Block MTF intro

Euronext Block, an MTF powered by AX Trading technology, launched in the summer of 2017 allows participants to trade blocks proactively in a safe environment. Users can invite trusted counterparties to submit block liquidity using Euronext Block’s Invitation to Trade (ITT) mechanism. Euronext Block will support both buy-side and sell-side trading communities by bringing liquidity together in a single order book allowing true price discovery as well as enabling potential price improvement.

Today’s equity execution landscape is evolving. As of 3 January 2018, MiFID II has brought about significant changes to the way trades are done in the dark. Broker crossing networks have ceased to exist and the double volume cap mechanism will be applied to both reference price waiver and negotiated trade volumes.

As appetite for block trading continues to grow, Euronext Block will help facilitate block trading by improving liquidity and allowing participants to signal trading interest to selected counterparty groups. Participants will be able to choose who they notify of their intention to trade as well as how much detail they want to disclose -depending on their trading strategy and how quickly they need an order to be filled.

Trading is available on over 3,000 instruments on 15 markets.