Becoming an ISV

IT providers or software development houses wishing to become accredited on the Euronext Cash Markets should complete the following process:

  1. Select the protocol and platforms you want to develop for the Euronext Cash Markets. For order entry, we support two sets of protocols: the standard FIX 4.2 and the proprietary UTP-Direct protocol. Click here for all specifications and configuration parameters.
  2. Sign the Service Provider Agreement (SPA). This legal document covers the rights and obligations of Euronext and the newly accredited ISV.

    For a copy of the SPA please contact the Client Coverage Centre at, or Tel. +44 20 76 608 586

  3. Order a connection to the External User Acceptance (EUA) test platform, either directly or indirectly, via an accredited extranet service provider (ESP).
  4. Develop the application. To test it, request Order Entry Sessions (SLEs) on the EUA platform, by filling out the CCG order form and emailing it to (You can also reach them at +33 (0)1 85 14 85 89.)
  5. Once the application is fully validated, schedule a conformance test with the Technology Advisory Group (TAG). The full test lasts for one to one-and-a-half hours, depending on your requirements. If the test is successful, the company is granted the right to become an ISV.

For more information, please contact the Client Coverage Centre at, or Tel. +44 20 76 608 586