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    Lucille Werner sounds gong to mark International Day of People with Disability

    Television host Lucille Werner sounds the gong to mark International Day of People with Disability. On this day, the winners of the Business Walk of Fame are announced, a new initiative of the Lucille Werner Foundation.

    The Business Walk of Fame is a promenade of star-filled tiles, awarded to companies that are commited to an inclusive labor market. The Business Walk of Fame is located at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Lucille Werner: “In a time where companies are forced to think about this subject in regards to the law of participation, we want to positively reward and stimulate those companies that have taken their first steps.”

    The Lucille Werner Foundation aims to strengthen the position of people with a disability in the Netherlands. Initiating high-profile television programs and creating jobs are key. By demonstrating a powerful and positive image, people with a disability will be able to easier integrate into society.

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    03/12/2014 - 9:35AM CETAmsterdam
  • Finalists Shell LiveWIRE Award 2014 open trading

    02/12/2014 - 9:25AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Finalists Shell LiveWIRE Award 2014 open trading

    Jan Jonk, co-founder of GainPlay Studio and finalist of the Shell LiveWIRE Award 2014, opens trading by sounding the gong, accompanied by the 3 other finalists, Klaas Engelsma of Shell and Linde Gonggrijp of the Chamber of Commerce. Later today, the winner of the Shell LiveWIRE Award 2014 will be announced during the award ceremony at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam.

    Shell LiveWIRE is an international social investment programme that aims to help young innovative entrepreneurs to develop their business. Each year, over 600 entrepreneurs receive free professional coaching and training through personal coaching, master classes as well as access to an expert network within and outside Shell. Active in 15 countries, the Shell LiveWIRE program in the Netherlands is implemented by the Chamber of Commerce.

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    02/12/2014 - 9:25AM CETAmsterdam
  • celebrates fifteenth anniversary by sounding gong

    01/12/2014 - 9:15AM CET  |  Amsterdam

    80160baccce7-a9e3-46c7-8745-7e8d827c7b9a celebrates fifteenth anniversary by sounding gong

    Investors website celebrates its fifteenth anniversary. Blogger and editor Arend Jan Kamp sounds the gong.

    On 1 December 1999, the AEX was at 600 points and a new investors website was founded: has become the largest website of its kind in The Netherlands. It’s motto has been “Investors for investors” from day one, and it has always been the strength of the platform. An active and tight-knit investors community with a passion for investing and the stock market is the core of the website.

    Over the years, has become a breeding ground for talent: well-known columnists and investing expert like Corné van Zeijl, Lukas Daalder, Marcel Tak and Cees Smit wrote their first articles on

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    01/12/2014 - 9:15AM CETAmsterdam
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    Ambassadors celebrate 30th anniversary Dutch Service Dog foundation

    Rudolph Strickwold, marketing and commercial director, sounds the gong to celebrate the foundation’s 30th anniversary. Accompanying him are ambassadors Frits Wester, Anita Witzier, Anouk Smulders, Anky van Grunsven, Peter van Uhm, Frank van den Wall Bake and Monique Heijn.

    The Dutch Service Dog foundation is a centre dedicated to training service dogs to provide medical and therapeutic assistance in order to increase the independence and self-reliance of disabled and partially disabled people, and facilitate their reintegration into society. The organisation trains dogs to develop 70 skills that can help those with a physical disability or therapeutic requirements. In connection with its 30th anniversary, the foundation is calling on individuals and organisations to help celebrate by organising as many fundraising activities as possible.

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    28/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
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    Gong marks collaboration Dutch and International aid agencies

    The directors of Antares Foundation, Healthnet TPO, War Child, War Trauma Foundation and The Netherlands Mental Health Experts employed by UNHCR, UNICEF and WHO sound the gong to mark the importance of psychosocial support in emergencies.

    The efforts of the present collaboration of Dutch and International aid agencies is directed at assisting the millions of refugees by offering them the psychosocial support that they need. Emergency aid will become more efficient and attain more long-term targets if accompanied by psychosocial support. In order to elucidate this need, the above-mentioned organisations and Mental Health experts will meet on the 27th November 2014 during a round-table conference to speak to Dutch policy makers and members of the House of Commons. This meeting leads up to the conference of the Humanitarian Dutch Summit of 12 February 2015, which precedes the World Humanitarian Summit that will be held early 2016 in Istanbul on the initiative of UN secretary Ban Ki-moon.Co-chair of the IASC Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergencies, Margriet Blaauw, sounds the gong.

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    27/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
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    Dutch Railways celebrates ‘CSR Manager of the Year 2014’ award

    Director CSR at the Dutch Railways (NS), Carola Wijdoogen, has been elected ‘CSR Manager of the Year 2014’ and opens trading to celebrate. Wijdoogen is accompanied by finalists Inka Pieter (KLM) and Koen Eising (Alliander).

