Network Infrastructure

Euronext's own international network — a clear advantage

Customers around the world can access Euronext's derivatives markets via the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure ® (SFTI®). SFTI® has been designed to be the industry’s most secure and resilient network for electronic securities trading.

Click here for more information about the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure®: SFTI Customer Guide

We offer a wide range of access methods which aim to provide the best solution for each member’s specific requirements.

Direct access to the SFTI® network*

The different bandwidths available today on the SFTI® network are 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps.

To subscribe to all markets, a 100Mbps bandwidth is required. The Exchange Data Publisher (XDP) multicast market data is distributed via different channels, allowing customers to optimise their bandwidth.

Customers can choose to connect to SFTI® via a 1Gbps connection for further expansion, in order to access to other markets or to additional services provided by NYSE Technologies.


As a very latency sensitive customer, you can choose to collocate your trading servers within our NYSE Technologies data centre to be closer to the trading engines. 100Mb or 1Gb control circuits are required to connect to the data centre.

Application Service Providers (ASPs) / Extranet Service Providers (ESPs)

Access is via a network infrastructure managed by an Application Service Provider (ASP) or an Extranet Service Provider (ESP). While ESPs only provide connectivity from a SFTI® Point of Presence (PoP) to your premises, ASPs usually provides a set of additional services (market data, order submission, order routing). We partner with a wide range of Application Service Providers.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Internet connection 

Customers should pay attention that this access method is only for order entry purposes.

Access via your own network

As a member subscriber, you may use your own international network to facilitate access. This provides your clients with order routing access to the Exchange from anywhere in the world.

Affiliate access is yet another avenue to UTP. You may use the order routing services of member firms with which you are affiliated, as well as their access to independent traders from trading bureaus.

Once your network infrastructure is in place, you may opt to buy trading software from any of the independent software vendors (ISVs) that have built trading systems to the Universal Trading Platform (UTP) order entry and market data interfaces.

Customer requirements vary markedly, so we do not impose particular trading software.

Many of our customers prefer to build their own trading software and interface it to the market. Whichever route you choose, our approach allows you to use the trading software that best fits your needs.

* regulatory restrictions may apply in some jurisdictions