Our commitments

At Euronext, corporate responsibility is part of our identity. Encouraging transparency in markets, setting high standards of integrity and governance, and bringing the world’s leading companies together in a collaborative manner are exchange touchstones. We conduct our business ethically and integrate consideration of the impact of our actions on our communities, our people and our planet. We regard improving financial capability as one of the key ways in which we can have a positive impact.

Sustainability Indices and Responsible Investment

Euronext has been very engaged on the developments about CR Reporting and Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI), organizing and sponsoring events that raise awareness to the field, while  contributing to the development of standards and instruments that may attract more investors and other relevant players to this market.

Markets operate best and most efficiently when investors have the information they need to evaluate the future prospects of companies, which is  not only related to past financial results or near term revenue generation, but, decisively, to the ability to deal with risks and opportunities of economic game-changers such as climate change, natural resource scarcity or ensuring workers`s rights.

  • Information is a driver of change, … and reporting is a driver of behaviour.    Progress on the measurement and disclosure of environmental, social and governance issues can be a crucial contribution to prevent systemic failures as well as to foster sustainable strategies and business practices by companies.
  • Stock exchanges, despite of all the institutional changes they have gone through in recent decades, are still seen as policy makers, or at least, policy influencers and are expected to act as such. At Euronext we understand that, not only we can leverage the others efforts in promoting sustainable development, but we will also benefit from having more sustainably listed companies, market members, investors and all the other participants in the financial ecosystem.  So, we work with our companies: to celebrate the good work that so many of them are doing in this field, to provide tools and resources to help them on their sustainability journeys (like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) workshops we host)  and we convene companies to discuss about sustainability and best practices (like the Carbon Disclosure Project Awards conferences).  We also work with important partners and stakeholders, like GRI, to help move the field forward more broadly and to be engaged globally in important conversations about where the field is going.

An important contribution of exchanges on CR reporting and disclosure has been the launch and management of sustainability indices and the relation of these indices to Investment; we see a rising demand for responsible investment, meaning that investors are seeking long term profits, and they believe that incorporating extra-financial criteria into research gives them a better global view of the firm:

  • at Euronext we run the Low Carbon 100 Europe Index since 2009, designed to measure the performance of the 100 largest European companies having the lowest carbon (CO2) intensity in their respective sectors
  • More recently, in March 2013, and in partnership with Vigeo, a leading European expert in responsible performance, Euronext  launched a range of indices focusing on the three pillars of responsible investment: the environment, social issues and governance; we have just launched a Euronext Vigeo World 120, a Euronext Vigeo Europe 120,  and similar indices for France 20 and UK 20. According to the Vigeo methodology, companies are rated highest for control of corporate responsibility risks and contribution to sustainable development (covering 38 criteria and 330 indicators, including environment, human rights, governance, business ethics, fight corruption, prevention of social and environmental dumping in the supply and subcontracting chain and others).

This range of indices is designed to serve as a true benchmark for fund managers and companies interested not only in measuring their progress and achievements, but also in communicating their commitment to responsible behaviour to employees, shareholders, business partners and customers.

Our community

Euronext and our employees play important roles in our communities.  We take into account our business impact on our local and global communities. We contribute through our volunteerism, philanthropy and thought leadership. We work with our community of global business leaders to foster corporate responsibility more broadly. This is part of redefining what it means to be an exchange and good corporate citizen.

One of the most unique aspects of  Euronext Corporate Responsibility  strategy is the way the company puts its resources, great visibility and business ecosystem relations to raise awareness and promote leadership and best practices in this field.  Companies, NGOs, non-profits, associations, foundations are invited into our daily opening and closing stock markets bell ringing events, conferences and seminars.

As a stock exchange, acting at the centre of  financial markets and communities, Euronext is committed to financial capability. We strive to improve financial capability far beyond our own company—seeking to reach employees at our broad community of companies, as well as teachers, students, and people in our communities. We believe we can have a broader role to play. We take the opportunity to partner with international organizations in the field, namely by celebrating Global Money Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Financial Literacy Week, with events and bell ceremonies across all our locations.

Euronext has established a European partnership with Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise, covering most of the company European locations. Through this partnership many of our employees volunteer to coach high school students to create “mini-enterprises” throughout the year. In 2013,  15 volunteers participated as judges to the regional and national “mini-enterprises” championships, and 9 judges were chosen amongst our high potentials for the JA-YE Enterprise of the year European Championship.

Euronext also gets involved in a number of other social development initiatives, ranging from community development, health and human services, public safety and service, and crisis relief. Partnering with major non-profits in the field, Euronext celebrates International Women`s Day, World Wish Day, World Autism Awareness Day, with bell ceremonies, discussion panels and media events.

Many of our employees volunteer for several organizations in all our European locations, Euronext helping to identify and select the themes and institutions with a wide offer of company sponsored initiatives, that most suit our employees wishes and abilities. In the Amsterdam office many employees volunteer for several causes, in the UK environmental activities have been very popular, in Lisbon activities range from forest cleaning up to wall painting and house refurbishing, and in Paris about 50 employees run the Telethon race.

Euronext also supports local and global nonprofit fundraising events, provides membership support to cultural institutions frequented by our employees, provides support for employees' individual and team fundraising efforts, and sponsors a wide range of nonprofit organizations.