    The CSR Manager of the Year election is organized by Royal HaskoningDHV together with partners VNO-NCW and Interface. The purpose of the election is to recognize the efforts of dedicated CSR managers. Wijdoogen was elected CSR Manager of the Year 2014 at the Dutch National Sustainability Congress on November 4th.

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    26/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
  • Gong marks launch “HartslagNu” app

    25/11/2014 - 9:05AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks launch “HartslagNu” app

    Foundation Heartbeat for the Netherlands opens trading to mark the launch of the new Smartphone-App “HartslagNu” (HeartbeatNow), available from March 2015.

    The rescue alert system for early resuscitation, HartslagNu, exists for two years now. More than 65,000 volunteer lay rescuers are registered and can be alerted in case of a resuscitation in their direct neighbourhood. These volunteers are able to be at site earlier than the ambulance and therefore can make the difference. By introducing the app, the effectiveness of the resuscitation alert system will be improved. Chairman of the Foundation Heartbeat for the Netherlands, Wim van der Worp, sounds the gong.

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    25/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
  • Gong marks listing of Mota-Engil Africa

    24/11/2014 - 9:05AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks listing of Mota-Engil Africa

    The sounding of the gong marks the official start of trading in the share Mota-Engil Africa (ISIN NL0010969408, Symbol

    Gilberto Rodrigues, CEO Mota-Engil Africa, celebrates the listing by sounding the gong and opening trading. Rodrigues is accompanied by his Mota-Engil Africa colleagues and the advisors that are involved in the listing process.

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    24/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
  • Gong marks Exchange Meeting Plateau Eindhoven Placeholder

    Gong marks Exchange Meeting Plateau Eindhoven

    21/11/2014 - 18:00PM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks Exchange Meeting Plateau Eindhoven

    Plateau Eindhoven visits Euronext Amsterdam to attend an Exchange Meeting. Members of the Plateau, working at amongst others ING Bank, Rabobank, SNS Bank, Loyens & Loef and Brainport Development, attend the Amsterdam Exchange Experience, an interactive tour at Beursplein 5, and sound the closing gong.

    Plateau Eindhoven was founded in the early 90s as an association of final deciders and independent account managers in the business services industry in the Eindhoven area. The association serves as an inspiration network and platform where business services providers can meet one another in an informal setting. In addition to providing opportunities to exchange knowledge and improve networks, Plateau represents the interests of regional business services providers.

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    Gong marks Exchange Meeting Plateau Eindhoven Placeholder 21/11/2014 - 18:00PM CETAmsterdam
  • Gong marks Get in the Ring Final

    21/11/2014 - 9:05AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Gong marks Get in the Ring Final

    Friday November 21st  marks the day that the winner of The Get in the Ring (GITR) Award  is announced. The award for start-ups is a part of The Global Entrepreneurship Week.

    Worldwide over 2000 start-ups have competed for a spot in the prestigious final in Rotterdam. Of this group, following wins in both National and Regional competitions, only eight remain to pitch their idea in front of four Champions and an audience of roughly 1000 entrepreneurs, investors, politicians and captains of industry. GITR is the Olympics for start-ups; a worldwide competition where they face off in one-on-one pitching battles. The Dutch company SnappCar represents The Netherlands and is still competing for a place in the finale. Co-founder of Get in the Ring, Martin Luxemburg, sounds the gong.

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    21/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
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    SPDR ETFs celebrates success SPDR Aristocrats Dividend fund

    State Street Global Advisor’s (SSGA) ETF provider, SPDR ETFs, sounds the gong to celebrate the success of its SPDR Aristocrats Dividend fund in the Dutch market. The fund was awarded a Gouden Stier in the category Index Investing.

    Edwin Mars, Senior Intermediary Sales Benelux, sounds the gong: “The SPDR history is marked by many first of their kind offerings and features some of the most actively traded ETFs in the world.  This legacy of success has been driven by a commitment to meeting the needs of clients across the globe through responsible product development that typically leads to better liquidity and through offering excellent service and state-of-the art educational resources.  As a testament to this ongoing commitment, in 2014, we have expanded our sales and business strategy professional network across the globe.”

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    20/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
  • Winner The Partnership Award 2014, Alliander, sounds gong

    19/11/2014 - 9:05AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Winner The Partnership Award 2014, Alliander, sounds gong

    The winner of the 'Best New Partnership Award', Alliander,sounds the gong. The Partnership Award 2014challenges young professionals to create a business case in a developing country together with a partner NGO or government.

    Participants have developed business cases together with their managers and experts. No less than ten nominated teams from leading companies presented their plans for an investment in a developing country. The participants come from 22 companies, including Ahold and Unilever. The Partnership Election is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, development bank FMO and Social Enterprise The Punchy Pack. The election was launched by Minister Ploumen and Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever. Matthijs van Rijn, technical trainee, sounds the gong.

