innovation. Investment funds did not become really popular in the Netherlands until after the crisis of 1929,” according to Cherelt Kroeze of Stichting Capital Amsterdam.

    Now, 240 years after its introduction, the investment fund has become an indispensable part of every investment portfolio.

    Hans Janssen Daalen, managing director of DUFAS: “The popularity of investment funds is not surprising. Investment funds offer worldwide unlimited access to the financial markets by collectively managed assets.  A strong concept, which is proven by its long history.”

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    07/07/2014 - 9:16AM CESTAmsterdam