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    19/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
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    Winner Accenture Innovation Awards, Fairzekering, visits Euronext Amsterdam

    Fairzekering, the winner of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2014, visits Euronext Amsterdam and opens trading.

    With the Innovation Awards, Accenture allows companies the opportunity to showcase their innovations so they receive the recognition they deserve, while providing visitors insight into the newest trends and developments within Financial Services. Fairzekering offers a favorable insurance to people who drive responsibly. Distinctive points are the increased security, algorithms that measure the correlation between behavior and damage, and direct damage reported accidents. CEO and co-founder, Hans Gerritsen, sounds the gong.

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    18/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
  • Morningstar celebrates ‘Gouden Stier’ Award

    17/11/2014 - 9:05AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Morningstar celebrates ‘Gouden Stier’ Award

    By sounding the gong, Morningstar celebrates winning the ‘Gouden Stier Award’ in the category ‘Best Educational Investment Institution’.

    The jury praised the independent position that Morningstar occupies in the investment landscape and points out the importance of education. organised the award show ‘Gouden Stier’ for the 8th consecutive year. The awards are also known as "the Oscars of the financial world”. Prizes are for the best consumer focused products, services and experts in the financial world. Head of ResearchMorningstar Benelux, San Lie, sounds the gong.

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    17/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
  • KPN sounds gong for KPN Finest Contact Foundation

    14/11/2014 - 9:05AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    KPN sounds gong for KPN Finest Contact Foundation

    By sounding the gong KPN (listed emblem: KPN) draws attention for The Finest Contact Foundation.

    The Finest Contact Foundation was founded seven years ago and is an initiative of KPN. The fund supports initiatives of various social partners, aimed at promoting social contact for vulnerable groups in society. Social contact is important, but not as obvious to everyone. The KPN Finest Contact Foundation brings together people who feel lonely by connecting them with the world around them.

    Between 1500 and 2000 KPN volunteers work for the Fund. For example, by explaining people with intellectual disabilities how to use the Internet, but also in projects like KlasseContact where prolonged or chronically ill children stay connected with their classmates and school classes. Brett Koelewijn, one of the young people with a serious disease that is taking classes again with the support of the Foundation, sounds the gong.

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    14/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam
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    Gong marks ‘Week of the Sustainable and Responsible Investments 2014’

    By sounding the gong Executive Director of the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), Giuseppe van der Helm, marks the start of the ‘Week of the Sustainable and Responsible Investments 2014’ (Dutch SRI Week).

    One of the highlights of the Dutch SRI week is the conference that takes place at Euronext Amsterdam after the gong ceremony. The aim of the week is to provide more information and insight to investors and investment advisors about the sustainable investment options they have available to them. All participating organisations are organising events in this week to highlight sustainable and responsible investment. VBDO organises the Dutch SRI Week in partnership with ABN Amro, ASN Bank, Rabobank, Triodos Bank, BNP Paribas, EY and Vigeo.

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    13/11/2014 - 9:10AM CETAmsterdam
  • 7997c4a4a181-928b-452c-beaf-9e7290e144ba

    GreenPeak Technologies, winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 election, visits Euronext

    Deloitte organizes the Technology Fast50 together with sponsoring partners Euronext, ABN AMRO, AKD, Prime Ventures, RVO and Spaces. The Deloitte Technology Fast50 is an election of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands. The programme was established to recognize the exceptional performance of these companies. The Fast50 exists of the top entrepreneurs of the future, who are able to think fast and who play a leading role in their field of expertise.

    GreenPeak is the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 2014. GreenPeak is a leader in RF communication technology for wireless connected home applications, offering innovative ultra-low power wireless data communication controller chips for smart home applications. Over the past five years the company has achieved a revenue growth of 8.757 percent. CFO, Paul de Wit, sounds the gong to celebrate.

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    12/11/2014 - 9:07AM CETAmsterdam
  • Gong starts 5th International Supply Management Congress

    11/11/2014 - 9:05AM CET  |  Amsterdam


    Gong starts 5th International Supply Management Congress

    On Tuesday 11 November 2014 the 5th International Supply Management Congress (ISMC) takes place. The ISMC is an international knowledge and networking event that brings together the worlds of purchasing, supply chain management, R&D/ innovation, sustainability and suppliers. 

    AkzoNobel, DSM, IDH, NEVI, PWC, Rabobank, Shell and Unilever, eight partners who enjoy international recognition in the field of sustainable and innovative enterprise, make the congress possible.

    Keynote speakers Paul van Attekum (Executive Vice President Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, ASML), Stephan Tanda (Boardmember for the Life Sciences Cluster, DSM) and Barry Parkin (Chief Sustainability Officer, Mars Inc.) open the congress by sounding the gong at Euronext Amsterdam.

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    11/11/2014 - 9:05AM CETAmsterdam